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Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)

  • Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)
  • Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)
  • Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)
  • Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)
  • Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)
  • Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)
  • Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)
  • Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)

Parker Urban Fountain Pen, Muted Black with Gold Trim, Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill (1931593)

AU$ 354.00 AU$ 212.40 Save: AU$ 141.60
AU$ 212.40 AU$ 354.00 You save: AU$ 141.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Sleek hourglass curves offer a bold, modern look designed to pair with your personal style
  • Shimmering dark blue anodized aluminum barrel and sandblast light blue shell are complemented by chrome trim and the signature PARKER arrow clip
  • Durable engraved stainless steel nib delivers a dependable and personal writing experience
  • Ergonomic shape conforms to your natural grasp, providing the perfect weight and balance
  • Sophisticated gifting for all occasions, the fountain pen is presented in a PARKER gift box with a long blue QUINK ink cartridge
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Customer Reviews

Just get it! You will love it!Feb 2015: I've posted a picture of the Parker Urban (it's capped....don't have one uncapped showing the nib). It's really a beautifully styled pen. I really like the matte black. This is a really great starter set for someone interested in getting more involved with fountain pens over the cheaper disposable "Varsity" or other lower end fountain pens. I'm one of those newbies.....having not used a fountain pen since elementary school back in the early 70's when all of us kids would buy the pen/cartridge sets off the shelf for a couple of bucks.I bought this kit along with a Jinhao x450 fountain pen. I really love the matte black Urban that came with this set. I haven't seen this pen sold individually here in the US....only on European pen sites (for 35-45 dollars). I don't know why...this pen is really beautiful! The picture for the set doesn't do the pen itself justice. It's really a very attractive moderately priced pen...and it feels like a more costly pen.The set itself comes with a bottle of ink that sells for around 10 bucks here on Amazon, 4 ink cartridges, and most importantly, a converter so you can use the bottled ink. Heck, 5 ink cartridges sell for $5 on amazon...you get 4 cartridges plus the converter (a $5-7 value for the economy type converter found in the kit). So ink bottle, cartridges, converter = $10+$5+$5 =$20, and then throw in the Urban. Go look at the Urbans here on Amazon and you will see they are priced at $45+. The matte black Urban found in this set doesn't have any engraving like other Urbans but it does come with with gold trim which is distinctive.The nib and inner workings for all the Urbans are based on the Parker IM's which sell from about $25 and up. But the distinctive look of the Urbans is what ups the price. Overall, this is a very well priced kit with everything you need and more.Writing with the pen is very smooth and I didn't get any skipping. Compared to the much cheaper Jinhao X450, the Urban is a bit drier...but still wet enough that is doesn't skip. The line is also finer than that with the Jinhao although both are labeled as having a "medium" nib. I should say that the nib on the Urban (all Urbans) is not changeable while the Jinhao nib can be changed out...a plus for the Jinhao. But the writing line with the Urban is very similar to what you would get with a standard ballpoint pen...not too thick, not to thin. The Jinhao on the other hand is more of a bold line and much wetter using the same ink. Drying time with the Urban is very quick which helps prevent running and smears while the Jinhoa takes much longer to dry because of the amount of ink it lays down and bold line. I much prefer the Urban over the Jinhao both in writing and in it's unique style.You could buy ink ($10) and the Pilot Metropolitan ($15 and comes with a converter) for about $25, or the Parker IM plus ink, plus a converter for $40, or go for this kit. I think the uniqueness of the pen itself, the 4 extra ink cartridges, ink converter, and ink make this set head and shoulders above, a better value, and a better investment than other two mid-level type pens.Dec 2015 update: Still love this pen/set! Since Feb I have bought a number of fountain pens...from $5 - $60. Amazingly, all the fountain pens function great. I would still recommend this set just so you get everything together. But I don't use the cartridges...just the pen and ink bottle. So as explained above, you could just buy the bottle of ink....I think it is about $7.00 now along with a Jinhao fountain pen for $6-9 and have something very similar for about $15-$18. But a gift set like the Urban is convenient for the beginner. I don't think can go wrong, either way 5The pen is functionally good, but the black coating on the pen is ...The pen is functionally good, but the black coating on the pen is peeling off. I paid $45 for the pen last year and now it's unpresentable. Very disappointing! 1Very nice!I own quite a few fountain pens (Lamy, Waterman, Pilot, TWSBI, etc.). This is my first Parker, however. I have to say that I enjoy this pen! Mine has a medium nib, and it writes a fairly broad line, much like my Waterman Expert (Parker and Waterman are owned by Rubbermaid). Much broader and wetter than a Japanese fountain pen. Since this Urban is a wet pen, I find that it writes well with dry inks, such as Pelikan and Parker Quink. I find it most comfortable to write with it unposted, as the cap adds a bit of weight and can fatigue my hand if I'm writing a lot. The nib is stainless steel and is quite adequate. Not the smoothest out there but certainly not scratchy. I would certainly recommend this pen to someone who is new to fountain pens or someone who wants to upgrade from an inexpensive entry level pen. It seems very sturdy and has a good heft to it. I like it quite a bit. It has become my new EDC pen. If you decide to get the Urban, be sure to also buy a converter for it so that you can buy bottles of ink. The converter does not come with the Urban. It is sold separately. I find ink cartridges to be quite limiting and unappealing. There is an incredible amount of variety in bottled ink out there. 5Silky Smooth & Sets a High StandardThis is my first real fountain pen so I don t have a baseline...until I tried another fountain pen in the exact same price range and the Parker Urban is amazingly smooth in comparison! The other pen feels like it s scratching the paper ever so lightly and I don t feel any of that with the Parker.I ve been using the standard issued ink cartridge so far and the ink flow is very nice. The nib feels very smooth and the pen has a good weight and luxury feel to it. I have purchased the Parker converter but yet to install and highly anticipating the switch. Excellent starter pen and anxious to see how quality can go up from here as this is a very high standard the writing experience. 5very goodi bought it for Chinese calligraphy and it is super fine. i love it. 5Not exactly a great penThis is a repeat review - the original review appears at the bottom, for reference, and it was a lot more positive.My original pen was lost, and I replaced it in a flash, as promised in the original review. With 2 identical London Cab Black medium nib pens, in fact, so that I'd have a backup.Sadly, both replacements are absolute trash, and I've given up trying to get them to write reliably. I have tried both original Parker ink, and the Pilot ink that I know worked very well in my first pen. They do not start to flow ink unless primed (water, wet ink, saliva, whatever), and when they do you'd better keep on writing because it's you lucky day.Now I know, there are probably lots of snake oil remedies out there that will correct a recalcitrant pen, and I'd be prepared to try all of those on a cheaper pen. But at this price point ($47), I expect a fountain pen to write straight out the pocket. I don't want to lick a $47 pen to write, I expect that from a $10 pen.So, I must sadly retract my previous review, and recommend you look elsewhere, if like me you need a pen that can take down your thoughts while you're having them.Original review follows...My pen is the London Cab Black with medium nib, and I'm happy with it.I use Pilot ink, with which it writes smoothly, and with an even ink flow. I have always found that manually filling disposable ink cartridges with a syringe works best for me, and have no problems replacing cartridges and filling with this pen.The body of the pen is substantial, I suspect machined from solid aluminium. It is well weighted and comfortable to write with. The cap does not fit on the back of the pen, so if that is your habit, or you expect the pen's weight balance to be further back, perhaps this pen is not for you.I have found this pen to be more temperature sensitive than others, and it does not like being left in a hot car, which will cause it to leak. I suspect this is because of ink and air expanding in the cartridge and getting forced out the nib, possibly because aluminium is such a good conductor. This may not affect the lighter coloured pens, but definitely does affect the black ones.I'd replace this pen in a flash with the same if it were lost or stolen. 1Experience The Joy Of Writing With A Fountain PenI thought this was a great value for those that wanted to experiment with a fountain pen before deciding if they wanted something fancier. I feel so old school holding and writing with this. It makes you appreciate how the art of writing was crafted hundreds of years ago.Included in the box: (1) Parker Fountain Pen (2) Black ink cartridges (2) Blue ink cartridges (1) Bottle of black Quink ink (1) Cloth (1) Ink converter (plastic piece with a metal ball in it) HOW IT WRITES I honestly didn't know what to expect when I got this. I had never used a fountain pen before so I had no others to compare it to. Once you have it in your hands you'll probably understand how to hold it. You hold it like any other pen but the silver tip faces you, and the pen is held at about 45 degrees when writing. The ink comes through like a fine-point pen. So far it has written neatly, and you get this feeling like you're in the past as you're writing with this pen.This ink doesn't dry as fast as other Parker inks; you will have to give it few seconds to dry before touching it. You'll know if it's still wet because it will give off a shine. HOW TO ASSEMBLE You unscrew the pen tip, inside you will see what looks like a circular slanted plastic tube, this is where you insert an ink cartridge and this slated tube breaks the seal of the ink cartridge so that ink can flow through. Then, start writing. INK CONVERTER So there are two ways you can refill the ink in this pen: 1) You can use one of the four cartridges I just described; or 2) You can use the ink converter the piece that looks like a cartridge but has a metal ball in a frosted tube.This is the part where you can use the bottle of Quink ink. You stick the ink converter in the same way as a cartridge, but now you can dip the tip of your pen in the bottle, and there is a little slider on the ink converter that you pull back, like a syringe. Once you fill the visible frosted portion up, wipe any excess ink that may have dripped, screw back on the bottom of the pen, and you're done. NO HOW-TO BOOKLET I took one star off because I ordered two sets and neither came with the "How To Write With A Fountain Pen" booklet (Parker should package this better as I think it probably fell out at some point during commutes). This was really annoying because I had no idea what goes where; assembly is not entirely obvious, so I had to look it up myself. There were some vague instructions in the Amazon product description page, but you can't really tell what the pictures are showing. I am emailing Parker to see if there any PDF instructions available online as I do not see any on their website. So far, I was able to YouTube what the ink converter does, which was incredibly helpful.This is a fantastic fountain pen starter set, for yourself, or as a gift for someone that loves to write. Recommended. 4Love it!I received this pen on the 24th as an early birthday gift from my Fiance. I absolutely love it! The ink it came with is a bit on the dark side compared to blue ink I'm used to (regular ballpoint pens provided by workplace), but that doesn't bother me. Writes very smoothly, the cartridge installed easily with no issues, and no blotting from the first use. I popped the cartridge in and started writing right away. It does only come with one cartridge, so you might want to order more. Looks elegant, and its a satisfying weight in my hands. My only complaint would be that the pens color is not the bright shade of blue pictured. It's more of a navy blue to me. Pictures are below. Overall, very happy with my gift! 4Stopped working after a few days.I bought this a few months ago. Every other pen I've purchased (Cross, Pilot, other brands) seem to work very reiliably. This pen won't write most of the time. If it sits for more than a couple days (yes, the cap is on right,) it stops writing. Sometimes it'll start up with just a few minutes of fiddling with it. This last time, I tried getting it to write for about 5 minutes before giving up. It's a really nice looking pen, so it's a disappointment that it's not working. Especially since it costs at least double some of the other pens I have.Some things I've tried:Rinsing the nib in cold water, drying throughly, then refilling with inkExamined the places where the ink will flow and making sure they're free from clogs and debrisStill doesn't work. 1Bad start, but with love and care, writes lovely now.Like some of the other reviews on this pen, I had experienced alarmingly bad performance, such as skipping upon its first couple of days of short entries in my notebook. I was scared that my money was wasted on what looked like a great investment for a newbie like me, but I gave the pen a little love and care (tried adjusting by prying the nib apart just a little), as well as giving it some good ink (Iroshizuku Take-sumi), and it writes wonderfully. I can't stop using this pen, I love it. I also bought and installed the cartridge that it DOESN'T come with. What a shame.Because of the extra effort I put into this pen, can't help but enjoy writing almost everyday with it. I would love to give it five stars now, but because of the hassle to getting it to write properly, I can't say that I would recommend it with the way it's sold. But, if you are willing to fork out more money to buy a descent bottled ink and the DARN EXPENSIVE PROPRIETARY CARTRIDGE CONVERTER, then this will surely give you at least a great writing experience.PLEASE ADJUST AT YOUR OWN RISK if you do plan on fixing the nib if there are any problems from the start. 4
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