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OXO Good Grips Apple Corer

  • OXO Good Grips Apple Corer
  • OXO Good Grips Apple Corer
  • OXO Good Grips Apple Corer
  • OXO Good Grips Apple Corer
  • OXO Good Grips Apple Corer
  • OXO Good Grips Apple Corer
  • OXO Good Grips Apple Corer
  • OXO Good Grips Apple Corer

OXO Good Grips Apple Corer

AU$ 134.00 AU$ 81.00 Save: AU$ 53.00
AU$ 81.00 AU$ 134.00 You save: AU$ 53.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Comfortable nonslip handle, wet or dry
  • Fruit core removes easily from corer head
  • Corer head is stainless steel for easy cleaning and precise cut
  • Large handle hole for easy storage
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • Recommended by America's Test Kitchen
  • The OXO Better Guarantee: If you experience an issue with your OXO product, get in touch with us to repair or replace it. We??re grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we??ll make it better.
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Customer Reviews

Kind of a WasteThis product was just shipped in an envelope, not a box and was therefore flattened like a pancake. The cutting circle that bites down into the apple was mashed flush down to the metal support piece. I managed to kind of force it back into a wobbly oval shape (I needed an apple corer sooner than I could've returned it and gotten a new one.) I've just kind of put up with it in order to do this recipe my grandad wanted for his birthday but it was super disappointing and my caramel baked apples didn't look very pretty at all thanks to the new uneven-ness of the corer. It was really disappointing since I've liked products by this brand in the past and generally trust the Amazon Choice recommendations. 1The BEST THING ever invented since the sliced bread!I had ordered this apple corer because I was in dire need of something that take apple core when I eat apples and I eat them by the pounds.I got really tired of eating the apples to the core then I had to find a way to eat the thing without hitting the pit where the seeds are located so I decide to look it up to google and found it.Figuring this contraption existed because it was on google images,I went to amazon.com to find out if they sell it to which they do so I placed an order for one and received it 2 days later.Then I went to a produce store and bought some apples and tried the the thing there: To my surprise this contraption REALLY WORKS!!! XD Now all I have to do is to but the apples ,wash them core them with this and enjoy! I'll tell you that this thing is one of the best inventions EVER since sliced bread and the laptop computer. A very simple device to use,you can core apples to your heart's content and as many as you want: a cored apple then sliced then topped with peanut butter or any sweet jam you can find and there's a really healthy and satisfying snack or lunch if you want. as for food,you just cannot go wrong eating apples & as much as you want! I fully and really recommend this product specially made by the OXO corporation whose been making kitchen utensils forever. 5Good idea but could be betterThe OXO corer is solid, well made and very close to being just right for its intended purpose (i.e. to remove the core of fruit and vegetables). One minor change would do the trick: It needs to be sharpened! In its current design, the device bulls its way through the item leaving bruised content behind. This is an excellent tool and great idea ... but could be better.Review Update: On 5/18/14 I sharpened the corer and uploaded a picture to the product description. My corer now has a sharpened cutting edge that moves through the item very smoothly and reduces browning on cored apples. 450LBS of apples cored & still going strongI have been looking & looking for one of these little gadgets. I was so excited to come across this OXO Good grips apple corer. I have an big apple peeler/corer but really didn't like the cranking that I have to do with it or the mess it makes.I do a lot of canning & wanted to just get the core out & then run the rest of the apple through my Juicer & then Mill it but it was so much work before. A friend showed me how she did it with just taking the cores out & Boy was it was easier. using the corer by OXO is much quicker,less messy & retains more of the fruit. Very Very Glad I purchased this.Its sturdy & held up well to my 50lbs of apples 5Works great!I have a toddler who devours apples in what seems to be record time. He doesn t like sliced apples (he wants them whole like a grown up) so I needed to find an alternative to our Apple slicer. This fit the bill perfectly and I have had really good experiences with all of my oxo products in the past years so I knew it was worth it to try this out. It does the job, no frills and now I don t have to worry about my son eating the stem and seeds. 5WORKS VERY WELLIf you twist it gently when you make contact with the apple to break the skin it's pretty easy. If you just drive it in with pressure, however, it could lead to an accident. Just gently twist to sort of saw through the skin, then it's easy peezy. 4Does What it DoesIf you like stabbing things but don't like to go to jail, buy this.Stab your heart away - not literally, as that would both be difficult and dangerous - with this lil corer. And that probably the first and last time I'll ever write the word "corer".Pretty hard to actually mess this product up, but it's remarkably useful. It cores away regardless of apple size. Sometimes you miss the center and have to try again; sometimes the core is too large and you have to have a 2nd go. Pop the core out with your finger, rinse in the sink, and enjoy your freshly cored apple. 5Great Little Device for Lots of Coring!Love this apple corer! We have an abundance of apples that I needed to peel and core. I've tried messing with the clamp on apple peeler corer gadget, but I couldn't make it work. I decided to look for an alternative and here it is! I can peel super fast but the coring by hand always made my apple pieces too small. With this device all you have to do is stick it in the apple wiggle a little and push down on your cutting board and Voila! Too bad our local Walmart didn't have anything like this. Glad Amazon is there! 5DisappointedI was tired of cutting the apple away from the core and still having to carve out some of the core. So I thought I would make apple coring easier. I'm disappointed enough where I might just cut the apple again. The diameter of the corer is small so you have to thrust the corer through the apple several times (3-4xs) to get all of the core, and it immediately causes your apple to turn brown from the cutting. I and my son like to eaty fresh apples and the brown make them unappealing. 3Easy peasy!My old corer/slicer bit the dust. Since slicing is something I feel fairly confident being able to do without an all in one, I grabbed this bad boy. Depending on what you're coring (apple vs. tomato vs. pepper), you'll have a bit more resistance than you might expect. I've found peppers are still easier with a trusty knife. But for tomatoes, once you get past the angry skin around the core, you're aces. And apples? Cinch. Granny Smiths have been the biggest argument for this one so far. A little extra effort at the start and it's super easy to get through.I'd five star this bad boy if he hadn't bit me my first run out of the gate with an apple...the end is sharp kids...be safe. 4
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