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Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso

  • Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso
  • Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso
  • Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso
  • Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso
  • Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso
  • Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso
  • Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso
  • Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso

Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving, Small and Large, Espresso

AU$ 722.00 AU$ 434.00 Save: AU$ 288.00
AU$ 434.00 AU$ 722.00 You save: AU$ 288.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Open panel 2-section designed shelf assembled size is 25. 2"W x 11. 2"D x 29. 2"H. Shelf Clearance is 12".
  • Top shelf area is 25. 2"W x 11. 2"D. Middle and bottom shelf is 23. 6"W x 11. 1"D
  • Made from combination of solid and composite wood in Espresso. Assembly required.
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Customer Reviews

GREAT QUALITY CABINET - EASY TO ASSEMBLE We purchased this because we just re-organized our office and we needed extra storage. The cabinet arrived on time and well packaged and it is beautiful. I really love the color of the wood. My husband put it together in just 25 minutes. He's usually very inpatient when it comes to assembling things but he was very calm and collected assembling this. I am giving it 4 stars because the baskets are a bit flimpsy and seem like they won't last long. We just bought it so we will see. I don't mind them breaking because I am pretty sure if they do I can find others in the same dimension. The cork tags did not come with the cabinet. I purchased them separately and I think they give the baskets a classy look. Hooray for organization! 4Amazingly nice for the price This is a great little bookshelf, particularly for the price. It comes enormously well packaged, it's pretty easy to put together, and it's real wood. I put it together in about 15 minutes. The instructions are mostly pictures, but the pieces are designed so that it's hard to put things together the wrong way. I think you could put the shelves on upside down if you weren't paying attention, though; they're finished on only one side. So a bit of attention is required. I hadn't realized also that the screws are all hidden. There are four screws on each end, where the two lower shelves attach, and those have little matching wooden caps for the screw holes. And the top attaches from the underside, so those screws are concealed as well. Oh, and the allen wrench needed to put in the screws is included.On the negative side, there were a couple minor scratches in the top of mine. But furniture in this house looks like scratch 'n' dent fast enough anyway, so I'm not going to fret about it. (Scratches in this case mean that the lighter wood is revealed through the stain, so I will use a brown sharpie or something like that to make it dark again.)This is not "nice furniture", but it is amazingly nice for the price. 5Bookshelf perfect for my Cookbook Collection Before buying this bookcase I read the negative comments and then the positive ratings. All that considered, I ordered it and my husband assembled it quite quickly and easily. He said the screw caps seem to be made of cork, do he pushed them in by hand and fist, with no tools. All parts were sent, and but for one minor blemish on one shelf it is great. We just made that the underside of that shelf. It s not a heavy piece, but works as intended, so I ll refrain from sitting on it or jumping off of it lol I love the price, the performance & recommended you give it a try. 5Easy to assemble Very easy to assemble. Good to use for light objects. The wood seems like it might scratch easily but so far so good.. 4"Acceptable Plus" Serviceable bookshelf that is reasonably easy but somewhat annoying to assemble. I rate this "acceptable plus" but I do not see how it rates 4 or 5 stars.Shipping and packaging: Product arrived quickly and was in a sturdy thick cardboard package. No damage at all and damage not likely because it is so well packaged.Materials: It is solid wood with what appears to be a sprayed on stain. The screws provided for assembly are of excellent quality. The provided hex key for the screws did the job but I was a little fearful it might break with heavy pressure. It didn't. The finish gouged a little when I slipped a few times. I expect that the finish will scratch over time and it probably will not be a good surface to put beverage containers on.Assembly: Good and bad. It's not complicated or difficult but somewhat annoying. The screw holes all lined up properly. It was hard to get the screws started for the top shelf because you have to thread the screws upward into the shelf from below (or the side if you put the thing on its side.) The access to the screws for the top shelf was cramped and there was a limited radius for turning the hex key. The rest of the screws were easier. The instructions were pictures only but they were comprehensible after a brief study. Overall it took me 30-40 minutes. It would go quicker with two people.Look: It looks ok. It's a simple open design and not unattractive. The finish looks kind of 1950's mahogany. It would be easy to paint of you want to spiff it up.Utility and Quality: This will work well in the small space I have available by my desk. It's a little wobbly but not terrible. I plan to put my heaviest stuff on the bottom shelf. The fit is ok, though not perfect. By and large the wood pieces were square and straight. Nothing had to be bent or redrilled. Not the most solid thing you will have in your house but acceptable.Bottom Line: Not bad for the price but not a huge bargain. The materials and manufacturing can't have cost the seller more than $8-10 bucks in Thailand so most of their cost is in shipping and sales. They get a nice margin and you get a serviceable shelf for about $50. I'm not sorry I bought it. They should rethink the design of the top shelf as it makes that part of the assembly a pain. 3It was like opening a Christmas gift, really! It was like opening a Christmas gift, really!Delivery: arrived just as promised.Product: SEE PHOTOS... This Wood shelf is beautiful for it's size and functionality. I am very impressed. No scratches, dents or marks... stain and color are even throughout. Color is beautiful. And finish has a nice shine.Assemby: put it together in 30-40 minutes. Took my time so as not to mess up or scratch surfaces, ( don't over tighten the wood screws ) I can see how that would be a problem if you tighten too much...Material: All 100% wood.Packaging: was amazing... looked like someone really cared when they packaged this shelf... see photos... and packaging did it's job and protected the unit in transit.I plan to purchase another one soon...Highly recommend... 5I love these. They look very beautiful I love these. They look very beautiful. I now have 4 different ones for different rooms. they are solid wood, (not press board) I would recommend that you buy some great wood glue (like tight bond or similar). There is dowel and screw installation. It might take you 15 minutes to build this. I would recommend adding a little glue to each of the dowel pins, and I always add a small line to each screw before I install. (I mean you're never taking this apart right? So glue it together!) there are also "Buttons" to cover the screw holes - yup you guessed it, put glue on them and install. (keeps them from falling out in a year or two).IS this something that you will pass to your grand kids to admire the quality? no. (Though it may look great in their dorm room!) There are going to be small nicks and dents in the wood (each of mine had that 'character') but it was stained over and when you load the shelf with whatever you are putting on it, then you will never see them.For the price, you can't beat it. 5What I like about them is that they are very sturdy shelves ... Bought this shelf together with 3 more shelves of this brand (2 narrow/ 4 shelf and 1 narrow/2 shelf), to furnish my closet. I was able to make shoe racks out of them, store purses and folded sweaters. What I like about them is that they are very sturdy shelves and I was able to put my very tall 5 inch heels on the shelves even though most of the cheaper shoe racks are not able to fit high heels. I am very satisfied with my purchase and i am happy that I didn't spend this much money on organizing closet in my rental place. 5Would buy another one Using it to hold my printer in my office at home and also my cable router and other electronic stuff. It did have a smell to me when I was setting it up. It took a day for it to air out. It smelled like strong varnish? but after about 24 hours I couldn't smell it anymore. It is important to gradually tighten up the shelves all around and not make one shelf overly tight before all of them are in to ensure that you don't have it wabble. Oh, and don't do what I did which was not pay attention to which way the wood grain was going. I installed one of the pieces wrong and had to then use the alen wrench to undo my progress to fix the mistake and then redo it. The wood is pretty good quality. If I could have found a shelf this size in this color that had drop down shelves and was already assembled I would have bought that instead but for the money and the purpose this fit me. I had about an hour of frustration putting this together but then again, I screwed it up not paying attention. If you ensure gradual tightening all around at the connector areas it will be sturdy and not wabble. I had my printer on the bottom shelf as I felt that was safer than putting it on the top. Only because I always fill shelves up from the bottom up. I don't really have much on it and didn't want it to be off balance by putting a heavier object on the top. I would buy one of these again. 5Fantastic, beautiful, functional I am a book nut. I love books and love to see them and have them displayed in a functional, beautiful way. These bookshelves are great. I bought two of this item, the three internal shelf, 4' tall version. I received them, put them together (very easy; having now put more than a few together, I can have one from box to complete bookshelf in 5 minutes or less). I was so pleased with the 2 three-shelf version that I bought 3 two-shelf versions. Pleased again. I have now bought an additional 2 3-shelf versions (assembled and I am happy with them) and 7 SEVEN! three shelf versions (2 assembled, 5 on the way) and am considering buying a few of the taller, skinnier tower versions. I have always had a lot books and bookshelves, but these are extremely attractive, well-built, beautiful designed for books big and small, curios, knicknacks, anything that you might want to display. Aesthetically, they are a really nice balance of substantial and serious but don't feel closed off and stuffy. It is not steel framed minimalism, which feels cold, nor is it Oxford library pretentious. Its a beautiful balance. They are fantastic. I will upload photos of them when the room is fit for people's eyes. And Winsome, if you are listening, your product is wonderful, and I was wondering if you had a buy 14, get a few free policy? 5
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