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PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX LED Work Light, Tool Only (PCC700B)

  • PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX LED Work Light, Tool Only (PCC700B)
  • PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX LED Work Light, Tool Only (PCC700B)
  • PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX LED Work Light, Tool Only (PCC700B)

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX LED Work Light, Tool Only (PCC700B)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 4 LED Bulbs delivers 120 Lumens
  • Pivoting head
  • Contoured Overmolded Handle
  • Part of the 20V Max System
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Customer Reviews

Reasonable price and great quality,.I purchased a Porter Cable drill and impact with extra batteries for my auto tech class from a local vendor a year or so ago. I liked the light so well that I wanted to add 2 more, check the local stores and no one stocked the lights anymore. Thanks to Amazon I was able to purchase what I needed at a reasonable price. These LED lights are bright and versatile with the adjustable head, and so far have been durable for my high school students. Batteries will last several days between charges and are to large for students to put them in their pockets. I have been very satisfied with our 20 volt Porter Cable products!5GREAT LIGHT JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FORI have about 6 batteries from different maker all fitted my Black & Decker and Craftsman tools needed this to work and it did Instead of cutting into the battery I decided to mod the tool [had to any way] there s a small vertical piece of plastic that stops all B&D and craftsman batteries from working I simply drilled it out took maybe a minute5Best portable light from Porter-CablePorter-Cable makes three lights that work with their 20V Max battery system, the PCC701, the PCC700B, and the PCCL500B.The PCC701 is Porter-Cable's smallest and lowest powered light. It's little more than a shell that fits onto the battery. It's only 50 lumens, but even the smallest batteries will last for a day or more. The beam can be rotated around 180 degrees so you can aim it anywhere. If you normally carry a spare battery in your tool bag, you can just clip this onto it and it will take up almost no additional room. Unfortunately, this model is only available as part of various large combo kits, or refurbished through places like eBay, usually for about $25.The PCC700B is "gun" shaped and looks a bit like their impact driver, though substantially lighter. It puts out a respectable 120 lumens, which is good enough for most close-up work or for use as a general flashlight. It really lights up my yard when I use it outside. With the small 1.3Ah battery it should last for the entire work day, and with the big 4Ah battery you should be able to run it continuously for days. It's still small and light enough that you could easily carry it in your bag with the rest of your Porter-Cable tools. The battery makes it bottom heavy so it's nice and stable and the beam can be rotated from slightly below straight ahead to straight up, a bit more than 90 .The PCCL500B puts out an astounding 1900 lumens, that's brighter than the output of a 100W incandescent bulb (and since it's a directional light, the beam is even brighter!). It also has a low power mode that puts out 650 lumens, comparable to a 40W light (again, all that light gets sent in one direction). Such a huge light output drains the battery ultra fast, with only 10 hours of run time on low with the big 4Ah battery, you might get 30 minutes on high with one of the little batteries. Fortunately it has the option of running off AC as well. This light is HUGE and heavy (5 pounds!), so don't think you can just toss it in your tool kit with your drill. This light is only carried by a few sellers and currently runs about $75.For most purposes, the PCC700B is your best bet. It's inexpensive (currently about $25 new from Amazon), easy to obtain, puts out a decent amount of light without eating up batteries, and is small and light weight enough to be easily carried with the rest of your tools. Compared to a regular flashlight, it's much easier to keep aimed hands free, and it'll save you a fortune on batteries compared to a head lamp.5Great rugged flashlight.. butPros1. VeryBright led work light2. Built well, i trust it to take a fall3. 45 degree adjustable head clicks into place4. Leds use less power, thus more light time5. Rubber trigger on/off switch6. The battery makes it bottom heavy and less likely to tip overCons1. The adjustable head has some wiggle room so it's not precise2. If this was dropped on the head higher than 6 feet... I don't know if it would make it3. It would be nice if it was magnetic or something to hang it and aim the lightEven with the cons it's a great work light, if you have a stable work area, I use mine when working under my car or in the house. But if I needed a light while working at some height, the roof or ceiling... I would grab a light I can hook onto myself or a magnetic type work light.I ended up buying kobalts rechargeable lithium ion work light it's great for working under the hood buy it has plastic collars to reattach the battery after charging.... and their crap.if Porter Cable was savvy they can make something better5Good light without being too obnoxious on the eyes from reflection. Bright enough to use inside a fireplace or in an appliance. Swivel head helps and sitting on a 20v battery is stable. Dont know how many hours a 5ah battery runs it, but 4 hours only takes one tic off the battery guage so i can use the battery again on my drills or saws the next day. 5Glad I chose this one. The last time I reached for a 'real' flashlight, only to discover the pricey ' D' batteries in it getting low, I got thinking about the Black And Decker string trimmer I own....and its battery that will see no action for 6 months, minimum. Read reviews and chose this over the B and D light as this is brighter and roughly the same price....and with a modification, can use the trimmers' battery. So I took the chance. Thankfully, grinding on the battery worked out fine (YouTube)....and now I have two useful tools that use the same battery, which is a first for me! 5UGLY but great light/use of 20v packs!pros: 120 lumens, articulating head, uses standard 20v lithium pack & lasts FOREVER w/a higher capacity aftermarket betterycons: head BARELY articulates below level (no problem if holding but limiting if using it to work by), requires minor surgery to work w/B&D compatible batters (30s w/pair of snips at base - nothing involving wiring), hideous form factor (saving grace is B&D one is worse)suggestion: optional diffuser top us use as a lamp - throw a 5AH batters on it & this thing could light a good part of a room for a couple of days between charges!overall happy w/...4Good light but nothing special The battery life is amazing on this although I wish it had a battery charge indicator. It is pretty bright but not as uniform as I would like.It's ability to rotate up a little over 90 degrees is very useful but it has zero ability to rotate down and it is so bottom heavy it is nearly impossible for me to carefully lay it down in a downward facing direction without falling or rotating in some way. If you need to light up a small area of a room, then this is the light for you. If you need to light up tight work spaces, then Porter Cable makes a much better although slightly more expensive light. 4Decent & light for small projects! Some modifications needed to work with other batteries..Lightweight light to help illuminate any project.Pro: this is a really light weight light, it almost feels like a toy. It stands just under 7.5 inches with the light in the 45 angle (as pictured) and a hair over 9 inches with the light pointing straight up.It fits easily in your hand and the swivel pivoting head can be adjusted for varying degrees based on your lighting needs.Cons: the center of the light puts of a blueish hew which is sorta off putting. I'd rather a brighter white light for illumination. Speaking of illumination as stated it's a decent enough light but not as bright as I'd like it to be. To me, for a 20v unit, it would be more handy @ 300 lumens.Haven't used it long enough to remark of the battery life. I will report back later.**Battery tip: I ordered the 20v LBXR20 battery knowing that a modification would need to be done to the base of the light and not the battery. There are 2 different things you have to do to make it work with a B&D 20v battery - 1) shave back the base on both sides of the slide track to accommodate the battery (see pic), otherwise it simply won't work. 2) there's a small tab on the left side battery track just in front of a black spring that prevents the B&D battery from going all the way in, it need to be removed (see pic with red arrow). A hot steak knife will do the trick in seconds. If you have cut the sides back enough the battery should slide right in nd click easily.Hope this tip helps, good luck!4Worth the money. Great light.Perfect for my needs. Relatively small and lightweight and pretty bright. Adjustable head is definitely a plus. I m a professional audio video technician and work in many dark tight spaces and this is a great tool to have.5Never be afraid of the dark again!!!After having purchased ALL the porter cable 20v MAX lithium tools, and having used them from a range to very demanding, to extremely simple tasks, which involves routinely using them well past their intended run times and overall stress tolerances, I feel I can now make a justified review, based on their performances over the course of roughly a year.The Porter Cable PCC700B flashlight is another great addition to the lineup. The grip duplicates that of the higher end drill and impact (PCC600 & PCC640), the only real difference being the trigger, on the light it is simply soft rubber that covers a switch, where as obviously on all the other tools in the lineup it is hard plastic that slides and then actuates a switch. I've used the light extensively, and so far the rubber switch hasn't show any signs of wear, but after years it will likely tear, will still work but won't look as well. The flashlight overall is extremely light without a battery installed, and even with the largest battery (4.0 amphr) it isn't much heavier than a full size D-cell mag-lite. The postionable head on this light is also a great feature, however I sometimes found myself wishing it could angle down further, as it really only goes as far as parallel with the surface its on, in those instances though I would either tilt the head all the way up and lay the light down, or prop the rear of the battery pack up on something to bring the beam down further. The light cast is very bright for the price of the light itself, if you buy it expecting light level equivalent to a $300 light then you're crazy. As far as battery life goes this thing is a miser on electricity!!! I had to use it for many mechanic repairs and had the light on constantly for 3-4 hours at a time and never fully depleted a 1.5 amphr battery.Overall the light is very good for what it is, it has tons of great features yet it is very simplistic which means a long tool life. If you aren't already invested in the 20v MAX line I would say you may want to look elsewhere as the batteries can be pricey by themselves, however if this is just going to be an addition to your already existing lineup I strongly recomend it.Be sure and check out my Amazon profile as I have reviews on all the 20V MAX Porter Cable tools.5Great long adjustable light.I use this light not only for jobs and adjust it to where I need the light shined but also for if I take walks after dark. As a tool i find it to be just the right size not only to hold and crawl around with but it adjust to pretty much where I want it to. It isn't overly bright either nor dim at all. As for walks since this fits in your hand ergonomically it's perfect for lighting and safety in my dark neighborhood and seems to last for several 40-45 minute walks, I've never actually had the battery go out because after several walks I'll pop in another battery and charge up the one i was using. I also tilt it at about a slight angle so it's pointing directly in front of me as i walk. So very pleased with the light and battery life.5light it pretty bright, I would compare it's brightness to any ...Much smaller than I anticipated, light it pretty bright, I would compare it's brightness to any 12.00 "Tactical" light sold here on Amazon. The nice thing it it takes the interchangable 20v battery which from other reviews will last all day if not more. It does stand freely on its battery base and will stay on without holding the trigger, so that is a plus. Overall happy with purchase.4
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