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Norpro Canning Lid Rack

  • Norpro Canning Lid Rack
  • Norpro Canning Lid Rack
  • Norpro Canning Lid Rack
  • Norpro Canning Lid Rack

Norpro Canning Lid Rack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Measures: 9.75" x 4.25" x 4" / 25cm x 11cm x 10cm
  • A canning lid rack is an essential canning tool that provides a quick and easy way to sterilize your canning lids.
  • Holds up to 12 regular or wide mouth canning lids.
  • Water circulates freely around the lids to sterilize them completely!
  • The handle keeps your hands free of the boiling water.
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Customer Reviews

Makes canning just a little bit easier This is a great gadget to hold the cleaned lids and make them easily accessible. To clean them thoroughly, I load the rack and lower it into a pan of hot water for a short period, then retrieve it and let it drain on a piece of paper towel, where I can easily extract one lid at a time to place on each jar of canned goods. It holds both my wide mouth jar lids and the regular size that I use on my jelly jars. Very pleased with this purchase. It simplifies the canning process and every little bit helps. 5Very handy--be sure to have a good sized saucepan I love this thing--honestly and truly. That being said, you have to have the right size saucepan to put it in--one that covers the lids in the rack and won't swallow up the top. But it's a lot easier to heat up your lids with this.Another great benefit is that when you pull them out, all your lids are in one place instead of sliding around all over the place. Between the space saving, keeping them from sticking together (which helps them dry out), and the lack of having them potentially falling/sliding around--it's a handy little gadget. 5Great for using in the dishwasher I'm not a typical canner -I'm more into using mason jars and the lids with a vacuum-sealer attachmentFoodSaver T03-0006-01 Regular-Mouth Jar Sealer.But I still need to wash the lids and it is a pain to wash them in the dishwasher. If you put them into the silverware caddy they don't get really clean -especially if you put more than one into each cubbyhole. They also tend to get blown out by the water stream and end up in the bottom of the dishwasher which is a pain to dig out and if there is any water down there they ca rust.My solution was to use this on the top rack. I simply cut the wooden ball off the top and just bent the handle over the edge of my top rack. it's in the back corner of the top rack and doesn't waste much space. I use the jar-sealer so much in my kitchen that I always have at least one dirty lid every wash -often as many as 3-4.The lids get clean and don't fly out of the rack when up top. I usually space the lids out and only fill every other slot since I rarely need all the slots.This works really well for me. It's a great use for this item. When I can the old-fashioned way I just use the magnet and drop the lids into the bottom of a boiling pan. I suppose I could buy another one of these things because I can't use the one I bent over very well and if I kept bending the handle back and forth it would end up breaking.If you are regular canner you still need to wash the lids unless you throw them away every time (wasteful) so think about using one of these in the dishwasher. 5A must-have for canning This little bugger is great! I wish I would've had one years and years ago. It's so much easier to boil the lids and keep them in hot water, remove the rack with the wooden knob, which does not get hot, and then lift the lids by the sides to put onto the canning jars. Cool little invention. 5Great Tool For Canning I canned without one of these last year, and while it can be done, this thing was worth the money. I no longer have to mess with the tongs and the lids sticking together in the pan. I used to boil a kettle of water seperately on the stove to use in my pressure cooker while I was sterilizing my lids in a shallow saucepan. Then I'd basically waste the water out of the "lid" pan and dump the boiling water from the kettle into the canner. This took two of my burners and valuable canning space. Now I use a larger pan for my lids (especially for wide mouth) since you need about 2-1/2 quarts of water to cover this thing with lids in. Now I save myself a step by simmering the lids, capping the jars, and then dump the water from the "lid" pan into the canner. Water saved as well. The color of the metal does darken with use, and I wish this was stainless steel. I think it will last awhile anyway since all you do is dip it in water, but stainless would have been nice. It holds more than enough lids for a full load. Everyone who cans with me wants one. Great item. Not a necessity, but it gets the job done faster and easier with less burnt fingers! 4Holds the regular and the wide-mouth canning jar lids. Could not find these canning lid racks anywhere in town or on line, until I went to Amazon. So I ordered 3 of them so I could give a couple away to my daughter and my friend who I taught how to make jelly and jam last fall. Everyone loves them and they are a bonus too since these will hold both the regular size canning jars and the wide-mouth jars too. Love it! 5I love it I have used my canning lid rack for a few years now and It is still in great condition! Our shiny finish came off (but I suspect my husband used it in something other than boiled water- or maybe through the dishwasher...). It works wonderfully for putting lids in and out of their boiling hot water bath. Saves my fingers a ton of pain and makes the process smother. I also like how the lids are all separated so those rubber rings are evenly warmed. I know since having it, we have not had any jars not seal properly (however this could just be more experience as well). Very happy with this product. 5Don't hang from your cabinet. I love this thing. We have a dozen or so jars that we use to carry food around.They are cheap and good for the environment.Unfortunately, cleaning the lids has introduced chaos into my life.I hand-wash the lids and array them in this rack, then I hand-wash the rings and slide them over the cabinet hanger. The end result is a very tidy way to air-dry your jar lids.I would not recommend hanging this from a cabinet. It will scratch the cabinet up. 5Must have canning gadget This rack makes so much sense and saves lots of time when canning. Easy to sterilize lids in boiling water and keeps them upright and easy to grab with the magnetized lid lifter. I bought 2 since I need to sterilize 14 at a time when canning pints and one will only hold 12 lids. IMO this is a must have item for those who do lots of canning. I highly recommend this product. 5Interesting Apparatus I purchased this item as something I might want to use when I teach canning classes. So I took it home and tried it out this week. You have to have a good size sauce pan to place it in to cover all the lids with water (I'm used to placing lids in a small pan.) I liked that all the lids were in one place once I was ready to place them on the filled jars, but I had a really difficult time lifting the small lids out of the rack. The large (wide mouth) lids came out really well, but there isn't enough surface available on the regular lids to grab them by the edge/sides. So I found myself having to touch the underside of the lid with my finger to get them out of the rack. I always prefer not to touch the underside of the lid when canning. I suppose the magnetic lid lifter might help, but that tool is designed to lift upward, not from the side. So I give this utensil a thumbs up for wide mouth lids and a thumbs down for regular lids. 3
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