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Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)

  • Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)
  • Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)
  • Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)
  • Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)
  • Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)
  • Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)
  • Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)

Wegreeco Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags - Set of 3 - (Blitzed)

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AU$ 72.00 AU$ 120.00 You save: AU$ 48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Set of 3, Small size 7.0 inches X 4.2 inch, Medium size 7.7inches X 5.5 inches, Large size 8.0 inches X 8.5 inches.Machine washable!
  • Wegreeco Cloth Snack Bag with double layers fabric construction provide no leak design and more air tight. Since the reusable snack bags are made of fabric, they are not completely airtight, if you decide to use them to pack crackers, crisps, pretzels or cookies, please eat them earlier to enjoy them fresh. All of the bags are precise stitching and quality interior & exterior fabric makes these bags durable.
  • A smooth zipper closure doesn't hold crumbs means no worrying about icky stuff growing. It's great for food like sliced fruit, sandwiches, sticky or messy foods as well as any dry snacks. The Quality Zipper top closure & leak-free interior also keep crumbs,drips & contents inside.
  • The Reusable Lunch Bags helps us creating a waste-free lunch! No more plastic baggies, plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Not just for food, the bags are great for kids rayon, art supplies, small toys, baby pacifiers, diapering items, day care or pre-school items, keys, makeup, toiletries, travel and endless other possibilities.
  • Stylish Patterns for female and male, we have young and mature style, you are able to find a pattern that fits what you are looking for and feel free to pack your lunches in them and take them to work on a daily basis.
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Customer Reviews

These are really great - varying sizes depending on what you needThese are really great - varying sizes depending on what you need. We were going through so many plastic baggies because day care was having our son throw them out. nce we started using these they'd come home with him every day. a simple rise to clean or, if there was peanut butter and jelly that day, turn inside out and use a scrubby to make sure all the corners are clean. Also, these pop right into the washing machine, too.4Big snack bagsI got this for my husband to to use for work. None of them are "sandwich" size exactly - most of them are super big - but it's better big than too small. So far he likes them - they hold a ton, they fold or squish down small, and they are light.5Nice quality I like quality, easy to clean. Easy to open and close. Main reason why I bought them - for my 5 year old take snacks, lunches for school. I really like small size. It s works wonderfully. I just didn t figured out what /how to use medium and large sizes 4Fabulous....slow to dry.While I want to give this five stars because I love them the major con is if you need to thoroughly wash the bag it takes forever to dry. While they can easily be wiped out there simply are times when they need a full soap and water wash.Do yourself a favor and get a set to use while the others dry.The bags are super sturdy and I haven t had any issue with them. I like how they allow me to munch at my desk and just zip my bag closed without everyone seeing what I m eating.Highly recommend.4So far, so goodThey clean up easily. We've had them a couple months, and so far no residual food odors have developed. After a month or so of constant use, carrots have stained the interior of one bag, so they aren't *totally* impervious. If an odor develops, I'll update the review.4Great bags!These bags are awesome! The pattern is very vibrant and cute. The zippers seems well-sewn and durable. I absolutely love that they are machine washable. These bags are very soft, which can be good or bad. I have some bags from another brand that are very firm and great for carrying around crackers. These are much better suited to baggies of snacks like trail mix.The middle sized bag is kind of a strange shape in that the zipper is on the short end instead of the long end like a snack bag. This doesn't necessarily detract from it and it would still be good for things like carrot or celery sticks. Just not good for sticking your hand in to get to whatever is inside.Overall, I am totally in love with this product. I take them with me to class and on the first day, I received three compliments and inquiries about the product!5Sloppily constructedImmediately after taking them out of the box, I noticed that the zipper for the little bag had broken off. I shrugged and figured this stuff happens. Then I tried to unzip the big bag. It was much harder than I had expected. After finally managing to open it, I noticed that the zipper was badly threaded. It looked like someone had shoved the zipper through the hole using pliers! But hey, I thought, it still works, even if it s iffy. Then I looked at the medium bag. Almost as soon as I picked it up, the zipper tag broke off. That did it. I can take a little mistake. I m buying online and a broken zipper doesn t mean it doesn t open; it just makes it a little more difficult. Three issues, though? That s a problem. I m returning them.But for the sake of completeness, I ll give another few observations.Pros:1) Super cute design. I m all for things that have a fun edge.2) The inner material did bead the water, but see the cons.3) Good variation in the sizes.4) It was easy to clean in that I could put some soap and water into the bag and shake it (but mind, when I did this, I found out how much the bag leaked, so do it with caution).Cons:1) Significant water leakage and seepage. Obviously with zippers, it won t be airtight, but I was surprised that water leaked out from all the corners and almost at once, the outside was wet. If I were to put celery or carrots in the little bag as I d intended, my backpack would be damp just from the seepage. I bought this for my celery, so this is a major con.2) The smell fresh out of the package was so chemical, I gagged. My only thought (after the zipper identification) was that if I didn t wash all three bags at once, the smell would never go away. Even after a thorough wash with Dawn, the big bag still had after to wash of that sickly, basic, raw chemical stench. How can something that calls itself eco-friendly smell so fake and processed?!3) It is difficult to dry. I had to lay it flat and given the way the bag folds, I m afraid it will eventually get mildew. I m hoping not, but I m not holding my breath.2Better than anticipated!Very cute, great sizes, soft yet durable and simple to clean! Def will be ordering more!5Wonderful item!You get 3 different sizes which is the cherry on top.... 4.5 year old picked the turtle pattern, it's super cute, zippers easy for kids, lining not a complete moisture barrier but very easy to wash even by hand and lay dry overnight. Very much worth trying for anyone looking for alternative to plastic baggies that are so annoying and wasteful... Our son asked for one to put some toys in, so yes, extremely versatile. Definitely try these! Incredible for the price!5Overall a good bag with some surprisesSo I had initially posted a negative review as I discovered that one of the bags had a small slash on the outside on first inspection. However, someone from Wegreeco contacted me the very next day and helped me resolve the issue.Otherwise, the bags are sturdy and much thicker than I expected them to be. They were easy to handwash and dried overnight. Out of curiosity, I even filled one of the bags with water and found that it was surprisingly effective at containing it. After a little while, water would begin leaking out of the corner. Since the interior of the bag is waterproof, it is nearly airtight except for some areas near the stitching and zipper. So I wouldn't put any liquids in the bag, but crackers, chips, and sliced fruit(as long as they aren't too watery) would work just fine.4These bags are a softer fabric that doesn't clean well ...These bags are a softer fabric that doesn't clean well in the dishwasher (where I have cleaned our previous bags that are stiffer), so they need to be washed by hand or in the laundry. They work well for dry foods but for items with more moisture (such as apples, carrots, etc) I would use something different.4
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