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Silverhill Tools ATKTR4 Triangle Head Screwdriver Set (w/carry pouch) Tool Kit for Fix Repair and Battery Replacement of Thomas McDonald's Toy Triangle Driver Set

  • Silverhill Tools ATKTR4 Triangle Head Screwdriver Set (w/carry pouch) Tool Kit for Fix Repair and Battery Replacement of Thomas McDonald's Toy Triangle Driver Set
  • Silverhill Tools ATKTR4 Triangle Head Screwdriver Set (w/carry pouch) Tool Kit for Fix Repair and Battery Replacement of Thomas McDonald's Toy Triangle Driver Set
  • Silverhill Tools ATKTR4 Triangle Head Screwdriver Set (w/carry pouch) Tool Kit for Fix Repair and Battery Replacement of Thomas McDonald's Toy Triangle Driver Set

Silverhill Tools ATKTR4 Triangle Head Screwdriver Set (w/carry pouch) Tool Kit for Fix Repair and Battery Replacement of Thomas McDonald's Toy Triangle Driver Set

AU$ 122.00 AU$ 73.20 Save: AU$ 48.80
AU$ 73.20 AU$ 122.00 You save: AU$ 48.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

  • Tracked Shipping

  • Secure Payments

  • 10 Days Return

  • 5 sizes: TA14, TA18, TA20, TA23, TA27
  • Made of high quality CRV 6150 steel
  • Ergonomic handle with spin cap
  • Narrow shaft screwdriver can reach screw heads located in otherwise inaccessible location
  • Comes in a functional velcro pouch
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Customer Reviews

Nice Little Kit I used this to fix a foreign toy. I tried all of my little screwdrivers I had in the house, but I saw the screw had an odd triangle head that the usual big hardware store sets did not include. The driver fit perfectly, was firm, and held up with a strong torque. The metal was stronger than I had expected for the low price. The handles have a nice rotating piece that made the job a little easier on the hands. 5It worked like a charm I bought this set for my dad so he could take apart a fan and clean the oily dust build-up on the blades. It worked like a charm!These are a bit flimsy but they definitely get the job done. Other than the fan, I haven t found anything that these screwdrivers could be used for. It will be nice to keep in a drawer so that the fan can continue to be cleaned in the future. My sister has allergies so it s a necessity. 5Great triangular driver set for fixing toys. I needed the triangular shaped drivers to repair my child's growing fleet of motorized Thomas & Friends toy engines. The TA-20 was the perfect size. The set came as described, 5 drivers of size ranging from 14 to 27. They are color coded by size and with a small Velcro carrying case. The price point was pretty good for the set and they feel pretty sturdy. I would recommend them. 5Very good Product. I wasn't sure what these would be like due to their low price but I have to say, they are of very good quality. I had to use extreme force, meaning clamping the shaft in ViceGrips to loosen four screws. I was wondering if they would bend or break but they took the force without any problem. Highly recommend. 5Triangle Head (4pc Set) by Silverhill Tools Bought this for some light use on various toys around the house. It's come in handy more than a few times, and I've had no issues with it. Ergonomics can be kind of a relative thing, but for me they feel natural and comfortable in my hand and the freely spinning heads(on handles) make it easy to use.It says hardened steel tips and I haven't had to put it to the test yet with my few repairs though I do see very light signs of wear/warping around the small sharp edges.With my light use I also can't say how well the metal shaft is attacked into the plastic handle or how long it'll last under heavier torque.Stats:Handles = ~3.5"(o/a length) typical plastic. ~5/8"x~6/8"(LxW) pivoting head. Textured grip visible in pictures.Metal Shaft = 5/8"x1/8"(LxW) with impressed/engraved sizing by tip.TA-18(Red) = .079"(~2mm)TA-20(Blue) = .091"(>2mm)TA-23(Grn) = .106"(~2.5mm)TA-27(Orng) = .126" (~3mm)I like the set, happy with the purchase especially since it was hard to find, and it's a fair price. Only time will tell if a little more torque and use will keep it's worth. 4Has Pouch: Will Travel (Best Triangle Tamper-Proof removal set on Amazon) I was very frustrated searching for something like these.Most of the gigantic security tamper-proof bit sets only include 1 or at the most, 3 triangle bits (and 100 other ones you didn't need!)Most other triangle bit screwdriver "sets" - come with 5 screwdrivers of exactly the same size.Thankfully, Silverhill Tools has 5 screwdrivers, 5 sizes: *And* they are long enough to reach most recessed screws.The Good:-Inexpensive!-5 Sizes!-Color-coded!-Handle caps rotate! (Push down with your palm, twist with your fingertips and save your wrist a little.)-Pouch!The Bad:-The handles feel slightly cheap (would love rubberized but I wouldn't expect that at this price.)-Would be nice if there is an extra-long version of these for really, really recessed screws.The Ugly:-None.Complaints about this set are likely going to be in the ridiculous category.1) If you complain about ergonomics, you're probably crazy. Triangle tamper-proof screws are rare. Nobody uses triangle screwdrivers that often for it to matter.2) If you do find yourself needing to use these often, you should have bought bits instead of screwdrivers (so you can use an auto-screwdriver and save your wrist.)3) If you break them, the company actually cares (and welcomes general feedback, wow!). Let them make it right.***Note: The blue one opened up a Precision NuWave Induction Cooktop like a charm. (A portable electric stove burner.)A must-have kit for any repairs-person or scapper. 5Recommend for toy repair. I bought these for minor repairs on my children's toys which seem to have triangular safety screws more and more often these days. These work great, the grips feel good, and they do not seem to be cheaply made. I would recommend these for those or similar repairs. 5Right tools for the job More and more toys and electronic devices are held together by triangle-head screws. Yet you won't find tools to work on them in hardware stores or home centers. This set is very well made, comfortable to use, and reasonably priced. I used it to get access to the mechanism inside a toy truck I was fixing for my grandson. 5Great for working on Thomas Trackmaster, Tomy, and Thomas Mini trains!!! I bought this to fix my son's Thomas Trackmaster trains. The switches on some of his trains needed some tweaking and this allowed me to get in there and they now all work perfectly (I watched a YouTube video on how to fix the issues once inside the train). It also gave me the opportunity to clean them out. They also work on his Tomy trains and Thomas minis.The quality has been excellent unlike some reviews I have ready. I have taken apart 20+ trains so far with no visible wear on the set.I love that it comes with many different sizes. 5Triangle Head Screwdriver Set. My grandson's toy tow truck had an issue with the power lifting winch cable. This truck had a screw with a triangle head. First time I'd ever encountered this style head. Shopping on Amazon, I found many solutions and settled on the Silverhill Tools triangle head set of drivers. These drivers had a long narrow shank allowing you to access screws that were in a deep counter bored hole. The well shaped rubber grip handles were ergonomically correct for ease of use with color coded pivot tops. They came in a pouch with a Velcro locking seal. The pouch even had a reinforced hole to enable it to be hung on hook if you chose. I would highly recommend these drivers to any professional or DIY individual. 5
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