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Norpro Silicone Last Drop Spatula, Quantity 1 per order,(Assorted Colors)

  • Norpro Silicone Last Drop Spatula, Quantity 1 per order,(Assorted Colors)
  • Norpro Silicone Last Drop Spatula, Quantity 1 per order,(Assorted Colors)
  • Norpro Silicone Last Drop Spatula, Quantity 1 per order,(Assorted Colors)
  • Norpro Silicone Last Drop Spatula, Quantity 1 per order,(Assorted Colors)

Norpro Silicone Last Drop Spatula, Quantity 1 per order,(Assorted Colors)

AU$ 116.00 AU$ 69.60 Save: AU$ 46.40
AU$ 69.60 AU$ 116.00 You save: AU$ 46.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

Great product - Better than Spatty Perfect! Small end to scoop up the last bit of makeup, serum or moisturizer in small bottles. The big ends scoops up the bottom bits of moisturizer that the pump won't grab so you can use every last drop and no waste. Much better than the spatty which I found was too stiff and didn't reach into corners like the small end of this spatula does. Plus spatty is way overpriced for it's limited uses. So glad I found this after my spatty disappointment. 5Too flexible, and wrong shapes and sizes for being able to scrape anything. Much too flexible, and wrong shapes and sizes for being able to scrape anything. They're also very cupped which prohibits actual scraping. The deep spoon shape would be good for scooping, but not scraping. I wish I'd read the accurate and detailed reviews before blindly buying them because they "looked" like they would work after reading the seller description.BOTTOM LINE: I would not buy them again. 1Use every last drop of your expensive skin products Slightly bigger than expected. I purchased to get all of the product out of the numerous creams, makeups, serums, etc that I purchase. You would not believe how much is still in the container when you think it is empty. These types of face/skin products are expensive and I use every last bit of them. These spatulas clean easily. There haven't been many containers one side of this spatula or the other wouldn't fit in. Highly recommend. 5like a way to get some left over product on ... I ordered these to remove extra content left in lotion bottles, hair and makeup bottles and this did not work. I could only MOVE the liquids around but could NOT scoop out the product to put into another more accessible bottle. This would only work as a product dipper, like a way to get some left over product on various parts of the spatula to use at that actual time. Its not good for a way to transfer all the remaining substances from one bottle to the other as it will NOT scoop anything out. It will only glide and give you some on the product on the spatula IF you can get the spatula to STOP flipping over (does not stay in place). I wanted a scopper not a dipper *Big Sigh* 1Too big to fit in CoverGirl foundation bottle I bought this to get all the product from the bottom of my cover girl liquid foundation bottles as the pump that comes with the foundation can't reach the product at the bottom of the bottle. I usually end up throwing it away knowing there was at least enough foundation left for 5 more uses.This spatula is just too big. It doesn't fit in my foundation bottle which is the whole point of this makeup thing. Because the end is rubber, I did manage to squeeze the small shovel-y side in my foundation bottle and scrape out a few more uses though. I just wish both sides worked for me. 3Perfect for getting that last bit out of small spaces Not only can these be used to get mayonnaise & other condiments out of containers to prevent waste, I also bought them to use with soap making. They work well to get the last bit of pre-mixed colorants out of little containers, which was something I had struggled with for some time. They are easy to clean and having two different colors, I can keep the ones for food separate from the ones for soapmaking very easily. 5Good for kitchen use Purchased to help transfer condiments from their original bottles to uniform bottles for fridge organization. This little guy worked great for that purpose and allowed me to scrape virtually all the condiments stuck to the sides of the bottles out so there was virtually no waste. Will be helpful for similar task with condiments, sauces, jams, my increasingly expensive liquid multivitamins etc... in the future. Would agree with other posters this tool would likely be too large for most cosmetic bottles and for many beauty products as well. Works good for all kinds of jars and bottles found in the kitchen though. 5too big for makeup jars I bought these to get the last liquid makeup out of the jars or the last of the lotion out of the jars, and the rubber part is pretty big for that. I make it work, but I have to be careful not to pull out too quickly or it will snap and spray the contents. They are easy to clean (I just use facial cleanser) and are not falling apart. 3Meh-competitor profuct is definitely better! Ordered this & it was missing from my order.I was initially pretty bummed as I was looking forward to trying it out on several different bottles.Contacted Amazon & assumed they would just send me one out. However, the issued a refund & when I wenter to re-order it, the price had jumped up quite a bit so I held off.Ended up seeing this & a competitor product in the store not too long after & bought the competitor one instead. The competitor ( Spat-- Da---) came in a set of 2 (1 long-handled & 1 shorter) & the actual spatula parts are MUCH sturdier.While it seems nice that this has "spoon"-Luke ends, they were very flimsy to the touch. I assume it would get most of the job done, but would be more difficult & I doubt not nearly as efficient. (& isn't that the entire point to begin with??)Overall I'm glad that Amazon screwed up & that I ended up with the competitor product over this one- 3Item Doesnt Work and Isnt Eligible For Returns I bought this to help decant my lotions and potions from their packaging into pumps/travel bottles and wanted to make sure I was getting every last drop. But the silicons is too long and floppy. It isnt actually able to scrape the bits from the bottom at all. I'm sure this product is good for something. But I bought it as a cosmetics spatula and it does an absolutely terrible job. I immediately tried to return it since it wasnt going to work out but it isnt eligible for returns apparently (depsite being purchased under prime). I expect that for certain kinds of items but I'm pretty salty about not being able to return this purchase. 1
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