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Skylink 318R Wireless Receiver

  • Skylink 318R Wireless Receiver

Skylink 318R Wireless Receiver

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Country Of Origin: China
  • From The Brand: Skylink
  • 318R Garage Door Receiver
  • Easy To Install
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Customer Reviews

... receiver in and screwed the wires and it works great. This is one of the only existing hardwire ...I use this for 1980 garage door motors that have no built-in receiver (like modern ones would adapt to universal remotes) so I just simply plugged the receiver in and screwed the wires and it works great. This is one of the only existing hardwire receivers online (at least what I could find). It looks like a cheap item but it is really a durable and high-quality product.The only complaint I have is the remote battery--it is a 23A, which must be ordered on amazon, unless you live near a specialty battery store. 5Awesome Alternative to Messing Around with Traditional RemotesThis unit eliminates any issues with your remote garage opener, by bypassing the system. It is not only a remote control, but also a receiver. So if your receiver is bad - no need to replace the whole garage motor.This emulates a human pushing the local open/close button in your garage.Works great. The transmitter uses a 23A 12 V battery .. not a small watch battery - yet the unit is smaller than your traditional remote control.Solid button, solid connection for wiring on the receiver.I like the old school programming in which you set tiny jumpers and pick your own security code. No messing around with a learn mode onIncluded is a little handy tool to pull off the tint jumpers for the code.Instructions are very clear.Units are pretty rugged and I give it 5 stars.(The battery was dead on the 2nd remote, they are $5 locally - so I will email the seller - but that's not his fault!!) :-) 5Work Well But The Batteries Not So MuchThis works well for my older House Link garage door opener, which appears to be pretty much the same unit as the current Sky Link offering. I am deducting one star because the included battery was essentially dead on arrival and required the hassle and additional expense to replace before the remote would work.10/22/18 Update: I have now ordered three of these as replacement remotes, and they work well with my older receiving unit. However, I m subtracting an additional star due to the fact that all three of the included batteries required replacement after only a week or two. 3A problem with it . . .At first . . .Ordered and received promptly through Prime. Installed the receiver by splicing into the two-wire from the opener, changed jumpers and presto, all worked, but then didn't. As others mentioned, I removed batteries and pinched the contacts together and that seemed to resolve the problem.. . until I mounted the keypad eye-level on the side fascia of the garage door and entered code and garage door promptly closed. I re-entered the code and nothing, door would not respond although I received the 3 beep confirmation. I opened the door with another remote and was again able to close it with the keypad, but not open it. Guess I'll try new batteries unless someone has an answer to this "not possible to work only one-way" - down.I had initially reviewed that I had an issue with the unit receiving when I attempted to open the door when it was in the down position, but not when it was open and then closing. This past weekend I played with it again and had the same result, keyng in the code followed by the # sign. Heard the three beeps indicating that the code was correct, but door wouldn't open. I don't know why, but on the third attempt I keyed in the code, but when I pressed the # sign I held the key down while it was beeping and the door rose!! Did this several times and it word successfully. So in a nut shell, I simply punched the code and then held the # key until the door began to rise to make it work. Nice!!! 5perfect for craftsman with broken remoteI've been using this for almost 2 years now and it has worked without fail every day.Before purchasing this product I had purchased 2 other universal remote fobs for my older craftsman door opener. I had someone look at the unit, and it was diagnosed that the board was bad. I was going to need to replace the board if I wanted to use a universal remote. That was going to cost close to the full replacement. I decided to give the Skylink a try before I shelled out a bunch of money.It took about 10 mins to install and set the key codes. I was still able to use the existing wall button, because this thing simply plugs into the same outlet that the opener unit is plugged into. The 2 wires on the skylink get connected to the same screws on the unit that the wall button is connected to.I press the fob as I'm approaching the driveway and it opens right up. We have 4 drivers in the house so the garage door gets opened about 8 times a day, and the Skylink has worked perfectly ever since.I also got the battery operated keypad and that has worked great too. 5Old garage opener, new technologyI have a very old Genie professional garage door opener, no smart buttons, etc. This was the perfect way to update the opener with an external way to open the garage. We had a scenario where our driveway flooded and neighbors needed access to the pump inside the garage, we didn't have this installed at the time. We do now! Installation took one minute, I plugged the receiver into and outlet up near the garage door opener itself, attached the two wires it comes with and hooked right up to the terminals on my opener. Mounted the wireless keypad outside the garage and programmed my code, easy that. Works like a charm. 5I'm so glad I found this to make my garage door into a remote operated rather than just a hard wired button!When we pruchased this house we didn't get remotes for garage door openers for either of 2 doors but there was a button on the wall and that was it. I recently thought others must have the same problem so I started looking for a receiver and remote so I wouldn't have to replace the opener which works really well. When I read the positive reviews for this Skylink remote, I ordered it and IT WORKS GREAT! I just connected the wire that came with it, to the wall button so now I have the best of both worlds, the button and a remote. I have easily programmed the homelink on a 2014 Silverado, 2015 RX350, and 2015 Corvette. I'm mentioning this because when someone looks at it and wonders if it will work with theirs and I believe the answer is YES! It works from about 75 ft away which is how far the road is from the opener.when I'm coming home. If you get it you won't be disappointed but if there is a problem, remember, Amazon has the best return policy of any merchant, local or on line. 5... as I was not sure if the transmitter was bad or the batteryThe transmitter did not work so I ordered a second one plus a pack of batteries as I was not sure if the transmitter was bad or the battery. Turns out it came with a dead battery as so many others have said so now I have two transmitters with new batteries. The receiver worked four times if I had the transmitter within a couple feet of it, now the receiver will not work at all. I probably should return all of this. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of adding remote capability to my old garage door opener simply be imitating pushing the button on the wall, if only it would have worked. 1A Task That Should Be This EasyEasy instructions and installation. Very pleased with this product. I have tried various other systems in the past that had complicated instructions and were basically a hassle to deal with. This product made it quick and simple. Fifteen minutes and all was accomplished. If I can do this, anyone can.This is an addendum to my earlier five star review. The item worked well for awhile, but then stopped working and would only work(open the garage door) if i jiggled the signal wire where it plugged into the antenna box. I called Skylink and they said I had to go through Amazon support to receive help since I bought it through them. I started a chat with a support rep that went on for some time. In the end she said they would not send a replacement signal wire. I find this a failure on Amazon's part to back up the product by not sending me the new part. Perhaps Skylink and Amazon are both to blame here, but one of these parties should honor the parts warranty. This is my first negative review of Amazon. I have been a Prime customer for many years and expected better from them. Very disappointed. 1Works with old craftsman garage openers. But needs TLC.Good replacement for OLD Sears garage opener control. 1970's Craftsman garage opener still works but remote is long lost. Tried one of these over a year ago. First one worked twice and quit, I exchanged via Amazon. 2nd one had dim led on remote, bought QUALITY Duracell battery locally for remote and it worked great! (prob was all that was wrong with first one!) I plugged receiver right next to garage door where a plug in is handy. but after about 6 months it quit. Opened up receiver and vertical seam in case let water in and it corroded the PC board. Later I purchased another from Amazon and ...1. covered seam in receiver with electrical tape.2. Replaced cheap OE battery in remote with QUALITY Duracell right away.3, Relocated receiver farther away from door to protect from moisture, 4
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