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Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set

  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set
  • Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set

Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set

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AU$ 83.00 AU$ 138.00 You save: AU$ 55.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • A must have for the canning enthusiast and begginer alike!
  • Six essential tools for canning and dehydrating.
  • Conveniently all in one box!
  • Capture summer fruit and vegetables at their prime for enjoyment throughout the year by canning at home.
  • Includes: * Longtongs with green vinyl coated handles * Vinyl coated jar lifter * Magnetic lid lifter * Extra wide mouth funnel * Vinyl coated jar wrench * Bubble popper/measurer (*see product description below for more information on each piece included).
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Customer Reviews

Worth it for jar lifter and funnel alone I admit I bought this kit because it was the cheapest. I was just trying out home canning for the first time and didn't want to invest a lot of money in something I didn't know whether I was going to do again. As it turns out, I got hooked on small-batch canning, and I've found this little kit to be entirely adequate. Due to new guidelines from Ball/Jarden (boiling lids before capping jars is no longer recommended) and the fact that I have learned to not over-tighten the rings, I rarely use anything except the jar lifter and funnel, but both are indispensable. The jar lifter is sturdy and comfortable to use and grips hot, wet jars securely. I had planned to upgrade to fancier tools if I decided to continue canning, but at the modest volume of canning that I do, I think these tools will last me a good long while. 5Love it This was a really good purchase that made making jam a lot easier. I didn't use all the pieces but the magnet to get out the lids, the piece that helps you pour in the hot jam, the one helps take out the very hot jars were really great pieces. I highly recommend anyone who is planning to make jam to buy this kit, it is not expensive and it is a great help. 5Must have for canning! I don't do much canning and had just been using a large stock pot for hot water bath canning. Bought this mainly to grip jars in and out of boiling water. Worked super great! The funnel makes filling jars a breeze and not so messy. The only thing I didn't like so much was the magnetic lid retriever - needs to be larger magnet on the end. 5Good Value! I am a serious canner and I really put these items through their paces...I own three of these sets. The Norpro holds up every bit as good as my Ball brand set and cost half the price. The jar lifter alone will cost you $5-$6 at your local mass market retailer. The magnet lid lifter is one of those goofy little things that will save you time and your fingers if you preheat lids like I do and is $3.99 at that same retailer IF they have them. The only items not in good condition after multiple years is the plastic funnel which I just seem to crack them no matter who makes it in a year or so..they don't shatter..they just develop a crack and that is the beginning of the end. Buy a stainless steel canning funnel and end the madness...The other item is one of my jar lifters. It has some damage on the soft vinyl covering after a couple of years. I was told not to use dish washer detergent on the items covered in the soft vinyl..apparently it deteriorates it..so I am not sure the "dishwasher safe" is quite accurate if you plan on using them for more than a couple of years. But for $7 delivered, you get your money's worth either way. 5Everything you need Whether you are a seasoned canner or a beginner, this set will suffice for all your canning needs. I find that I use the funnel, the bubble popper/measurer and the jar lifter the most. I periodically use the magnetic lid lifter, hut since I pressure can the most, everything is sterilized inside the canner. The tool that I forget to use that is handy for those hard to open jars us the wrench. Usually, though, I can open the majority of the jars without this tool. After a year + of canning, haven't found use for the tongs.This item is a four star because some of the metal pieces are showing a bit of rust. (I handwash and air dry) 4The mysterious 6th item is a bubble popper/measurer! I recently took a canning class and the instructor had a set like this one (but made by Ball). When I got home, I did some Amazon searching and decided upon this brand due to the exceptionally positive reviews - but I didn't see the handy bubble popper/measurer from my instructor's kit in the images or description. I'd found that tool very useful in class (mostly for measuring headspace in my jars), so I added it separately to my order (Norpro 591). Imagine my surprise when I found that the kit already included one! I hope that Amazon will update the images and description to reflect the current contents of the Norpro Canning Set - (1) Vinyl Coated Jar Wrench, (2) Vinyl Coated Jar Lifter, (3) Extra Wide Mouth Canning Funnel, (4) Bubble Popper/Measurer, (5) Vinyl Coated Tongs, (6) Magnetic Lid Lifter.While it's possible to can without any specialized tools, each of the items in this kit definitely make things easier. My favorite tools are the jar lifter (makes it super-easy to lift jars in and out of the canning pot and keep them level), the magnetic lid lifter (can't imagine fishing lids out of boiling water without it ever again), and the bubble popper/measurer (see above). I haven't found a use yet for the jar wrench. The quality of this set seems to be much higher than the set we used in class - everything feels much nicer and sturdier. 5Not scary. It seems my green thumb is getting greener every year. This year we were so overrun by vegetables that between freezing fresh veggies and container after container of soups and sauces saved we filled and entire chest freezer. The problem? That was in early August. The peppers hadn't even really taken off yet. We desperately needed a canner, even if we were a bit terrified to try it. As it turns out, modern canners aren't nearly as scary as the horror stories I've heard from my mom and aunt. Our faces are still intact and not melted off, thankfully. These tools give us the confidence to take on canning and do it safely. The all in one kit is especially helpful when you really don't know what you need.Anyway, we've canned about 4 cases of salsa, peppers, and tomatillos. Looking forward to enjoying our harvest all winter long. 5All the Utensils I Need for Canning, and Then Some This handy kits includes all the utensils you'll need for basic canning, and then some. For me, the funnel and jar lifter are pretty much indispensable. Yes, I've done without either of these in the past, but canning is easier with them. The magnetic jar lifter is something I don't really need, but I do use it. It's a handy little gadget, not a "must have" but a convenience.I use the little spatula/measure, too. It has notches for different depths, so it is easy to tell whether you are filling your jars to the required 1/4", 1/2", etc. I have not used the tongs, although they are good all-purpose tongs, and I have not used the jar opener. Just haven't needed 'em.The jar lifter gets a good grip on the jar, and is best operated with two hands. I can easily put jars in the canner full of hot water, and take them out without the likelihood of a burn. The funnel just makes filling the jars easier, and I use it in my kitchen when I'm not canning, too.This kit is a convenient way to get the tools you need without shopping for each individually, and at the current price, is a very good deal. 4Great starter set for new canners! This is a great set if you've never canned before. It makes the process much easier. The funnel helps get your food into the jars with little mess. The lifters help prevent hot water burns when trying to get both empty and full jars out of the water, and have rubberized grips so you can get a good hold onto slippery jars. The jar lid tightener it great to make the lids secure, and the magnetic stick helps get hot lids out of water and onto the jars without burning yourself. This is a great kit for a great price! I highly recommend it. 5could be better could be worse. for the money it is good, however I think I would go with a higher price for better quality, dont like a plastic funnel (for hot stuff, and ht LIE and SCAM they tell you bpa free is safe, nope, no plastic is safe research it) and the bottle tongs are to hard to grip, (spread to far about with a jar in them and they do not feel safe the jars dont always end up in the middle and feel like they may slip out. the smaller tongs are very stiff opening up. Other than that it is a good set for the price,. 4
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