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NaturalAire Standard Air Filter, MERV 8, 16 x 25 x 1-Inch, 6-Pack

  • NaturalAire Standard Air Filter, MERV 8, 16 x 25 x 1-Inch, 6-Pack
  • NaturalAire Standard Air Filter, MERV 8, 16 x 25 x 1-Inch, 6-Pack
  • NaturalAire Standard Air Filter, MERV 8, 16 x 25 x 1-Inch, 6-Pack
  • NaturalAire Standard Air Filter, MERV 8, 16 x 25 x 1-Inch, 6-Pack

NaturalAire Standard Air Filter, MERV 8, 16 x 25 x 1-Inch, 6-Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Pack of 6 air filters designed for protection of furnace and central air units
  • MERV 8 rating: Removes household dust, pollen, dirt, mold spores and more
  • Pleated media provides large surface area for more effective filtration while keeping airflow resistance low
  • Each filter maintains efficiency for up to 90 days
  • Compatible with HVAC systems requiring filters sized 16" x 25"
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Customer Reviews

Seller needs to prove it's MERV 8 filter. False claims?There's something wrong! I checked flandersfilters.com after receiving the package of 12 filters. No where does it say this is a MERV 8 filter. Not on the web site nor on the package. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer/ supplier web site purposely left off any MERV rating for the 'STANDARD' model. The others have ratings like 8,11,13 etc... Except this one. Did the seller falsely claimed it's MERV8? Flanders Filters, Please show the true MERV value of the filter. Do not put down MERV 8 when it's not.1Awesome dealI have an 18 x 36 Grill and these filters fit perfect, nice quality product and packaging, what an awesome deal for the 12 pack. I can't find this size on the shelf anywhere locally.The only Improvement I would suggest is to make the shipping box a little bigger then the filters, they fit so tight in the box and the box had quite a bit of damage from careless handling during shipping that all the filters inside had damage in those areas. I was able to straighten them out enough so it won't affect them doing the job. I will buy them again and hopefully that can re-evaluate the shipping carton5Economical and helps allergies! I am so pleased with my purchase of these pleated furnace filters. The one I had was the flat kind. These are so much nicer, protecting not only my new furnace s coils, but the air as well. These are very economical as well. The info that came with the filters said to change them every three months. I will order these again. Great value, great filters! 5Won't buy again. Are They Really MERV 8? 10 X 30 X 1These look good and they seem sturdy. Says they will last *up to 3 months. Actual size is 9-3/4" X 29-5/8" X 3/4".The reason that I don't think I will purchase Natural Aire filters again is because the MERV rating is nowhere to be found on the packaging or the filter itself. They make a pretty big deal out of the MERV rating with their advertising so you'd think it would be shown somewhere. They describe the rating system at length on the packaging too. I'm guessing MERV 8 is their "standard" filter (STANDARD shown on the package) but how hard would it be to add the rating? Just seems shady to me. It does say assembled in Mexico on the packaging and the filter if anyone wants to know that.3Same filter but the best price I could findI purchased these filters in bulk to save some money. I had been looking at prices at Home Depot, Lowe's and also Walmart. This is the same type of filter that we have been using but the price is so much better.Compared to the store bought filters, these look exactly the same and I expect them to work just as well, but I have a few more bucks in my pocket. I will update if anything unusual happens but I really don't expect any drama. Save yourself some money and buy your filters here.5WHAT A DEAL! But change the filter based on DIRT, not the time frameThis 20x25 filter fits perfectly and it filters very well. And I love the price!!What I learned from two HVAC service companies over 20 years is that choosing the right filter depends on how clean you want your house and the power of the fan motor. A filter protects the motor as well as the air in the house. Everyone has their own standard for air, so I will focus on the motor.Fan motors burn out for two reasons: dirt on the motor and having to work hard to suck the air through.Low merv filters let dirt accumulate on the engine -- the result is a dead engine and a $250+ repair. So you need a reasonable merv to protect the motor. But overheating is the second issue.As a filter accumulates dirt, the holes in the filter become blocked, and it is harder for the air to pass through. This causes the filter to curve in because the dirty air cannot pass through as easily. But more importantly, the motor has to work harder (think of drinking through a straw - soda vs milk shake). Eventually, the air will work its way through, but it may carry some of the smaller particles with it, and it will certainly overheat the motor. The overheating may not be enough to trip the cut-off switch, but it will damage the motor. The way to protect against this is to change the filter!If your house is low on dust, this filter may last 6-8 weeks. But I have 4 adults, lots of upholstered furniture, carpets, and a dog. So I check my filter whenever I think of it, usually every week or so. I change them based on color -- a light grey, usually after 4 weeks. If I wait for 6 weeks, it will start to curve and be a darker medium grey. And that means the motor is working too hard.Filters are cheaper than motors -- and this is a great price!5Materials used are poor qualityVery unsatisfied with these filters, the material used is very bad/poor quality I have tried using it and when the A/C system start it whistles like a train, contacted the A/C company thinking my 2 year unit was breaking and they advised me that it was the filter not my a/c unit.I gave this brand a try vs. the 3M filters that I had previous used and recomended by the manufacturer and they were correct 3M product uses good quality and the filter does not whistle or fall apart unlike this one.My rating is VERY POOR MANUFACTURING.1Perfect filter perfect priceI got 12 of these filters and they're exactly what I wanted. Box arrived in perfect condition, filters not crushed in any way. Actual size of filter is 19.75x19.75x.75 for the nominal 20x20x1 listing. It fits my carrier SEER 16 unit perfectly. In fact, an actual 20x20x1 size would have to be bent to install it and removed in pieces. I checked the one I took out and it was same actual size.Filters were individually wrapped even. I unwrapped them when I stored them in the hvac closet. Never had individually wrapped filers before.The cardboard frame is actually studier than the one I replaced (name brand) and slid into the unit without deforming at all. Filter material and metal mesh is also higher quality than what I replaced.Wrapping doesn't scream MERV 8 but it is on there when you read it. Size and airflow direction are clearly printed on the filter. These are definitely retail packaged and not commercial bulk packed and labeled. I suspect that may be where some of the negative comments came from.When unit is running, I have no whistling sound as other comments stated. I'll definitely look for these in a few years when I buy again.5Low Quality that were sucked into the air handler - Likely conterfeit We purchase six of the 24 x 30 filters and found they are cheaply made. The cardboard frame is too thin and is unable to withstand the suction air pressure of our air conditioner. We opened all six filters and found they all had the same substandard manufacturing.I believe this are counterfeit Natural Aire filters and not the actual Flanders brand 1Great FiltersI paid a little more for these filters, but they are commercial grade, individually wrapped and fit like a glove inside the filter frame. No more less expensive, bargain paper filters for me, that possibly could be sucked into the furnace blower, due to cheap construction.5Bad Quality and Wrong Size - Buyer BewareThis was our 2nd purchase of 12 pack 20 x 22.25 filters from NaturalAire. The 1st pack, purchased in 2017 was fine, but the one purchased in December 2018 was of bad quality and wrong size. First of all, it was very hard for my husband to get the filter inside the HVAC, because it was a bit wider than 20 inches, and was very hard to insert into its place in HVAC. The usage of only 1 filter for 30 days almost killed our brand new HVAC system - the air wasn't getting through the filter and we were lucky to catch it in time, so it didn't burn the motor. The new filter from NaturalAire wasn't even dirty when we got it out, trying to figure out why the air wasn't coming out from the vents, while the HVAC was running. Interestingly, on the packing for NaturalAire filters it says that they should work for 90 days and pass through the air without any problems. Our guess is that the materials used for this batch of filters were of bad quality, because it looked more like a piece of plastic, than air-filter paper. Very disappointed with this product. After this incident we will never buy NaturalAire filters again. By the way, we bought adjustable, reusable and washable high efficiency filter from ECO Filter Plus with lifetime warranty in Home Depot, which the manufacturer says is good for 10 years and equivalent to using 120 disposable air-filters and we are very happy with it. We hope that our experience with NaturalAire product will help someone to make correct buying decisions.1Always forgetting to change the air filter at home, never again with a 12 packFor some reason, my Nest thermostat never reminds me to change the filter, even though it is set to do so. I try to change it before each change of season for the central air. Once before the heater use ramps up, and one before the AC gets used. Seems to work well, but I have this odd 18x30x1 size that no local store seems to carry. Happy to be able to buy the 12 pack from Amazon so I have a stash and won't forget to change the filters.5
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