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Victorinox Small Toothpick

  • Victorinox Small Toothpick
  • Victorinox Small Toothpick
  • Victorinox Small Toothpick
  • Victorinox Small Toothpick

Victorinox Small Toothpick

AU$ 124.00 AU$ 75.00 Save: AU$ 49.00
AU$ 75.00 AU$ 124.00 You save: AU$ 49.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

He uses the toothpick regularly so I like to get him these replacements so he can throw ... I buy these for my dad every time I buy him a Swiss Army Knife which seems to be for almost every birthday. He uses the toothpick regularly so I like to get him these replacements so he can throw them out when they get old. It is also nice to add in this extra present with his birthday gift. They fit perfectly in the standard Swiss Army Knife and the Executive Swiss Army Knife. I will definitely buy these again. 5Fits a three inch folded knife perfectly Delivered fast and fit perfectly. Easy to get out and actually the point is a little sharper, which I appreciate, especially when I eat popcorn. Not much else to say, but it works and delivery was fast. Package was a little bit overkill for such small items, but nothing to complain about. 5Great New small Victorinox toothpicks.These are New Victorinox 'small size' toothpicks. They fit the Victorinox 'SD', 'Manager', 'PenLite', etc. (58mm size) While they fit in many of the 91mm Victorinox like the 'Camper', 'Huntsman', 'Tinkerer', etc., they're not the proper toothpick and be difficult to get out to use.FWIW, The first shipment was lost in transit. The Sell immediately shipped a second order at no cost without a question. Great product, great customer service.5Smaller than the OEM toothpicksMaybe I bought the wrong one for my Victorinox Super Tinker swiss army knife, but these are a bit smaller than the OEM toothpick that came with my knife. They are shorter (lengthwise) than OEM, the head is smaller, and as a result, its next to impossible to remove it with my fingernail. I have to pull out the tweezers and wedge the tip of one of the tweezer ends in between the body of the knife and the toothpick to get the toothpick out.3Order straight from Victorinox.These are really not Victorinox toothpicks. IF they were, I would not have to use my tweezers to remove them from the knife body. I have used these in several different models of Victorinox knives and they don't sit flush with the body making it almost impossible to remove them without long finger nails. They do the same thing as the originals, but what good are they if you need tweezers just to be able to use them?2Cannot be removed from the knife using your thumbnailThis toothpick is not OEM. They cannot be removed from the knife body using your thumbnail because the grippy nub is too small. It doesn't sit flush with the knife body - it's inset just enough that it can't be grabbed. The only way to remove these toothpicks from the knife body is to use the tweezer, or another small object, to grab the head of the toothpick.I have just ordered replacement toothpicks directly from the Victorinox website, instead. The money I spent on these Amazon Choice toothpicks was wasted. They're inexpensive enough that it's more trouble than it's worth to bother returning these.1Good replacement for the toothpick you lost.If you have a Victorinox then you know the first part that you lose is the toothpick. They don't break but you sure lose them fast. My Swiss Army knives spend most of the time missing the toothpick if I carry them daily. This 6 pack is great. The first week I had my toothpick my wife needed something just this size and when she was done there was no way I wanted it back. Not sure what she did with it but it was trash. That's OK, I had 5 more at home. I'm a knife guy and to see my Swiss Army knife missing a part bugs me. I'm good now and yes, the fit is perfict.5These are ridiculously difficult to find....Everyone in my family has at least one Swiss Army knife, and most of them take this toothpick, which inevitably gets lost. The army-navy place near me sometimes has the toothpicks for sale, but hadn't for more than a year, so I purchased this (IMO overpriced) package just before Xmas...and placed them with a bunch of other tiny things in bags in stockings (we have a family tradition of giving tiny inexpensive gifts that are practical in stockings. Lots of USB drives, mini-flashlights. corkscrews...)These fit the small Swiss Army knives perfectly, but seem to be fractionally larger than the ones that come with it...not enough to be hard to get into the hole, but large enough to not fall out of it.If the price was better, these would be perfect, but even at the 'discounted' price they are more than fifty cents a piece, and since you can usually find a small victorinox knife for under $5 (I've gotten $8 2-packs), that's a huge price for something you probably want to replace every few months...and probably costs a penny to make.I'd also totally be willing to buy a box with a few dozen of these, if they were available in bulk. I might not use them over a lifetime, but it'd be more reasonable to purchase too many than six.4Great for picking toothsI've owned Victorinox knifes for what seems forever (probably at least 45 years) and in all that time, have never lost a toothpick until now. Imagine my surprise at that, seeing as in all that time, I have never ever even used one of those toothpicks to pick my tooths. Thankfully, Victorinox knows that their toothpicks can fall out or become losted, and I ordered this set of six of 'em, knowing full well that I'd likely never actually use them for their intended porpoise. And whilst awaiting receipt of my order (with batted breathe), I *found* my lost toothpick, so now I have a complete boxed (well, plastic-baggied) set of toothpicks, ready and waiting in case I ever loose one again.5Doesn't fit in my Swiss Army knife properlyI don't know how they base the size of the Swiss Army knives. but this one didn't fit in my Swiss Army knife if I put it into my knife it goes so far down I can't get it out of the hole. Once I get toothpick in it's impossible to get out. They really need to put the size or whatever next to the name.2Poor fit in knifeThe head on these replacement toothpicks is not as tall as the heads on the ones that came with my knives (both official Victorinox one less than 3 1/2", the other 3 1/2"), so once they are inserted into the knife they are very hard to get out, since there's nothing sticking up above the side of the knife. Perhaps the toothpick for larger knives is the one I need, but in that case the 'Smaller than 3 1/2"' is not correct (Since one of my knives is 3 1/4"). Once you find something to use to get the toothpick out (e.g. the tweezers from the other side of the knife), it will pick your teeth.1Toothpick for my small Swiss Army Knife Just the right size for my little pocket knife. I broke the one it came with and only had to stub in there cause I didn't know where to find a new one. 5Don't bother unless you know exactly which knife you haveOf the three knives in the family for which these toothpicks were purchased, they actually only fit one. How many different styles of these knives are there, for heaven's sake. Ridiculous.2
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