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Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown

  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown
  • Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown

Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets - Brown

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made of veneers, wood and engineered wood
  • 1 cabinet with 1 adjustable shelf
  • Pull-out tray with 2 recessed cup holders and remote control slot
  • Flip-top compartment with 3 electrical outlets, 2 USB slots
  • Power cord included; UL Listed
  • Pewter-tone hardware
  • Dimensions: 14.00" W x 24.00" D x 23.00" H | Weight: 51 lbs. (23.13 kgs.)
  • Assembly required: Easy-to-follow instructions, hardware and tools included
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Customer Reviews

Beautiful, well made, makes plugging in lamps, laptops, tablets, & phones super convenient. Love! Love! Love!I've been looking a side tables for about 6 months. My other tables are black & I have a dark cherry tv stand w/ built in fireplace. I thought this table would be a bit darker than it is; but, I'm keeping it anyway. I thought I'd have to put it together from start to finish. Nope. I opened it & realized that I needed my husband to help me lift it out of the box because it was pretty much all put together. I removed the remaining packing material from around the table as it is very well wrapped. There is a shelf & brackets to insert inside the table to hold the shelf located under the table. I simply removed them from underneath the table, placed the brackets in the table compartment (there are 3 shelf heights to choose from), plugged in the cord, & I was done. The table looks great, all the outlets & charging plugs work great, the height is perfect, & it fits nicely between 2 rocker recliners in a space with limited room. My one complaint is that there was a bit of chipping on the finish on the base right in front of the door. I happen to own some furniture markers; so, I was able to give it a 5 second touch up that no one will ever notice. The box did come damaged & had tape on a few places that the shipping company put on. The table was so well packed that none of the damage to the box caused any damage to the table. I also love the price. I'd been looking at this on Amazon & other online retailers regularly hoping to see a price reduction and Amazon came through. I was able to buy this for $115.00 which is a phenomenal price. My local well known furniture store wanted about $300 for similar tables. One online retailer known for good pricing was offering this same table for $179.00. So, I am thrilled with my purchase. My family room looks finished now that I no longer have a tray table between my recliners. It wasn't a good look. Anyway, if you are looking for this type of table, I highly recommend this. It's a very well built table. It's a bit heavy so it won't get knocked or out of place accidentally. Love the magazine rack on the back. I can put my remote control caddy inside the compartment with plenty of room for other items and fit a full box of tissues on the shelf in the same compartment. I leave a phone cable plugged in & my husband & I charge our phones & tablets with no hassle. I leave a lamp plugged in & currently have my laptop plugged in. I always had to run an extention cord before so I could plug in multiple items. I didn't think much of it until I got this table. It's made plugging things in so much more convenient. I hope my review helps you make your decision. I didn't include photos as they really wouldn't look any different than the seller's photos. What they show you is definitely what you get. 5Ashley Furniture makes cheap stuff.The Ashley Furniture side table arrived promptly and was well packaged. I was eager to set it up next to my disabled husband's lift chair. I brought it into the house, took it out of the packaging, and opened the cabinet door to insert the pins to hang the sheff. When I opened the door, it tore straight from top to bottom along the left side. The door was made of such thin material that it tore when I opened it. Because it was such a project to get the table out of the packaging, I hoped that they could just send me a replacement door, rather than try to repackage the whole thing, but nope! Ashley said that I would have to return the whole thing to refund or replace. Thanks for nothing, Ashley Furniture. I have repackaged it to the best of my ability, and will ask for a refund. 1Great end table that is more than just an end tableI really like this end table. I originally used it next to my couch, and then by my bed as a night stand, and now I use it as a printer stand next to my desk. The electrical sockets built in to the top are a huge plus! It's allows me to keep my work area organized and sleek. It also sports a pull out cup holder that I ise to sit my coffee on every morning again keeping my area organized. I find the hardware to be well made and durable. I use the doors and pull outs multiple times a day. This purchase is actually my second purchase of one of these. I have one on each side of my desk. The only think I noticed is that the picture seems to display a much lighter color than the actual product. Other that the color I think this end table is fantastic! 5Nice table! Love the USB chargers!I cannot tell you how awesome this table is. It came assembled which is nice. It has one adjustable shelf in the inside bottom cabinet (I keep my planning binders and pens hidden from view inside it). There are 3 electrical outlets and 2 USB chargers accessible from the tabletop, and it comes with a shut-off switch. This is an ideal table to plug in a reading lamp and charge your phones and tablets.It has a pull-out tray with recessed areas for 2 drinking glasses and remotes (if you have small kids or big dogs, you won't be able to keep drinks on this because the "holes" are not deep and will not keep a bumped glass sitting upright).There is an open area on the back which you could put a few magazines in, but it looks cluttered to me. My furniture is in the center of the room, so this is one feature I do not like. It's also hard to dust/keep clean. If your table will be facing the wall, this won't be an issue.Do inspect the table well right after you take it out of the box -- I had to exchange the first one. It was worth the wait though.....I love the conveniences this table provides. 5We Increased Functionality with a Few Modifications...Now it's GREAT!With a couple modifications, it's fantastic! What sets this side table apart from others is its built-in power cord, with three (3-pronged) plugs and two usb cords. BUT...Ashley Furniture missed a golden opportunity here to make this product MUCH better. There are two changes they should have made, imo, which would've made this a hands-down five star piece of functional furniture.1- As it is, all cords plugged into the integral charger must exit ON TOP of the furniture. That creates a look similar to my 1st photo - top left. A messy surface. What they should have done is make holes into the inside of the unit, so you can place things like headset, laptop, or iPad charging cables through them. That way your electronics can stay out of sight, but charged.2- That drawer could have been so nice - but as it is, it's pretty worthless. A cup holder is just silly, and the other recessed area for the remote is just a waste of space. We modified it by turning it upside down, removing the drawer rails, and cutting the sides of the drawer flush. Then we reattached the rails so it slides in nicely. It took a few attempts to get the rails placed perfectly, but at least now we have a functional drawer to hold an iPad - AND IT CAN BE CHARGED IN THE DRAWER SINCE WE ALSO BORED A HOLE IN THE BACK OF THE DRAWER).So, now we have an end table with a drawer that has a power cord running into the back of it. We have a top shelf for our son's headsets and a bottom shelf where his controllers are stored - on their charger that is plugged into the integral charger and run through a hole we bored into the back of the cabinet.Really, I'd never used a bore on a drill before, but I did it by myself and it was easy. It's just the furniture should have come with the holes already drilled. You don't have to use them if you don't want and nobody would have known they were there. Golden opportunity missed by the manufacturer. Anyway, I really love our charging table now! 4Great End Table, mostly functional.I really looked forward to getting this new end table, as ours had seen much better days. What attracted me to it was the built in plug ins, the built in USB, and the cup holders. There wasn't hardly anything to put together when it arrived, so assembly was less than two minutes and a breeze.Pros:The built in USB and 110 receptacles. Super cool. Simply plug the table in from the base, and you have a two built in outlets and two USB plugs. I of course plugged in our new lamp, and two Apple lightning cables for future use. Slow to charge an iPad, but will still do it without getting warm.The cupholders. I'm pretty sure it's just plastic, but we're using them a lot, and we like them. You know how when you get something new, and hope to use it, and never do? This isn't the case. The wood is so pretty, we use the cupholders 95% of the time.Cons.Size. I really hoped it would be about 2-3 inches taller, and even though the measurements are listed, it appeared a bit smaller than I hoped. Measurements are accurate. That's not why I deducted a star, however.Remote control holder, and magazine rack. This is why I deducted a star. Both are almost completely useless, as the remote control holder won't hold any of our remotes. We don't have anything crazy, but our PS3 remote, our TV remote, nor our receiver remote will fit. It has to be a very thin remote control for it to fit properly. It may be kind of hokey, but if they're going to advertise it holds a remote, they should get a star deducted if it doesn't.Magazine rack is functional, sure, but where my end table is located, no one would ever think to look back there. I don't know. Meh.OverallIn spite of the remote controls not fitting, this is a great looking end table, and charges my devices while minimizing clutter and wires. I'm very happy with the purchase, and have no regrets at all. I hope this review helps you if you're considering it. I really like it. 4Great buy at this price pointWas packed well for shipping. No flaws in finish. Photo on Amazon does not due the actual finish justice. My finish is more chocolate then milk chocolate and has more of a polished surface, then the picture shows. The top front is 1 smooth solid piece, but has a pattern to look like it is inlaid. I don't think this is made from wood panels, but maybe a type of engineered wood. It does not appear to be the cheap press board either.Hardware is solid and good quality.The hidden electrical plugs gives you 2 USB & 3 standard.This is a great design and quality for this price point.Cons: front door closure was installed off center, making it difficult to close the door all the way. It was a simple fix, by drilling new holes and resetting closure pin on the door to match latch inside.Lid for for recessed electrical plugs is slightly off square with the rest of the top.Minor odor that lasted at lease 12 hrs. 4Damaged BEFORE ShippingFirst, the good: This table is gorgeous. We absolutely loved the style, the color, the features, and especially the built-in charging station. It was the perfect size for the space where we needed it.Now, the bad: There is apparently a recurring issue with shipping on this product. As others have reported, not once, but twice, we received the table damaged. Both times, there was a large crack along the section of the main body of the table where the door hinges attach to the main body. The table arrives packed as if it could withstand a nuclear bomb - wrapped in foam blocks and sheets, cardboard, solid corner braces on every corner, further wrapped in plastic wrap and plastic strapping. That is then packed very tightly into a box, which is then tightly packed into yet another box. There is absolutely no way this damage occurred during shipping, because that table couldn't possibly move in all that secure packing. The first time, we returned it for a replacement, but when we received the same thing the second time, we were concerned about the structure of the table itself and were afraid that the same problem would happen during use. While the price point is excellent for a quality piece of furniture, it wasn't worth spending that amount on a table that may not last long under daily use. Truly a shame, because as I said, the table is absolutely gorgeous. 2AwesomePerfect addition for our new rocker-recliners. I purchased two of these (one for each chair) and they are fantastic. What sold me was the pullout drawer which has built-in places for drinks (a simple thing I know but what can I say... I'm a simple man). Anyway, the units are solid and built very well and I have no doubt will last year's and years. Both pieces arrived on time and without any damage. Oh... Another awesome thing to mention is that the only assembly involved is to install the shelf and plug in the power cord. Even I was able to accomplish this in under an hour (2 minutes tops)! The multiple outlets (3 power and 2 USB) mean that I can charge several phones a tablets all at the same time. If you desire a good solid chair end-table, look no futher this one is perfect! 5Great quality for the priceThis product was great, it's exactly what we were looking for. It arrives fully assembled and slid right in- usually I wait for my husband to come home and deal with packages and set up but I did this one fairly quickly by myself. I was surprised to see people who received multiple items with 'gashes'- I found none and thought this piece was a great quality. It is really handy to have an outlet, cup holder, and shelf all right next to you, it was much cheaper than the ones in stores but matches our expensive pieces easily. Would recommend. 5
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