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Never -Mt Soap Dispenser Kit - Never Fill the Little Bottle Again!

  • Never -Mt Soap Dispenser Kit - Never Fill the Little Bottle Again!
  • Never -Mt Soap Dispenser Kit - Never Fill the Little Bottle Again!
  • Never -Mt Soap Dispenser Kit - Never Fill the Little Bottle Again!
  • Never -Mt Soap Dispenser Kit - Never Fill the Little Bottle Again!

Never -Mt Soap Dispenser Kit - Never Fill the Little Bottle Again!

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AU$ 95.00 AU$ 158.00 You save: AU$ 63.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • NEVER RUN OUT OF SOAP - Attach the Never-MT Soap and Lotion Dispenser Conversion Kit to your dispenser's pump and draw soap directly from your family size soap container in your base cabinet! We supply multiple caps to fit most soap and lotion containers. Now a dispenser out of soap will be a rare occasion.
  • NO MESSY REFILLING through the top. No more reaching under the sink.When your economy size soap container is empty, replace it with your next container.Extra tubing allows easy access from your base cabinet
  • SAVE MONEY - No more spills. No more refill waste. Save on large, economy size soaps and lotions.
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED: 3 feet of tubing, in-line valve, multiple caps, hook and loop securing strap, hardware, and simple installation instructions.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Fits most brands of through the counter liquid soap and lotion dispensers. Solves your problem, guaranteed. Easy Amazon return/refund.
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Customer Reviews

I would have to pump like crazy to get a couple drops Okay, so I first read a negative post from someone and took her suggestion and bought some 1/4" plastic tubing to try to make this myself. It took a LONG time to keep pumping the dispenser in order to get the soap up to where it would come out and then the soap would return back down the tube to the bottle. So every time I went to use it, I would have to pump like crazy to get a couple drops. So I broke down and spent the money to buy this contraption because it had an in-line valve and it works like a charm. My only negative was the plastic tubing was slightly bigger than 1/4" (maybe 1/2") but I was still able to slide it up on the dispenser fine. The problem was it didn't stay on and fell off. So I used some gorilla glue and glued the tubing to the end of the dispenser and so far, so good. It's been a few weeks and it's been working fine so since I'm happy to finally have something that works, I would recommend it even if it means you might have to glue the tubing on. 4Great idea - definitely worth the price. Completely genius idea - I know there are a lots of other reviewers talking about how they could rig a similar set-up - whatever. The guy who designed this did a great job and I have no problem paying for a really good idea. I coupled it with the Kitchen-Classics Best Stainless Steel Sink Soap Dispenser (Satin) as suggested by another reviewer since the spigot on our old dispenser was too short. It took about 10 pumps to get it primed and it's been working flawlessly. Extremely happy with my purchase. 5Read the instructions, they might saving you some time and aggravation The last time I had to refill that little, hard-to-reach kitchen sink soap dispenser bottle, I discovered that the threaded plastic shaft was broken, making it impossible to re-attach the bottle. I found this genius item while looking for a replacement dispenser. I thought it was a little pricey for no more than it was. But it was worth it to me because I didn't have to find any of the components or worry about getting the right sizes. Best of all I will no longer have to crawl under the kitchen sink and reach way up and back for that small bottle.Installation was easy after reading the included instructions, which contain a couple of nuggets about where things could go wrong. Filling the tubing by pumping proved to be ridiculously slow. I gave up after about 10 minutes. Then I removed the pump and simply sucked on the tubing until I could see the liquid soap reach the top, then reassembled. I found that reason pumping failed was the tubing did not fit tightly enough on the dispenser pickup tube. The instructions say in that case "...press the tubing directly onto the pump assembly.", which I did. With less than a minute more pumping, there was soap in the sink, yay! (I didn't use the velcro straps.) 4Solves the problem of tiny soap dispensers and awkward under-sink space This little thing completely solved my problem! When we installed a new kitchen faucet about six months ago, I insisted on getting one that came with the little soap dispenser. Well, when my husband went to put it in, he discovered that the pipes ran too close and thus the plastic bottle for the soap didn't fit well. Typical man, he just smushed it in there anyway. Fast forward a few months and I reached under our sink for something, only to put my hand in an enormous puddle of dish soap! The bottle had cracked and leaked everywhere, thanks to being forced into an unnatural shape/position.I knew that just buying a new bottle wouldn't work, so I started looking for one with a longer neck. I came across this tube and set of caps...problem solved! I can now actively use the industrial-size bottle of Dawn under my sink instead of dragging it out every so often to fill a smaller bottle. I highly recommend this product! 5I bought this to use to dispense liquid HAND soap ... I bought this to use to dispense liquid HAND soap at my kitchen sink. It did not work properly for that application. The mechanism would not lift the soap up from the large bottle into a brand new soap dispenser that I had installed on the sink rim. I think the liquid hand soap is too viscous, and the tube and other parts are perhaps only meant for liquid DISH washing soap, which is less viscous (more runny) and therefore does not require as much "lifting power" as the liquid hand soap apparently does. Very disappointing - they should have warned about this limitation. 1BEST THING EVER The best thing ever. We use our sink a lot. No refill hassle every 2-3 days. I installed this in my bathroom sink & kitchen sink. First setup is crucial after that you are all set. Need to syphon soap from the soap container using any kind of suction (mouth, syringe). I am using a 5 gallon tub. 5Great Idea too much $$$$ I normally do not normally write full fledge reviews on products. This warranted one being written. I will attempt to be fair as in my hind site, as the saying goes, get me once shame on you, get twice shame on me!With that said, the price for the item is overinflated. Great idea although, not $29 for $5.00 worth of plastic. Yes, I could have sent it back but, it will be a constant reminder for further investigation like I normally perform. Guess I was worn out from holidays, remolding jobs and well, old-timers mind (AKA) part-timers disease as I prefer to call it. {:<)As for the product; it will fit just about any liquid soap bottle out there. Works great, a few pumps to prime & you are on you way without the hassle, fuss, mess & pain of filling your dispenser again.As for the installation: A breeze!1) Soaking the tube in warm to hot water makes it so easy to slide in place.2) Slide the extra caps on you never know when you might change brands or manufacturer changes bottle style. That includes the short 3/8 inch plastic piece as well.3) I used mine on Delta's RP50781SS Gala, Soap/Lotion Dispenser Assembly. As for the vent hole written in instructions, mine only has the one at top for pumping action. I left the tube which came with it in place and after warming supplied tubing, pushed it in place without a problem.4) I did not use the velcro as mine is in a secure area all to itself under the sink. Although, use of it otherwise is recommended.5) Gave approximately 10 pumps and was in business. No more messy or long drawn out fills. I guess I could say that my time is valuable so just maybe warrant the price? Not that much $$$$As for longevity, I will update after a period should problems arise. I do not see problems with setup unless, check valve for some reason would malfunction which, should be an easy resolution. The other would be the soap dispenser itself which has nothing to do with this product and as in most cases life expectancy varies from product to product too. 4Works well, tricky assembly This was not as easy to assemble as advertised. My in-sink soap dispenser was just the top, no bottle, no straw. I tried to attach this to existing tubing, but that didn't work. I managed to manipulate the tubing to get it over the edge of the dispenser, which may have been a miracle of physics. Then I realized that it had to get through the hole in the sink. So I took it apart, shoved the tubing through the top, and then attached it to the dispenser. I'm not sure what the screws or velcro are supposed to be for. I couldn't get any of the tops to fit on the dish soap tub I had, so I just gave up with that. Hope nothing gets in the soap. I may put tape over it.I tried my own version of this with just vinyl tubing, and it did not work as well. I spent ten minutes pumping soap to no avail. It barely moved two inches up the tubing. You really need the check valve to keep the tube primed.One note on priming: It said rinse with water, so I did. First few pumps of soap came out reacting with the water, but that resolved itself after a few more times.I've had this a few weeks, and so far so good. Much better than just a tube. I can't get this old dispenser off to save my life, so since I am unable to replace my soap dispenser with a new one, this does the job. 4Loved the concept but could not keep it working i had one of these and it worked for about 1 year using Kirkland soap and a Grohe dispenser. When I changed the bottle of soap (still Kirkland) it quit working. Tried everything the company recommended and could not get it working again. I ordered a new one and it initially primed well but after a day or so it quit working. Again I tried everything and could not get it working for more than a day or so. A few things I tried are: Clean out the tubing than let it soak in warm water for about an hour. immerse the entire system including the pump in hot water and pump it. Cover the small hole in the cap and squeeze the bottle while pumping. Thin the soap. Different soap.The system would work with water but as soon as any thickness of soap was introduced it quit after a few days. I am about to try making the tubing shorter and see if that works 1Having trouble? It might be the soap dispenser, not this product! We initially attempted to DIY this product but were unsuccessful, so we purchased the Nevr-M-T. Upon installation, we still had difficulty getting the soap to move up the tube. We primed with water, but continued to have a problem and couldn't get the liquid to move much even with vigorous pumping. Upon inspection, we noticed that the 0-ring that connected the soap dispenser tube to the pump was worn and allowing air to get into the tubing, as evidenced by bubbles around the takeup tube connection. It was also leaking from there but due to gravity it looked like it was the check valve leaking, which was not the case at all. Since the dispenser was 20 years old, we purchased a new dispenser and installed it. Five minutes later, the Never-MT was working a treat! So if you're having trouble getting this to work, it might be your dispenser. Add some water to the tubing with a touch of soap and watch for bubbles at any connection to identify the problem area. Hope that helps save some frustration and time....we spent a couple of days figuring it out :) 5
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