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NuTone 5901A000 Fan Blower Wheel Assembly

  • NuTone 5901A000 Fan Blower Wheel Assembly

NuTone 5901A000 Fan Blower Wheel Assembly

AU$ 84.00 AU$ 50.40 Save: AU$ 33.60
AU$ 50.40 AU$ 84.00 You save: AU$ 33.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Replacement part number for the 5900A000 blower wheel
  • Dimensions: 6-1/8-Inch by 2-Inch
  • Works with many NuTone and Broan ventilation fans
  • OEM replacement part
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Customer Reviews

Broan Nu-Tone 100603000 replacement I used this to replace a 100603000 fan in a Nu-Tone 8663RP (link to Nu-Tone website not allowed). NuTone shows the part as 100603000 in the installation manual but does not show it available as a separate part. It only shows the whole motor assembly, with the fan, as the available part, Nutone Motor (8663RP) Assembly # 97017705 1550 RPM; 1.2 amps, 115 volts. I ordered the motor assembly and installed it. Later I saw this part for only $6 shipped. So I ordered it and put it on the motor assembly that I removed. All of the dimensions are the exact same. I reinstalled this reassembled unit to test it. Worked fine. The old blower wheel had worn out on the inside of the whole where it mounts to the fan motor. It allowed the wheel to wobble and make all kinds of horrendous noises you would expect at 1500 RPM.So try this first before spending the money on a whole motor assembly if your motor is still fine. Don't forget to clean up your old motor real good while you have it out. 5No way to connect to the shaft I bought the replacement motor too. Fit fine but there is now way to secure the fan/cage on the shaft. There is a flat side on the shaft but no way to keep it from sliding off, no grove for an e-clip or ring. I ended up sliding an E clip down the shaft to the fan and super-gluing it. I see that another person glued a little collet and set screw, another used a pawl nut at the end. Pretty crappy to buy a new assembly and have to rig a solution from the junk drawer. 3This blower wheel seems better constructed than the original Is your NuTone QT100L (or similar) fan making rumbling and shrieking noises? If so, it most likely needs this blower wheel! Here is a simple test to see if you need a new blower wheel: firmly grasp the motor shaft with one hand (it is short, but there is a flat side) and hold it stationary, while with the other hand you try to see of you can rotate the blower wheel around the shaft. If the wheel can spin around the stationary shaft, the wheel is worn, and the motor is spinning faster than the wheel is turning (which is what is causing the howling noise). This blower wheel seems better constructed than the original, as it has some metal reinforcing around the keyed hole that slides on the motor shaft. The wheel has a firm grip on the shaft and requires a firm push, but if you are struggling to get it on, STOP! You do not need a hammer. Look at the motor shaft: there is a flat side. Look at the hole in the wheel from INSIDE the wheel: there its a flat side (it is not noticeable from just looking at the top if the wheel). Once you properly mate the flat surfaces, the wheel slides on the shaft very easily. This is the easiest DIY home improvement project I have ever done. 5Perfect replacement! I had a Nutone 8832 from around the 70's according to the age of my home, that was not working properly. The fan motor would turn on, but was not evacuating the air properly, and would ofter making high squealing or rattling noises. After many attempts to fix I, discovered that the plastic fan blade itself had become rounded out in the center where it attaches to the motor shaft. It should have had a D - cut, but after probably close to 40 years it had simply worn down. So the fan motor was operating, but was not secured to the fan blower, so it just spun freely.It was a non standard size housing also by today's market, so I would have had to remove the entire housing, cut a larger hole in the ceiling, and wire in a new one, which could have cost up to $200 and taken many cuss word filled hours.This replacement was a $9 fix and works beautifully, slipped right on in seconds and I'm back to a fog free bathroom after a nice hot shower. 5Perfect Solution for NuTone QT110N-B Bathroom Exhaust Fan Works great, and installation was super easy. The fit was nice and snug on the motor shaft, but I only had to push it on tight with my hands/fingertips (no hammering required as other reviewers mentioned). It was delivered very fast: Standard 2 day turn-around time on Amazon Prime. I have a NuTone QT110N-B bathroom exhaust fan that had become very noisy. Sure enough, the center of the original plastic wheel had been stripped and was slipping where it attached to the shaft of the motor.I was hesitant to buy this because I was unsure if this would work for my model. Also, some reviewers had given bad reviews (too tight of a fit, had to hammer it on, only worked a few months), but I don't think they knew exactly what they were doing to install this wheel. See below....One reviewer said this came with a completely round hole, when the motor shaft is a "D" shape -- one edge of the round motor shaft is flattened. When I first got the wheel, I thought this was the same case for me. *However*, if you look carefully, one part of the "round" hole on the wheel is flat. It's subtle, and you have to look -- it's easier to see this flattened area from the inside "bowl" of the wheel. So, when you are installing the new wheel onto the motor shaft, you need to match this flat edge of the hole with the flat edge of the motor shaft. Again, it's subtle, but it's there. If this is matched up, you should have no problems.Other reviewers said they had to hammer it on the shaft or that the wheel only worked for a few months. I wonder if these reviewers noticed this slightly flat "D" shape of the blower wheel and matched it up to the shaft correctly?It would have been better if some instructions came with the wheel indicating you need to align the 2 flat surfaces. Maybe they are giving us home-repair-do-it-yourselfers too much credit--by assuming we know more than what we do.I hope this review helps. 5This Is The Fix For Noisy NuTone Exhaust Fans Save money and use this as your fix for noisy NuTone fans. If motor is running well and electrical systems seem to be otherwise okay, the cause of noisy fans is the connection of the metal axle of the motor to the small hole for the plastic fan blower wheel. Over years the D shaped plastic hole strips and the fan blower wheel does not stay tightly affixed to the metal motor axle as it should. Then when the exhaust fan is turned on, the motor runs fine, but the plastic fan blower wheel slips, vibrates, makes noises and works inefficiently. This new plastic fan blower wheel makes a very tight attachment to the the axle which not only eliminates vibration/noise but makes the fan work much better....like new. Also, don't get confused with the crazy old numbering systems that NuTone had for its exhaust fans, motors, and fan blowers. Just measure your old plastic fan blower. If it is 6 inch by 2 inch and looks like this, then buy it. Folks who replace the motor with the fan blower wheel pay for a new motor when they do not need it!! 5Bought this as a replacement for my JA2B097n motor My bathroom ventilation fan system clunked out a little while ago. Instead of going with a new system, I decided it was cheaper and easier to buy the same motor. When I bought my new motor, my old fan wheel was not fitting correctly for some reason. It would scrap across the metal because it would not stay firmly in place. I tried using duck tape to keep it in place, but no luck. Finally, I looked online to see how much it would cost to replace the fan wheel, and I was relieved it was only $9 to replace. I was still skeptical because I was worried maybe my new motor wasn t compatible with this fan wheel, but when it arrived I realized the center was stripped on my old wheel.In short, some people are worried about the fan wheel staying in place without a nut or something to keep it in place. In my case, my motor has a groove on it that fits like a glove with the shape of the center of the fan wheel. The shape should almost look like a D. If it doesn t and looks like an O, the wheel is most likely stripped. 5Great replacement for my 8832 One day i went to turn on my bath fan and i heard clanking and clunking. Very loud. I took it apart to find that the fan broke off in the middle and was free spinning. My model is a Nutone 8832.I ordered this part and it was exactly what i needed. The stem of the motor has a flat side and the shape on this wheel has it. It is important to nake sure they align. I then pressed down with my thumbs and it slid on well. You wont hear a snap or click into place so dont think that. It just slides on and wont come off. When you turn it on and test it, make sure you hold a tissue to the grill to see if it's sucking. If the tissue gets stuck to the grill, your fan is doing its job!My fan is back to normal if not better!!Thank you!! 5Easy to install but noiser than the original I guess the best thing that can be said about this unit is that it goes on easily about a 5 to 10 minute repair. This molded assembly has a collar that fits over the fan motor's spindle. The bottom of the collar is cut into 4 pieces that are crimped together by a metal band. The unit is installed by pushing it down HARD onto the spindle so the crimped band and plastic collar grip the spindle solidly. There is no clip to put onto the end of the spindle. You can use the old clip, but I doubt if you will need it.IMO, it is somewhat and definitely noticeably noisier than the original fan assembly. The old blower wheel seemed to have a better design. It had a flat edge on the inside of the collar that lined up with a flat end on the bottom of the spindle. A washer like locking clip then held the top of the assembly to the spindle. I had to purchase this be cause my the flat portion of the collar had broken away after 38 years of use.I am not thrilled with this unit, but for less than $10.00, it is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new fan. 3Exactly what I needed and found a cheap solution to address the source of the problem with these fans. This was the third time this fan had stripped out on the motor shaft in the last 10 years. It appears to happen after dust and dirt builds up on the fan blades, adding more mass that the fan must accelerate when it is turned on. Eventually, this likely wears the flat spot in hole in the plastic fan where it slides over the motor shaft.I was very excited when I found this fan available without having to buy the entire motor assembly. The new fan fits snug if lined up properly, and slides on without requiring any tools. It did not come with any retaining mechanism to keep it on the motor shaft, but luckily I planned ahead. Being involved in the RC airplane hobby, I decided to buy a 1/4" wheel collar that has a set screw that can tighten down on the motor shaft. I roughened one side of the wheel collar and the plastic on the fan and glued the wheel collar to the fan using JB Weld (be sure the wheel collar is oriented so the set screw is not on the flat part of the motor shaft, and avoid getting any JB Weld in the hole where the fan slides on the motor shaft). After it cured, I slid the fan on the motor shaft and tightened down the set screw. Hopefully, this fan will never strip out again. Now, I just need to remember to take it down and clean it about once a year. 5
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