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Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red

  • Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red
  • Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red
  • Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red
  • Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red
  • Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red
  • Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red
  • Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red

Rachael Ray Silicone Spoonula, Red

AU$ 108.00 AU$ 64.80 Save: AU$ 43.20
AU$ 64.80 AU$ 108.00 You save: AU$ 43.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • EASY TO CLEAN Dishwasher safe for convenience
  • Versatile perfect for nonstick pans
  • HEAT SAFE High heat silicone heads are heat safe to 500F; Durable, lightweight handles are heat safe to 400F (caution: handles may melt if rested on the side of a hot pan)
  • Hanging hole installed on each spatula handle; heat-resistant handles up to 350 degrees F
  • Upon shipping, set measures 5 by 15-4/5 by 1/2 inches and weighs 1 pound; limited lifetime warranty
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Customer Reviews

Durable and good valueI bought these for $14.95 in December 2011 for a Christmas present. I paid full price and didn't receive anything in return.They are pretty simple...only so much to say. I will add that I can pull the ends off to separately wash them and ensure no food gets caught where the end attached to the handle. I think that is a "plus". They don't fall off, but can be pulled off...at least my six year old ones can.Food really doesn't stick to these, although oil and grease does, so you can clean them really easily, although they do need a little bit of soap for the oil. 5You will love these! superb quality!I don't watch cooking shows but I had heard good things about Rachel Ray. I figured that a celebrity chef would want to make good quality cookware if her name was on it...and these are great. Supple heads that reach all inside services. They don't get hard or split. They don't wear out! The edges stay smooth..don't shred, don't burn or melt, hardened food (eggs, cheese, etc) come clean easily. The ergonometric handles (easy on my arthritic hands!) make cooking a joy. (Well as much as cooking can be most days!!!)I also bought her 5 implement soft-grip set.Dishwasher proof but I usually hand wash any name brand cooking utensils and cookware.I use them daily and they STILL look good after 7 months.I have tried Emeril, Caphalon and other utensils but these are no ka oi! (That's Hawai'ian for "The Best.") 5Sturdy and strong, easy cleaningI love using silicone cookware for cooking and baking. They don't scratch my pots and pans and wok. These are sturdy and hefty. They do not bend like cheap flimsy ones. The heft and sturdiness lets you pick up large amounts without the utensil bending. No problems with high heat as well. Very easy to clean.Highly recommended. 5All around great product and smallest is great for small containers with same quality!For years I only had or used the standard one size version of this product that everyone made and sold. But, I absolutely love the tiny size of this product. In fact that size was the only reason I purchased this three pack!!!! Rachel Ray s products are always great value and quality. I turned to her products after my learning experience on my first apartment out of my dorm... I bought the dollar store version of this product back then and used it to stir my pasta as it cooked - who has money for all the cooking tools the first time you live on your own?!!? I learned when it melted into my pasta that there are reasons why some things cost more than one dollar! Now that I m a full fledged adult I love that there are different sizes with the same quality- the smallest size in this 3-pack is perfect for getting pie filling, or whatever, out of a can AND has both the rigidity and delicacy to put frosting on a cake without poking holes in your masterpiece!!! 5Perfect for what they're intended forThese are great spoonulas - very durable, easy to keep clean, convenient to have different sizes. My only complaint with that the size of the spoonulas are larger than expected. They're still just as expected, just taking up a bit more room in our drawer than expected. Would still recommend them. 4Just don't feel good in my handI have a silicone Chefmate spoonula that I love. I use it to fry, stir, mix, and clean out jars. It just about the only tool I use anymore but it was getting old and the blender had done some damage.I could not find the same brand because I knew I wanted one piece construction and these were and they looked similar I bought them. When I used them, I immediately noticed a difference, the handles are thin and not rounded and tapered to fit your hand nicely. That also affects the balance, these are top heavy. They do work, I can use them to fry, stir, mix and clean out jars but it just doesn't feel good in my hand. They are also thinner along the edges making it a little more difficult to get under food to flip it in the fry pan. 3Disappointed...Was looking to replace spoonula I love which came with a kitchen appliance, but which has long since seen better days, and the smallest piece in this set appeared very similar. The two smaller sizes are easy to manipulate for general stirring but the largest is practically a small shovel and cumbersome. Don't foresee finding use for it. The plastic handles, which I find a bit short, melt if left in contact with hot pan. That results in sharp 'burrs.'Unfortunately, these are too flat to have any real 'spooning' function making it difficult to lift food for taste testing while preparing or to scoop contents from inside a container. Also, the sides of the 'spoon' are too thick and inflexible to afford thorough scraping of surfaces. It leaves behind a smeared layer which then necessitates another spatula to remove. Perhaps they'll soften with time. For now, pretty much a fail on both features. 3Getting into a scrape...I find that silicone/nylon spatulas overall far surpass their rubber ancestors and I liked the ones I'd bought at a discount store. I really didn't need more, but,I have to admit, the color of this set is what attracted me. The shape is interesting and the spatula does act somewhat like a spoon when scraping batter off the side of a bowl. I used the smaller one to scoop peanut butter for sandwiches and it worked quite nicely...just the right amount of peanut butter which spread without tearing the bread. These also work great for cleaning out those almost empty jars of peanut butter and mayo. These lost a star for the following reasons: 1) The large one, though handy, takes up half the drawer;2) the spoon shape has it's disadvantages...primarily, once you scrape the bowl and want to scrap remaining batter on the edge of the bowl to get it all...well, the shape prevents the leftover batter from going where you want it to go. Hence, one has to use another spatula to scrape the spatula! So far, these have cleaned up well in the dishwasher and have not lost their flexibility. All in all, they are a nice addidtion to my kitchen tools. 4Knock offs!!!I don t believe that these are the original Rachel Ray but knock offs!I have always used this brand to make candy because they stand up to heat and have easy release of hot hard candies. These do not release any better than cheap ones! Disappointed customer!! 2Among my favoritesI love these things. I have a bright green set that I bought somewhere years ago that I use all the time. The set is still in near perfect condition, but when I saw these red ones on sale I grabbed them anyway. I always use them with my go-to nonstick ceramic pans (a WearEver set from Amazon that are still going strong after 5 years) and with stainless pans as well. I usually wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher -- or by hand if I don't want to wait. Very handy tools.P.S. I see that several people say that they think the large spoonula is too big. They refer mainly to non-cooking tasks (like cookie dough or scraping out jars). In the cooking realm, it is great for stir fry, browning onions or ground meat or potatoes . . . ., anything where you want to turn a whole pan full of stuff. Small pan of scrambled eggs? Use the medium. Large pan of scrambled eggs? Use the large. 5
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