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Q-Snap Frame, 8 by 8-Inch

  • Q-Snap Frame, 8 by 8-Inch

Q-Snap Frame, 8 by 8-Inch

AU$ 120.00 AU$ 72.00 Save: AU$ 48.00
AU$ 72.00 AU$ 120.00 You save: AU$ 48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Q-Snap frames are made from PVC tubing making them lighter and more durable than other materials
  • Just lay the fabric over the frame then gently push the clamps down stretching the material around the outside of the frame
  • Measures 8x8
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Customer Reviews

Ditch the hoops!I love this for cross stitching! I m new to the cross stitch world, I couldn t get a hoop to work and it was so frustrating. So I decided to try these and I love it! It s a tiny bit difficult to get the clamps off, but not so much that I won t use it. It was okay to put together. I had a bit of trouble, but my husband was able to get it assembled in under 3 minutes. Just remember that the dimensions on the product info is for the whole square, not for the working space. I knew this before I ordered, so I was in the clear, but I want to make note of it for other potential buyers.5Great for Cross Stitchers! I have been cross stitching for about twenty years and can honestly say I wish I had one of these for all twenty. I don't know how well they work for quilters, but I won't be going back to one of those terrible cross stitch hoops any time soon.Pros:Easy to assemble and useHolds the fabric taut with little need to reposition (if you buy the right size)Protects the material from those "hoop rings" making the Aida cloth easier to pressSuper affordable!Cons:Could be tough to adjust without some upper arm strengthCan't adjust if your hands are too dry (I just wet my hands then dry them prior to attempting to tighten)Overall a great purchase. I'll be getting more in different sizes and as gifts for the other cross stitchers in my life. 5LOVE these! UPDATEMuch better than traditional round hoops!!! I've ordered the 11 x11 and 6x6. I love these so much. Have a square surface to stitch on saves material. Corners are so much easier! These hold much tighter for longer than traditional round hoops. Tightening them up is super easy. Just roll the clamps outwards a tiny tiny bit and BAM, tight again. I'll never use another hoop again.18 months later and I still love this hoop. I have wore out the clamps a bit. I put a piece of fabric under the clamp now. Replacement clamps can be ordered.5So much better than a hoopI've cross stitched for over forty-five years. I used hoops for many of them, always lamenting the sharp, curved lines on the fabric when I was done. This lovely product takes care of that problem, and the larger diameter of the tubes makes it very easy to hold. I've bought both your 8" and 11" sets, and am using it as an 8"x11" frame. Thank you!5The Q-Snap frame for me is the next best thing to sliced bread for cross stitchingThe Q-Snap frame for me is the next best thing to sliced bread for cross stitching!! I've been cross stitching for over 30 years, and I love this! It's so light weight, easy to hold and manipulate, and portable. What I've had before is a wooden cross stitch stand to keep the fabric tight because I've not liked using hoops and the creases they make. The wooden stand I have is bulky, doesn't take all sizes of cloth, and is getting hard for me to see with my aging eyes. This frame holds the fabric taught without making those awful creases. I wish I had found this years ago!5Gave away my Edmunds scroll frame!First I tried a highly-rated scroll frame set, then a non-slip hoop. Both worked fine, though having to loosen the work from the hoop every night was a PITA and still left non-removable hoop marks.Then I bought a couple of sizes of Q-snap frame, and never looked back. They keep the fabric and canvas taught, and when it inevitably does start to loosen a little, a simple twist of the clamps tightens it again. Best. invention. ever.5For the stitcher who hates hoopsI've always used either a hoop or nothing at all, and my experiences with using frames for stitching were always frustrating and unproductive. I hated that I either had to sew my fabric in or keep buying adhesive velcro, depending on how the frames were meant to have the fabric attached, and no matter what I couldn't get good tension. I'd actually moved to mostly using perforated plastic (which I still love) purely so I wouldn't have to deal with fabric. My stitching group has been singing the praises of this thing ever since I joined, though, and for the price I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try. It's surprisingly sturdy, with grooves that keep the different pieces from just swinging around, and although loading the fabric was a bit finicky, I LOVE the fact that I can basically leave the fabric in indefinitely without worrying about it stretching as long as I twist the covers to relax the fabric first. For not having to take the fabric in and out of the hoop each time I put my project down, I can deal with a little inconvenience in the initial set-up. It also may be easier to load the fabric when it's not so cut so close to the size of the frame for this project, the cloth only just covers the frame, with little to no excess hanging off the sides. Either way, this is a great frame, and well worth the money.5The Q-snap also keeps tension on the fabric better and is easier to readjust when it does lose ... I use this for cross stitching. I am not typically a fan of hoops. The main reason for this is the marks that they leave, and Q-snap frames eliminate this problem. The Q-snap also keeps tension on the fabric better and is easier to readjust when it does lose a little tension. So I like Q-snaps better than typical embroidery hoops. There is a learning curve to getting the snap-on holders on and off, both with fabric on and off, even using the slide-off method. I would not feel comfortable stitching a piece that was larger than the opening of the Q-snap, because I would not want my stitching under the snap-on holders when I adjusted the location that I was working on. 4Travel friendly 8x8This 8x8 q snap frame is pretty handy, holding the fabric nice and tight. It is also travel friendly.I took a few tries to get the frame set up (there is a right way to do it that make the last piece a push-down snap, no pulling it out of shape). The clamp removal is by dismantling the frame first before pushing each clamp towards the straight end. Trying to removal the clamp upwards off the frame doesn't work.4Go for it!I have been doing crewel embroidery for over 50 years and why, oh, why, did I not find this Q-Snap Frame sooner?! It is easy to use and holds crewel work well.5It worked out perfect. I have been using the floor modelI purchased this with the extension. It worked out perfect.I have been using the floor model, but wanted something smaller for my lap.The key is to line up your seams right . It was very snug , but didn't hurt my fabric.I used cotton batting,reg. loft.5Love these frames.These frames are really great. They're a bit wider than the hoops, so are easier to hold. My hands don't start to cramp after a while. The aida fabric stretches out really nice in these, and it's so much easier getting the fabric locked in one side at a time, rather than trying to get the round hook over the fabric, lock it in, then hope the fabric is tight enough to cross-stitch with.5
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