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PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Blue Camo

  • PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Blue Camo
  • PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Blue Camo
  • PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Blue Camo
  • PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Blue Camo
  • PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Blue Camo
  • PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Blue Camo

PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Blue Camo

AU$ 140.00 AU$ 84.00 Save: AU$ 56.00
AU$ 84.00 AU$ 140.00 You save: AU$ 56.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This fully freezable Lunch Box is the first and only lunchbox with PackIt's groundbreaking built-in cooling. Freezable non-toxic gel is built permanently into the walls of each bag, to keep food and drinks chilled for hours. It totally eliminates the need for separate blue ice packs or gel packs!
  • Simple to use: empty, collapse and freeze the entire lunchbox overnight (12 hours). By morning, the walls of the bag will be completely frozen and ready to chill. This lunchbox keeps food cooler longer, which means you can pack healthier foods that would spoil in other lunch boxes such as: dairy, deli meats, salads, fruits and veggies
  • Large zip opening allows for faster top-load packing and locks in cool, dry air. A buckle handle conveniently lets you attach this lunch box to backpacks, messenger bags, sports bags and more. An exterior zip pocket stores lunchbox notes, ID cards, napkins or wipes
  • This lunch box is made from nontoxic poly canvas and has a food-safe, water-resistant lining. Like all PackIt products, the Classic Freezable Lunchbox is made from PVC free, BPA free, phthalate, and lead free (UL #B80321985, 12/5/2019) materials
  • PackIts Classic Freezable Lunch Box measures 8.25 inches tall standing upright, 10 inches wide from side to side and 4.25 inches front to back/deep. Easy to clean: interior wipes clean, spot clean exterior
  • Proudly made by PackIt: creator of the ORIGINAL foldable, freezable lunch bag. Designed in California
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Customer Reviews

Love this lunch bag! It's perfect! And keeps your food cold!!! First of all I love all PackIt products. I have many different ones. My kids both had pack it lunch bags last year for their lunch pails.This year I wanted to get one that zipped shut. Last year they had Velcro ones and after like half the year they were not velcroing. That's still pretty good considering using them 5 days a week for six months.I love this bag though! It's the perfect size and zips all the way shut. Plus it has a handy handle for carrying it. The handle has a clip, so you could clip it on your back pack as well.There is a mesh side pocket for utensils or a small drink. I might use this for a napkin or a baggie of wipes for my kids to wash their hands and their faces after lunch.Then there is a front pocket which I will put my kids names in and their contact info.The best thing about this lunch bag is that you put it in the freezer and freeze it and your food stays cold all day. The front and back of the bag both freeze and keep everything cold. It says in the description that it keeps your food cold for 10 hours. So I decided to try it.I froze it all night long and took it out at 10am. I set it on our counter with a sandwich and apple in it. I kept feeling it too see when the bag unthawed. Our house is kept between 68 and 70 degrees. The bag finally started to warm up at 7pm. So 9 hours!!So I feel great about my kids leaving at 7am for school and having lunch at noon! Their food will be cold! I worry constantly about the mayo.Advice- I would also buy an extra ice pack from the store and throw it in the freezer in case you forget to put your kids lunch bag back in the freezer at night. This happened to me a couple times Overall I am very happy with this lunch bag! My son loves it and I would totally buy it again.If this review was helpful please click yes!Thank you! 5Works with bentgo plus room for snacks I searched for the perfect lunchbox for my 3 kids before school started. This has everything I was looking for. Since it doesn t need an ice pack there s extra space for everything they bring to school. It fits a bentgo and snacks easily. The water bottle holder is too small for their water bottle, but they don t need it. They ve used them everyday for 3 months and they still look great! 5Great concept and just shy of perfect! This lunchbox is awesome! The built-in ice pack and classic lunch box style is really appealing. Fits our yumbox perfectly with some room to spare. One star knocked off for the too small bottle pocket on the side...a toddler size thermos bottle needs to be forced in. Adult friendly but does not allow a very independent kiddo to do it himself! If that bottle part was just a tad bigger with an elastic then I'd have the PERFECT lunchbox. 4LOVE IT!!! I purchased this lunch bag to transport a yumbox panini style box I purchased from amazon. The bag is the perfect size as it has room for the yumbox as well as space for additional snacks and beverage. It technically fits two yumbox stacked up with the additional room if you need to transport two. I also have a bentgo kids box that fits perfectly in this bag. I prefer packit lunch bags for quality and convenience. My son kept losing the ice packs I purchased for his lunch bag last school year and this bag solves that problem. Packit makes excellent quality bags. I've owned several styles of packit bags through the years and love them all. 5Works perfectly! I paired this lunch bag with my sons new Yumbox Tapas and it fit perfectly. This bag even has enough room to fit in a Yumbox mini snack, a juice pouch, and still had some space left for a small snack. The problem that I found with this combination is that it gets HEAVY! My son is 7 years old so he doesn't need to carry a lot of books in his bag but this combination really weighed his book bag which is disappointing. For now it will work but once he starts carrying textbooks and other heavy items I will have to choose to use the Yumbox on its own or the Packit with a regular ziplock lunch. 5Good for breastmilk I travel often and needed a smaller lunchbox for storing breastmilk that I pump on the road. This little lunchbox is good for about an 8-12 hour trip. It held 25oz of milk in kiinde bags, my medela horns, and a quart sized ziplock bag with ice. Before my trip I froze the lunchbox for 12 hours in my standard freezer then placed a quart size bag with water at 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the box and left it in my 73 degree living room with no ice packs. 6 hours later the water was 55 degrees and though the lunchbox lining was soft/thawed it was still cool to the touch. While traveling I had to refill my ziplock with ice every 4 hours or so as the ice bag would be melted. Medela recommends that breastmilk be stored in a cooler with three frozen ice packs for 24 hours at 59 degrees. I'm confident this more than meets those requirements and my healthy 6 month old baby has yet to demonstrate any negative reactions to my pumped milk. 4Works well and stays cold Bought one for each kid for school. Seems to work well and they haven't had any complaints! My daughter likes the colors. Stays cold. Found food storage containers that fit it perfectly with room for a juice box (see my other reviews for exact ones). If you found this review helpful, please mark it as so below. Thanks! 5Great size, Exactly what I needed I found a PackIt brand bag in Walmart and loved the concept, but the velcro gave out 6 months into school. I also struggled fitting some lunches in there. This one is perfect. It fits in my Kindergartener's book bag without being huge. It fits her 12 oz thermos, a sandwich case or soup thermos, plus two snack cups with room to spare. The zipper is what I really needed along with the handle on top. Also, I used to use a different lunch bag when I used a hot thermos for fear that the ice pack would cool the hot food too much, but once I got this size and had a cold snack along with the hot thermos I figured I would try it. It kept the cold food cold, and left the thermos keep the hot food hot. 5Great buy for kids lunches - keeps food cold for hours! Pure genius invention to put the gel into the lunchbox! The entire lunchbox stays cold. It s collapses so it doesn t take up much room in the freezer. The gel doesn t get too stiff so it s easily opens to fit all of your items. So far it seems very durable. It is a bit heavier than anticipated due to the gel. I will be purchasing more for my other children, this is a great product. 5Great for adults, too. This lunchbox is awesome! The grey stripe is sophisticated enough for adults, and we purchased this for my husband. He no longer has to take chances using the backroom fridge at work & hope that nobody 'accidently' mistakes his lunch for their own. His lunch stays cold without the fridge.Another consideration is that this zippers wide open on 3 sides, allowing for thorough cleaning and sanitation. We have had to discard many lunchboxes that opened only from the top, as it was too hard to see what we were doing as we cleaned them (or tried).It is roomy, so if he wants a container of guac, hummus, or some other option that requires room, he's got it!The one caveat is that since the sides are the ice packs, this lunchbox is not for those who aren't careful with their things. Keep it away from pointy stuff, hot-enough-to-melt-stuff, dogs that chew, cats with claws, Wile E. Coyote, etc. :)I hope that this is helpful to you. If so, please click the button to let me know, and happy shopping! 5
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