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Sonic Alert Large Digital Clock, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Outlet Powered Digital Clocks for Bedroom, Desk, Bedside, Shelf (gray) Silver

  • Sonic Alert Large Digital Clock, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Outlet Powered Digital Clocks for Bedroom, Desk, Bedside, Shelf (gray) Silver
  • Sonic Alert Large Digital Clock, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Outlet Powered Digital Clocks for Bedroom, Desk, Bedside, Shelf (gray) Silver
  • Sonic Alert Large Digital Clock, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Outlet Powered Digital Clocks for Bedroom, Desk, Bedside, Shelf (gray) Silver
  • Sonic Alert Large Digital Clock, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Outlet Powered Digital Clocks for Bedroom, Desk, Bedside, Shelf (gray) Silver
  • Sonic Alert Large Digital Clock, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Outlet Powered Digital Clocks for Bedroom, Desk, Bedside, Shelf (gray) Silver
  • Sonic Alert Large Digital Clock, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Outlet Powered Digital Clocks for Bedroom, Desk, Bedside, Shelf (gray) Silver

Sonic Alert Large Digital Clock, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Outlet Powered Digital Clocks for Bedroom, Desk, Bedside, Shelf (gray) Silver

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  • Table Clock with Bed Shaker Our table clock, the Sonic Alert bedside clock, part of our loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers and digital alarm clocks for bedroom, carries with it the most robust shaker throughout the world. The table clock, a bedside clock of the loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, carries the MOST CAPABLE alarm out there at 113 dB in comparison to the usual 80 dB.
  • Loud Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers with Full Range Brightness Dimmer Nothing out there is quite like our table clock, a bedside clock. This digital alarm clock is a bedside clock that awakens someone. The full range brightness dimmer on the digital alarm clock of our alarm clocks for bedrooms adjusts lighting. This digital alarm clock in our digital clocks for bedroom features five dim levels. Our digital alarm clock of all our alarm clocks for bedrooms has the loudest digital clock sound.
  • Digital Alarm Clock with Battery Backup We put battery backup in our alarm clocks for bedrooms. This allows for our digital clock of our alarm clocks for bedrooms to keep power. Allow your digital clock to continue to work via the battery backup in our alarm clocks for bedrooms. The digital clock and our digital clocks for bedroom carry reliability. 40 years ago, we created our table clock, a bedside clock, one of the loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers and digital alarm clocks for bedroom.
  • Large Digital Clock with Snooze Of all the digital clocks for bedroom, our large digital clock, an alarm clock for bedroom, has everything. The size and options this alarm clock for bedroom, a large digital clock, offers is unmatched. Set your large digital clock and alarm clock for bedroom from one to 59 minutes. Delay your alarm clock for bedroom alarm with snooze from one to 30 minutes. Of all the digital clocks for bedroom out there, nothing compares to this alarm clock for bedroom.
  • Digital Clocks for Bedrooms That Better Your Life Thats the motto of our company over the 40 years weve been around. We want our digital clocks for bedrooms and digital alarm clocks for bedroom to change your life. Via customer service and warranty protection, we want our digital clocks for bedrooms and digital alarm clocks for bedroom to improve your life. Globally, our digital alarm clocks for bedrooms and loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers have taken this one step further.
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Customer Reviews

Nice and LOUDI had an alarm that the speakers just went out. I had it for more than 20 years. It had it's issues. But, any time I went to a Target or a Walmart to buy a new alarm, the ones available were not close to being loud as my 20+ year old alarm. So, I hung on to it.A family member brought this to my attention. I have Prime and could get it next day. So, I went ahead I bought something I have even heard.WOW!!! It does an excellent job. I then found the loud annoying sound my old alarm made while adjusting the tone.Is there a drawback? Well, yes and no. The shaker is powerful and I use it, but I may have a hard time getting up if I only use that as a wake up tool. For me, it's very relaxing. Like a massage chair, but bed. So, I'm already lying down and could easily be put back to sleep. But. I want us sound anyway.I'm a deep sleeper and it takes a bit to wake me up.5Less than 3 years old....DeadI prefer waiting to do reviews on electric purchases as I think they are more realistic...Last night as I set my alarm the thing shut down...went black...of course I did the normal: checked electric plug and then changed to a new battery...nothing, nada, dead. This clock has been gently used for 2 1/2 years by one person...Yes 2 1/2 years. I could have purchased one at 1/3 the price but thought I would step up for a better quality....what is amusing is I had been using for 9 years a battery only alarm clock which I could tuck into my suitcase when traveling....i paid $2 for it and it is still working in the guest bedroom...Further, as I re-looked at the reviews I notice that 57% gave it 5 stars and 13% one star...too bad I didn't wait a couple of years to NOT buy it...Planned OBSOLESCENCE comes to mind....I will be buying the cheap one this go around....Hopefully it will last 2 years!!!...MADE IN CHINA...as if we have a choice anymore.2BUY IT AND ENJOY ITThis is a great clock. I am a little hard of hearing and my vision is not so great, It's great for me and should be for anyone else. It has a very loud tone and volume with adjustments for both. It has a large and very bright display, also adjustable. It also has a vibrator that should wake anyone but the dead. I don't need to use it, the alarm does a good job. You can use the snooze feature by simply tapping the bar or shut the alarm off, and what's really great is that you can instantly turn it back on and it will be ready to go for the next morning. (This switch could be made a little handier though). The only thing keeping this clock from being perfect is if it had a second alarm so you could also use for other occasions without having to disturb your every day setting.-----I recommend this clock without reservations-----. It is a little pricey, but well worth it. I was a little concerned that being thin that it might be falling over a lot----- No Fear----- It cames with a little arm that you insert at the bottom and it works great.5Don't waste your money!Update: After only 10 months, this clock died. The email they gave for warranty is not a working email. Don't waste your money!Original post: We purchased this alarm clock for our mother who is 91 and has hearing loss. Her other alarm clock was loud, but the pitch was high and she didn't hear it. This one allows us to select the tone/pitch and the volume. She needed the lowest tone and has the volume set low and hears it every time! We haven't used the vibrating unit--but I am sure it would be great for those who don't hear at all. The only reason I gave it a 4 for easy to use is that it's slightly awkward to set the alarm and time. You have to use two fingers and hold the clock where you can see the buttons and the front of the clock at the same time.1It definitely is loud! This is probably the loudest alarm clock I have owned. The vibrating bed shaker is amazing. I actually used mine in-between my mattress and my headboard so that it would really give off a "wake you up out of a dead sleep" noise. I had one of these alarm clocks back in high school (10 years ago) and being a teenager it worked like a charm. So that impression is why I decided to get another one of the same kind 2.5 months ago.I can honestly say I was really disappointed. The quality has really been diminished and they certainly are not made like they use to. I like the fact that it is lightweight, but it feels as if it is made of a very poor plastic. Be careful not to drop it as it could really do some damage to the clock. The foot that is included to enable clock to stand upright is not very stable. Considering the bulkiness of the size of the clock the foot just isn't big enough. You have to be careful as to not bump your nightstand or your clock otherwise it would certainly tip over.Pros: Super loud. Large display with 3 different dim settings. Changeable volume control and sound frequency to enable customers to adjust the tone to what would best wake them up. The optional bed shaker vibrator is a nice additional back-up in the event you do sleep through the alarm itself. Optional alarm settings to either have just the alarm go off or the alarm and bed shaker go off simultaneously. This clock is very simple to use since there are just a few buttons on it; therefore, anyone could use it.Cons: As stated before, the quality has certainly diminished from how they use to make them. Accidentally dropping the clock on the floor when hitting the Snooze button could ultimately bring your clock to its doom. Particularly for those who have hardwood floors. For myself, I received a clock that definitely reflected their new "quality". Unfortunately for me after about 2.5 months of use the speakers have gone out and are no longer working properly (...at all). So that's definitely not good :) But I am in the midst of dealing with their customer service over this. One feature that the clock is lacking is the option to change the Snooze intervals (i.e. 5 min, 10 min, 15 min). There is only a default setting in the clock and I believe it is 10 minutes once the button is pressed. The power cord for is a bit awkward for the clock. The connector that hooks into the back of the clock is an "L" connector. For my nightstand and where my outlet is positioned this is really awkward and I have to be careful as to not put any tension on it because it is quick to power off. It doesn't always stay snug and secure in the charging port on the clock. Therefore, I highly recommend using back-up batteries for this problem. As stated before, the foot is not very good at stabilizing the clock and it is easy to tip over.Overall, I am skeptical as to whether or not I would purchase this clock again. I understand that sometimes you get a "dud" but since I have actually used their older models and now their newer models I am not very confident that this particular model of this clock would last very long. Even if my speakers were still fully functional on my clock I really can't see this clock lasting longer than 6 months to a year from normal use. Therefore, for myself I think it is time to research a different type of alarm clock. However, I sincerely hope no one else encounters the same problems as me seeing as how important alarm clocks are :) 2Comically large, but works great I bought this to replace the traditional circular sonic boom alarm that I had for years until it broke. I thought this version looked a little classier. When I took it out of the box, I literally laughed out loud. This thing is HUGE. I mean, really, it's the size of a small puppy. I didn't think to check the specifications before ordering because I just assumed it would be reasonably sized. It works great! Just like the old model- loud as can be and I put the shaker inside my pillow and it works great. However, I'll be returning it because I can't help but laugh every time I look at it. 3Works great but....This is just what I needed, as I am hard of hearing and without my hearing aids slept through the alarm at times.The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the off button. With every alarm I have ever had, the alarm has a separate button with which to turn it off, and it would be ready for the next alarm cycle.With this you have to turn the alarm completely off, and then remember to turn it on again for the next day.A minor inconvenience to be sure, but when you are a little groggy after first waking up, then go to bed tired that evening, it is easy to forget.There is a snooze button on top, so not sure why they didn't put an "off" button up there too, like other alarms.Having said that, it4. After owning this clock for @ 6 months, it has started to "malfunction" . . . .Sonic Alert SB300SS Sonic Boom Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock with Large Display I ordered this alarm clock about a month ago and I am extremely pleased with and impressed by it. I have moderate-severe hearing impairment, but I am not completely deaf. The many, many "regular" alarm-clocks and clock-radios which I have purchased in the past all seemed to have an alarm-pitch and/or decibel level which was "too high" and "too weak" for me to hear and be awakened by -- especially if I was sleeping on my side with my "good ear" buried in my pillow. The Sonic Alert allows me to adjust the alarm to a very low "tone" or pitch which I can hear very well, and which wakes me up every single time! Better yet, the vibrating disk -- which must be inserted in between your sheet and mattress -- is very effective in helping me wake up! No more worries about not waking up on time when I need to! The clock and the alarm also are very easy to operate -- not complicated at all. (Just before I purchased the Sonic Alert, I tried another digital alarm/clock-radio, and found it nearly impossible to operate -- even after reading the very poor instruction sheet several times. The various settings were extremely complicated, making it even more impossible to actually remember how to set the alarm(s). Very frustrating.) I highly recommend the Sonic Alert. I bought an optional Amazon 3-yr. protection plan and I am hoping that my Sonic Alert Alarm Clock will outlast the protection plan. If it doesn't, I will come back and update my review! I AM BACK TO UPDATE MY REVIEW, NOW THAT i HAVE OWNED THIS CLOCK FOR SEVERAL MONTHS . .. . Sometimes the lighted numbers on the face of the clock go dark. It's like there is a loose connection to the lighting mechanism inside the clock. It is not a function of whether the power cord is properly plugged into the clock. This gets annoying. Usually, the light will come back on, after some period of time or gentle shaking of the clock, but it's unpredictable as well as a bit nerve-wracking to wonder if the lighted numbers are going to come back on. Thus, I am thinking of returning the clock, so that it is not "out" at a time when I really need to wake up.. The vibrating mechanism still works, even when the "lights are out" BUT, when you pay this kind of money for an alarm clock, you would like to know that it is going to last longer than 6 months without malfunctioning. Because of all the reviews about this clock malfunctioning, I bought a three year extended warranty at the time I purchased the clock on Amazon so that if this clock does quit on me, I can get a replacement. I will just be hoping that the replacement will not be defective.3Will wake almost anyone up but Sonic Alerts are a bit fragile.I am hearing impaired and, when I started using these Sonic Alert clocks, I could hear the alarm just fine when I set the tone to the lower end. My hearing loss has progressed to the point where I barely hear the alarm but the bed shaker wakes me up every time. I have owned several different Sonic Alert clocks because, despite all the good things about them, they break easily. I buy one per year! This particular one is a basic clock with a good dimmer switch so you can have big bright numbers or dim ones. It comes with a battery backup in case there is a power outage and the alarm has a variable tone. That is VERY important to people with hearing loss because often, we lose either our high pitches or low ones. I lost all my high pitches so I can't hear a microwave oven, a bird chirp, cat meow, or even a store theft alarm. It's just gone. Having the tone be variable, I can set the alarm to the tones I can hear which are on the low end. The alarm is loud, VERY loud, for those who aren't hearing impaired. It was even loud for me five years ago but as time passed, I lost more of my ability to hear unfortunately.The saving grace on this clock is the bed shaker. It really vibrates like crazy and I can't imagine anyone NOT waking up when that thing goes off. There is a sleep button which allows you an extra few minutes of sleep before the alarm, vibrator, or both go off. I find myself slamming that thing numerous times before I finally awake.You have the choice of just the alarm (and you choose the volume and tone), just the vibrator, or both. Now I use just the vibrator but I used to use only the alarm. Either will get the job done for most people. The vibrator is great for taking to hotels or any travel place when you don't want to wake up everyone but need something strong to get you going. This will. It can be a little jolting but that's what I need to wake up.The only issue I have with this, and all of the Sonic Alert clocks, is that they are so fragile. A small drop and they're done for. Sometimes they just stop working for no reason at all. I only get a year of use out of them. I am back to using the Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker now which is even more obnoxious with red flashing lights on top of the alarm and shaker. Love it but who knows when it will decide to die? This model did last longer than the others I had but not by much. (Note this clock is a single alarm one meaning it is made for just one person. The dual ones can be set for two different times for two different people. I don't use that feature. I just happened to buy that model this time around.)While this clock worked, it did an excellent job waking me up and held on longer than most of the others before it decided to give up and die. This will wake almost anyone up. Just be careful not to drop it or even slam the sleep button too hard.4It wakes up a narcoleptic 1/2 deaf person !I have many really good reasons to sleep through an alarm. I'm deaf in one ear - so if I'm laying in my good ear I can't hear a thing. I also have narcolepsy and sleep like a rock. I've tried just about everything. Even clocky which sounds like a crazy fire alarm and rolls off the bed side table and onto the floor so you have to get UP and turn it off. This has a nice loud alarm and the vibrating pad is actually enough to wake me without the buzzing alarm. I was concerned because I like a very,very soft pillow. I thought I'd feel the vibration pad. However I put it up in the corner and it shakes all the way through. The reason I give it 4 instead of 5 is that it is very light. This is nice for travel but it falls over very easily. Hitting the snooze , etc.., plus it has 2 cords coming out the back , one is the plug and one that connects to the vibrator pad. So any jerk on a cord knocks it over. I got some scotch clear mount tabs and stuck it to my bedside table. All in all I'm very happy.4Bad designGood product, horrible design. This alarm clocks works well, there is no issues about its quality; it's the design/engineering of it that wasn't thought through. For starters, it is made from a light plastic, and has a small base area for support, it's not very sturdy. This means the clock has a tendecy to slide and move around if you are trying to manipulate it with one hand, lets say in bed and rolling over to turn it off, etc, etc. Secondly, the shape, it is disproportionately shaped width to depth. This means, again if you are trying to manipulate it with one hand, lets say wanting to turn your alarm on, or hitting the snooze button from bed, it becomes difficult to control the button and switches without having the clock stay put. Thridly, the buttons to control and set the clock are not conveniently placed. Some are on the side, some on the back, they're all over the place. Finially, though it has a dimmer switch for the display, it is not nearly sufficient enough, on its lowest setting, it still lights up my room like a night light. I prefer the Sonic Bomb alarm clock, which evidently is also made by the same company Sonic alarm. Its a head scratcher how they got one clock so right and the other was a miss.3Worth the InvestmentI'm not blind, or deaf, but still this alarm clock has been a huge lifesaver for me. For years, I have been sleeping through normal alarms. Most alarms designed for "hard to wake" sleepers seem to focus on preventing you from pressing snooze, or emitting even louder or obnoxious sounds. Neither design worked for me, as my main problem was not pressing snooze, but sleeping through the beeping, no matter how loud or annoying it was. I once slept through an alarm that was beeping for over an hour. Before this alarm, the only reliable way for me to wake up was to have someone else nearby who would wake up to the beeping and shout my name at me. This solution was not enjoyable for whoever else was nearby.I was skeptical that the buzzing/vibrating would actually wake me up on its own, but it does. I don't even need to put on the sound. This is wonderful because I can set an early alarm without feeling guilty about waking up my roommates. I also don't have to worry about sleeping through the alarm, unless I turn it off and then fall back asleep... but no alarm can prevent that! The sound, when I have used it, is extremely loud and effective as well. It's nice because you can set the clock so the alarm will be only the sound, only the vibrating, or both combined. Another nice feature is that the vibrating disc has a pretty long cord, so you don't have to be right next to an outlet. The cord is about 3-4 feet long. Also, the time display flashes when the vibrating alarm is going off, so if I've already gotten out of bed and forgot to turn off the alarm, I have a visual reminder to turn it off.5
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