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Sunbeam SAB602-05 Full View Dial Scale

  • Sunbeam SAB602-05 Full View Dial Scale
  • Sunbeam SAB602-05 Full View Dial Scale
  • Sunbeam SAB602-05 Full View Dial Scale

Sunbeam SAB602-05 Full View Dial Scale

AU$ 230.00 AU$ 138.00 Save: AU$ 92.00
AU$ 138.00 AU$ 230.00 You save: AU$ 92.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Easy-to-read 4.4" dial display
  • Black base with silver finish bezel
  • Standard sized platform for stable footing
  • Accurately measures weight up to 330 lbs in 1 lb increments
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Customer Reviews

Very happyI Have congestion heart failure and have to weighh myself everyday, so it s important that my scale is accurate and dependable. The numbers are large enough to see, and I haven t had to balance it once yet! Received it quickly and now I m happy to say I can get get rid of my digital scale 5Sunbeam bathroom scaleThe scale is a good size, fairly sturdy, and easy to stand on. It was not totally accurate at first. I had to manually calibrate it using something I knew the weight of. The dial is large and the main weights, by tens, are easy to read. The individual pounds are a challenge if you have issues with your eyes. For what we need it for, it is fine. It is as it is pictured on the site. 4Cheap, but it works.Bought this because I wanted a reliable (relatively) analog scale. I could never be sure if the digital ones were accurate and I was tired of dealing with batteries. This is a very cheaply put together scale, but it does what I need. I do have to adjust it to get it to zero after a few weigh ins, but it's nothing too bad. I've seen the price fluctuate on this since I purchased it.... if you see it listed over $13, I'd pass and wait until the price goes down again. It's not worth anything more than that. 3Cheap scale, doesn't workMy digital scale finally bit the dust after about 6 years, so I decided instead of futzing with an error prone digital scale that had to be perfectly level to work, this time I'd go for an old fashioned dial one that I could ensure was accurate by adjusting it directly on the floor that I usually weigh myself on. Boy, was I disappointed. This was not my Mother's heavy duty manual scale that I remember growing up. Even on the most level floor in my home, it would jump from 0 and not go back down if I so much as touched it. I could stand on it 4 times in a row and each time get a different reading (always a lb or 2 higher, which is a bit disconcerting in the space of 10 seconds - I am not the Nutty Professor, after all). Plus, the dial is not very large, so all the little in-between marks are almost unreadable (hey, I wear glasses, but I'm not *that* old!). I have no idea how much I actually weigh because I don't trust a single reading the scale took. Since I'm on a diet, I'd kind of like to know. I'm sending it back. I would not recommend this to a friend. 1Get What you Pay For... UnfortunatelyYou really do get what you pay for. I wanted a dial scale because my digital was reading erratically and I wanted to compare and try to get a more accurate reading. I bought this inexpensive one thinking it would work to at least compare readings. Wrong. It is cheaply constructed and made of plastic. The dial has to be reset to zero EVERY single time. It does not stay zeroed out. (Big hassle.) As some other reviewers stated, you cannot actually read the tiny markings between the larger numbers. That makes it useless, unless you fall exactly on 120, 140, 160 etc. I ended up having to take a photo and enlarge it just to read the weight! Haha. It worked, but I am not about to do that every time I use the scale. I cannot recommend this scale. I would rather spend more to get a good one. I am returning it. Better luck next time. 2UsefulIt's a pretty good scale. Needs to be adjusted at first. After the first few times you use it, it goes back to zero, just like it should. Materials are somewhat cheap--not at all sturdy like the old Sunbeams were. Plastics instead of metal. Still, does the job. Yep--- would recommend. 4FunctionalIt's a scale. I step on it, see that I'm too fat, then go off into my room and cry.As far as the product goes, it's fine. It works, is functional, practical, and easy to read. I dislike the fact that if I lean forward or back my weight varies, according to the scale. I always go for the lesser weight. Wouldn't you?And if you displace your weight on say a kitchen counter, then slowly shift your weight to your fat ass on the scale, you'll magically weigh a few pounds less. Lying to yourself is easy and fun! 4Love it!Scale is perfect. I do not have to re-adjust to zero after initial calibration (as some other reviewers mentioned). It is accurate, as confirmed by my doctor's office. It is just what I needed as I could not trust my digital scale which was wildly all over the place seemingly dependent on the placement of the moon and the stars and the skies....thank goidness! A scale that tells my weight and yhat I can trust and doesn't cost an arm and a leg! I am veey happy! 5Easy to use and great valueEasy to use, no batteries to change or electronics to worry about. Large, easy to read dial. It's not precision enough for a doctor's office, but it is more than adequate for a bathroom scale. 5Great scale, great valueI prefer analog scales, no batteries. Great value, pretty easy to read and it's a compact (yet big enough) size so it stores easily. "Zero-ing out" needs to be adjusted often, but that goes with most scales with a mechanical dial. 4
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