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Swingline Electric Stapler Value Pack: 45 Sheet Stapler, High Capacity Staples, Staple Remover, Optima 45 (48209)

  • Swingline Electric Stapler Value Pack: 45 Sheet Stapler, High Capacity Staples, Staple Remover, Optima 45 (48209)
  • Swingline Electric Stapler Value Pack: 45 Sheet Stapler, High Capacity Staples, Staple Remover, Optima 45 (48209)
  • Swingline Electric Stapler Value Pack: 45 Sheet Stapler, High Capacity Staples, Staple Remover, Optima 45 (48209)
  • Swingline Electric Stapler Value Pack: 45 Sheet Stapler, High Capacity Staples, Staple Remover, Optima 45 (48209)
  • Swingline Electric Stapler Value Pack: 45 Sheet Stapler, High Capacity Staples, Staple Remover, Optima 45 (48209)
  • Swingline Electric Stapler Value Pack: 45 Sheet Stapler, High Capacity Staples, Staple Remover, Optima 45 (48209)

Swingline Electric Stapler Value Pack: 45 Sheet Stapler, High Capacity Staples, Staple Remover, Optima 45 (48209)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • JAM-FREE OPTIMA ELECTRIC STAPLER Fast and quiet, this electric stapler allows for frequent stapling without noisy disruptions Jam Free guarantee means fast functionality without interruptions
  • CONVENIENT QUICKLOAD Handy QuickLoad feature for easy refills Front staple magazine ejects with the press of a button Low staple indicator alerts you when it's time for a refill
  • SECURES 45 SHEETS Fastens up to 45 sheets when used with Swingline Optima High Capacity Staples 3/8" staple leg length is ideal for bigger jobs
  • ACCURATE STAPLE PLACEMENT Built-in Intelligent Paper Alignment Guide and Stack Height Gauge help ensure accurate staple placement and sheet counts
  • VALUE PACK Convenient value pack includes Optima 45 Electric Stapler, Optima High Capacity Staples and a staple remover Retractable metal blade on remover allows for stress-free removing
  • NEAT & ORGANIZED One-touch easy open storage drawer in stapler base keeps spare staples handy Remover easily picks up discarded staples to keep workspace clean
  • BUILT TO LAST Swingline stands behind this high-quality stapler with a limited 7-year warranty and a 100% Performance Guarantee
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Customer Reviews

I loved the old design and how quiet it wasWell, I've owned an Optima 45 for quite some time now. I loved the old design and how quiet it was. I don't care what the rest of these people say, IF YOU WERE USED TO THE OLD OPTIMA 45, THIS ONE IS LOUD! It staples just like a Stanley Bostitch B8 Heavy Duty Impulse Drive Electric Stapler, sounds just like one too. It's ok, but I prefer the old design and the quietness of the old one. I'm not against change, but WOW! MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE GOOD! I just wanted to add it stopped working completely ONLY LASTED 6 MONTHS! 1This used to be a very good staple and a good value for the priceThis used to be a very good staple and a good value for the price. Things have changed.If the product description says "flat clinch", it is wrong. I bough this same model (Optima 45), last year and that is still a good stapler. The flat clinch IS the feature that i bought the stapler for. We had a large staple project, so I figured I would buy another Optima 45. When it came in, I quickly opened and set it up for our project. My first clue that this was different was that the power cord it attached into the stapler. My original Optima 45 has an AC adapter. The motor on this new one is 4 to 5 times louder than my original Optima.I really suspected that this was an imposter. I immediately packaged it back up and returned it to Amazon.I then bought another one, hoping that this was just a mistake. Nope! The next one was identical to this bad Optima 45. I returned it as well.The things I liked about the Optima 45:1) Flat clinch - Gone. You don't get this any longer with the new version. Swingline didn't think it was a good option2) Uses standard strip staples - the new versions still uses this3) Quiet motor - Gone. The new version has a very loud motor.4) Low staple warning light5) Lighted guide lights6) Adjustable depth7) 45 sheet capacityUpon calling Swingline's customer service, they informed me that there are ZERO flat clinch staplers in their lineup now (at least in electric, not sure about manual). The only two feature I am shopping for are standard strip staples and flat clinch. I gave up all of the features I like on this staple to get a different brand that had the flat clinch. 1Ignore the high ratings... It is junkI bought my third Optima 45 electric stapler in June 2016. By October it was already broken with the top arm not retracting after stapling. My first one lasted a few years, the second 2 years and now this one 4 months. It works great when you first get it, but the slider in the staple tray goes bad or it jams eventually. It seems to be made cheaper each time I egt one.If you are going to buy, there is no reason to get a second box of staples because it won't make it long enough to use them all. Unfortunately, it looks like there are no alternatives. 2Too bad I didn tAmazon should allow return... my state requires warranties of one year by the vendor. This stapler didn t last through one box of staples... bought in April became a paper weight in June. Didn t use that much. My thought is, they hope to unload these on enough people who don t take the time or are unlucky enough to have the thing last more than 30 days. If you read the reviews you will see that these often break. Too bad I didn t . Don t just expect this to be good because it has the name Swingline 1Many good functionsThis unit has some interesting features. For example, it has the two lines to show you where the staple will go, auto or manual mode, staple storage, depth gage of how deep into the stack of paper you want to staple, quiet operation, cinch stapling, stack depth gauge to prevent you from trying too many sheets at once, low staple indicator, stylish and functional.Some of the items I had concerns is the bottom staple storage tray sticks when you push to open, and end up just pulling it open, ability to unplug cord from back of unit making power supply outside of the unit. When the unit is powered on the front red light stays on which is a little annoying-- I just unplug it. Not a super fast stapler--takes a couple seconds to staple so not good if you have a lot to do--good for the average stapling job of a few stacks here and there. However, the trade off on speed is noise-- the high speed ones sound like a gun going off.I have not had it long so I can not speak to durablity and jamming. Wish it was easier to take apart in the event of a jam.Since this unit uses a 18v DC power supply, you could run off of a battery pack you could build yourself. 4A good portable electric, but it's slowThis electric stapler (my second) doesn't work as fast as other electric staplers from Swingline, however, the price was affordable and it's portable. They make another version that is supposed to handle twice as much paper (45 vs 20), but I really don't recommend that one. I bought one and it was slow, as well, and only worked for a couple of years of light duty (I use it mostly for business papers, bill, and tax preparation, which is used every other day, and usually on 2-5 sheets).-The slowness is all about winding up that spring and it takes 2-3 seconds per use.IT FEELS UNDERPOWERED (other Swingline portable electric staplers are lighting fast)This stapler has pretty led lights, but it is hard to load staples into it. The depth adjustment is OK, but can't be locked down - I used tape. The size is awkward, too, but the base is very stable. I'd buy a more expensive model, but they aren't portable. 3"UPDATED" VERSION IS NOT CLOSE TO OLD MODELThis is certainly NOT the optima 45 swingline we are used to having. We are in a quiet office and most of us have the old version of this stapler which was/is GREAT, for those of us fortunate enough to have the older model still. HOWEVER, as I am ordering replacements, I am finding that this "redesigned" model is unnecessarily complicated. Different staples now have to be used, less staples can be used, and with the frequency we use it in, it becomes tedious to reload every 125 staples......and it is LOUD. In a quiet office environment, this product just is not what it used to be. I will not be purchasing any more of these, we will be replacing them with another brand from now on. Sad when you fix something that isn't broken.....the old model was such a reliable office item. 1Great value stapler which has handled a large volume of staplingI work as a pharmacist and have to staple several hundreds prescription labels to bags. This little stapler has been one of the best things I've invested in. After using a manual stapler for many years, I could feel it taking a toll on my hand. I figured I would get this and even if it last only a few months it will still be better than having to manually staple everything. Stapler works great and it is small and compact. It came with a power adapter, however, the cable on that broke in a few months because we move the stapler back and forth, which created too much pressure on the cord. However, this little thing can be operated with 4 AA batteries, so that's how we've been running it, and that allows us to take it anywhere. The other nice thing on this is it has an auto and manual stapling feature. On auto it would staple automatically if you place paper under it, and on manual you gently touch the top and it staples for you. The auto feature broke after a few months, a spring fell out. The manual feature continues to work. You can use regular staples with it, the only time it seems to jam is when it's down to the last few staples. We've been using this stapler for over a year and a half and it's still going. Hopefully, it will keep going, but will definitely get another one if it stops working. 5Great stapler. I have only had this stapler for a couple of days.I can say that it is quieter than my last one.It takes half strips of staples. It is not too large to sit on my monitor stand and i like the way that it looks.I love that it can be plugged in or run off of 4 AA batteries.I have attached two pictures and a video so that you may see it's size and hear it being used.I have now had it for two months and still love it. Still quiet and dependableUpdate: I still love this. 5Believe the reviewers... I wish I had.Very disappointed... I didn't heed the warnings of other reviewers, and bought it anyway. I was so pleased with it, until about 30 minutes ago. I purchased it new less that 2 months ago, and never had any issues with jamming, it always worked great and then... just stopped working. Like it had just gotten tired and took a vacation. I checked the plug, I unplugged it and used new batteries, but still nothing. Here's the worse part of all... I discovered the manual setting didn't work either (and yes, I did check the switch on the side for auto and manual use). It's nothing but a paperweight on my desk now. 1
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