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Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)

  • Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)
  • Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)
  • Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)
  • Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)
  • Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)
  • Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)
  • Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)

Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12 Inches x 12 Inches, Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 8 Count (108)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Natural cork panels with self stick backing easily mount to create custom bulletin boards; mix, match and use push pins to hang items from the durable cork surface; 8 Count
  • 3/16 Inches thick cork panels can be used separately or together to create a customized bulletin board
  • Each frameless tile is 12 Inches x 12 Inches; natural cork is self healing for longer lasting use; adhesive tape included for fast and easy hanging in any space
  • Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical
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Customer Reviews

8-pack deal turns 7-pack scam upon arrivalBrought for wargame tabletop terrain, I understood it would be thin. I brought it for this reason. It is as expected.The problem, though, as seen in the photo, I can count. 8-pack does not NORMALLY mean 7 tiles! 2Avoid. Fell after three days and ruined walls.So frustrated. I was so excited about this product but I should have paid better attention to the reviews. After only three days mine were falling from the walls. The sticky tabs would stay attached to the walls but not the cork - so I ruined my walls and still had to put nail holes in them to get the cork board to stay. And due to the flexibility of cork when I went to put them back up they of course didn't fit the exact same way are even nailed down are buckling. What should have been a simple a clean looking cork board is not a janky looking mess. It also tore several pieces of my son's artwork when it fell from the walls - it's not worth anything but they are my priceless memories that cannot be replaced. I strongly recommend you skip these and purchase a framed cork board instead. If you do decide to purchase these - DO NOT use the sticky tabs. You will ruin your walls and have to replace the cork tiles anyway - OH, AND some of the cork tiles broke when they fell too, so those look terrible now. All around my worst purchase on Amazon ever. 1NOT 1/4 inch thick!!Beware!!! The manufacturer's advertised product dimensions are false. Amazon states tiles are 0.25 inch thick. However, 8 tiles measure 1.5 inch thick or a thickness of 0.1875 inches. It may not matter to you but it may matter very much to other consumers. There should be truth in a manufacturers dimensions and the dimensions on this product should be revised to reflect actual thickness. 1Super easy installation!Super easy to install! I laid the tiles out to cover the wall behind a desk in our kitchen and it turned out perfectly! They are easy to cut with a box cutter, exacto knife, or some sturdy scissors. They come with double-sided adhesive squares that fit at each corner, or wherever you need them. I wish there had been a few more of these because I would like for the middle to be stuck to the wall, too, but this works for now. If I want to take them down, it can be done easily. Great buy! 5Gets the Job DoneAfter being moved into a new workspace with all white walls, I quickly decided that cork boards tiles were the solution to our aesthetic and organizational problems. The cork boards themselves are great quality and work perfectly for what we needed. We used Command Medium Mounting Refill Strips to secure these to the (slick) walls, rather than the self stick pads provided. Despite all of the reviews that indicate these did not stick to the walls, we wanted to be sure that no damage would be done. So far so good. The boards have been securely on the walls since August, holding a handful of papers and thumbtacks without any issue.I also purchased the Command Medium Mounting Refill Strips here. They are a great price as an add-on item. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0014CQGW4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 4INDIVIDUAL BOARDS ARE NOT 1/4"; Tacks poke through back even with 2 boards glued together. Difficult to stick to the wall.After spending HOURS trying to decide on whether I should spend $180-$200+ on one 8'x4' cork bulletin board, OR get eight of these and glue them together to get the same dimension, I went with these because:- Amazon Prime rocks; it's fast AND easy to return IF damaged. I've read so many other reviews of the larger sheets of cork board (and bulletin boards) coming in damaged and the manufacturer was a pain to deal with. Plus without Prime, a large 8x4' sheet would have taken the manufacturer till September 4th (over a week).- These being smaller and easier to pack, are less likely to be damaged. And I was right--they came in pristine condition!Now the second question everyone wondered was, are the sheets 1/4" or 1/8" thick? Well I was hoping to glue them together to make 1/2", but here is a photo of them stuck together with your everyday push pin (with ruler to measure). Together, it's just shy of 1/2" (notice the pin comes out the other end a bit!) so BE CAREFUL you don't push the pin too far or you'll have a small nick on your wall. Took off one star because of that.***EDIT: SUPER GLUE DOESN'T WORK! It's too porous for the glue to remain on the surface; use Tacky Glue or 3M Double Sided tape (NOT Scotch Scrapbooking tape which is too weak!). ALSO: 3M Clear Removable Mounting Tape DOES NOT STICK TO THE CORK and will cause the board to fall off. Command Adhesive Poster Strips work better but STILL COMES OFF over time. Very frustrating, since buying all these mounting strips get pretty expensive when you need several packs. I'm going to try Command Picture Hanging strips which has the interlocking velcro-like teeth.***UPDATE: 8-16-16***Sorry guys. Command Picture Hanging strips peel off the corkboard within weeks, even putting four extra strength ones on each board. I ended up nailing each board to my wall; that was the only way they wouldn't warp or fall off with time. It might have saved me time and headache to have bought a giant 8' x 4' bulletin board that comes ready to hang... you can find them on Amazon easily. 4RUINED my wall - I have to repaint.These fell off after a few days and some broke in half. I realized the adhesive was worthless, so I bought stronger adhesive patche and put back up the non-broken ones. In a few days the cork detached from this adhesive and fell off. So many were broken. When I decided to take everything down and start over with a better product I discovered that the original, worthless adhesive that came with them was now permanently adhered to my walls. I NEED TO SAND IT OFF and then repaint. I am so unhappy with this product that not only doesn't work but wastes money and CAUSES DAMAGE. And to add insult to injury, it's too late to get a refund. 1One star for the one month they stayed up: Squares fall off walls and crumbleI'm a PhD student, and I bought these tiles to map out the state of the field in preparation for comprehensive exams. I put them up in October. By November, single tiles periodically fell off. I went away for a week in December, and when I came back, the eight tiles (and all of my meticulous mapping) were scattered all over my office.The adhesive squares just don't hold the tiles, and when they fall, they are brittle so the corners break off, making a mess and making the squares more shabby looking. I ended up gluing them to a board and hanging it on the wall from a nail so that these awful tiles can at least get me through my exam. I may as well have just bought a regular corkboard for all the trouble these gave me.They are NOT worth the money or trouble. 1WOULD NOT BUY AGAINUPDATE: WOULD NOT BUY AGAIN! Since I purchased these, all buy two have fallen off my while.These cork tiles, I thought would be perfect for my office, however, there are two issues that I have experienced.1. The cork tiles are not thick enough. A normal thumbtack (I tried two different kinds) is too long and pushes all the way through the cork and potentially into my wall. My workaround is to simply not push it that deep into the cork; not the end of the world, but certainly not ideal.2. Most importantly, the adhesives that come with the package do not seem very strong. Of the eight tiles I have, in the month since I put them up, one has fallen off the wall and one is slowly sliding down the wall. This is a pretty significant issue for me. And I'm not putting excessive weight on these.It's likely that I will keep using these as long as I can, perhaps building a wooden frame for them and attaching that to the wall to alleviate the falling issue. 1Like nearly every other reviewerRemember in college how that double-sided foam tape would stick to absolutely everything, and never come off from your dorm room walls, completely destroying them at the end of the year? Well, imagine my surprise when I discovered that foam tape refuses to stick to these cork tiles! Like nearly every other reviewer, I put these up using the included tape, only to discover them lying on the floor the following morning. I even went as far to purchase a roll of super industrial 3M foam tape to re-stick these to the wall, and they continue to flop off unexpectedly.I'll be replacing these with a framed, mountable cork board in my next Amazon order. 1
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