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Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black

  • Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black
  • Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black
  • Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black
  • Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black
  • Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black
  • Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black
  • Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black

Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove, Large, Black

AU$ 154.00 AU$ 93.00 Save: AU$ 61.00
AU$ 93.00 AU$ 154.00 You save: AU$ 61.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Keeps hands warm and dry in cold, wet, wintery conditions
  • Triple layer technology consisting of a microfleece liner, waterproof/windproof membrane and a form-fit outer shell
  • Form-fit outer shell is dexterous and reinforced with non-slip to ensure excellent grip and lasting durability
  • Waterproof and windproof inner membrane keeps hands completely dry in cold, wet conditions
  • Built strong enough for heavy work yet is functional and dexterous enough for winter recreation
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Customer Reviews

it looks like a couple of returns were picked put of a ... 30 bucks for something with no quality control it would seem.got a pair of gloves that seem to have been made at two separate factories at two different times and then paired together to be shipped out.two different colored velcro straps.two slightly different sku#'s.i paid for a new pair but now i'm not sure if that's what i got.it looks like a couple of returns were picked put of a bin and paired together. 1Tested: not waterproof, seams ripped open with minor use. Very dissappointed with these gloves. I bought these gloves based on the online reviews and the company's promotional videos. I bought two pairs just because I was going to put them to rough-use and wanted a back-up pair just in case I wore them out.I needed some sturdy gloves for an ocean crossing on board a sailing yacht. There would be a lot of rope work involved in cold and wet conditions. I needed gloves that provided certain level of dexterity that would stand-up to the rough work while keep my hands warm and dry.Fist of all, the model name is misleading as they are NOT WATERPROOF. My hands were soaking wet whenever the gloves were splashed with water. Even in drizzle they would get wet.Secondly, the build quality of the seams is not very good. Both pairs ripped at the seams where the knuckles would be (picture included) after just a couple of uses.On the plus side, the fit is good, it's a type of padded form fit for your hands, and they were relatively warm if I could keep them dry. 1They keep my hands dry and warm in the rain I ordered these gloves to wear when riding my motorbike in the rain, as my proper riding gloves take in water and become soggy, making my hands numb from the cold. I also have them with me when taking my best friends (four-legged) for their exercise outdoors in case it rains.The pair I am having now is actually the second. (I have also purchased Ergodyne Proflex 818 Thermal Waterproof Utility Gloves at the same time I ordered this one.) I am happy with it (as well as with Ergodyne's). It is well made, and keeps my hands dry and warm in the rain.The first pair was too big. The mistake in my choice of the size was caused by the manufacturer s advice to add a quarter inch to the circumference of your palm and check the size that is appropriate. It didn t work for me. You might want to ignore that piece of advice.Fortunately for me, Amazon graciously refunded my money without me having to return that first pair, because to do so would have meant a lot of hassles for me. I live in the mountains, and travelling to and fro the nearest city to mail the pair back is not exactly something I would be dying to do. 590% there, but easy to get the extra 10% If you read my other reviews you'll notice a trend where I say a product is great, but only if you supplement it with another product. These gloves are no exception. I bought them for walks around the city and winter hiking. I previously had a pair of touchscreen gloves that weren't windproof or waterproof. In other words, they were virtually useless. Here's the deal with these Youngstowns:Pros:1) Waterproof and windproof. The company photo of being able to safely submerge the gloves in water without leakage is not exaggerated.2) Snug fit. This is a personal preference, but my 7.5" circumference hands fits perfectly in the Medium.3) The Velcro closure at the base of the glove seals out the air and wind.4) Thick enough for warmth but thin enough for a great work/sports glove.Cons:1) As noted in other reviews these gloves are warm enough for approximately 20+ degree weather, but are useless at any lower temperature. Now comes the point where I supplement this glove with another product: Fox River Men's Polypropylene Glove Liner. The problem with toasty gloves is that they invariably make your hands sweat. The gloves seals in the moisture, moisture and the cold meet, moisture and the cold do not mix well, your hands get cold. You therefore need a layer to wick moisture away from your skin and the Fox River will do just that. I realize there's an extra cost attached here, but these Youngstown gloves are 90% of what you want in a glove. I'm willing to spend the extra buck for that extra 10%.2) There is no clip to keep the gloves together. 5Comes small, difficult to put on Overall these gloves are good. I'll skip to the bad stuff since that is what you want to read about.1) They are small. I sized my hand and chose based on that, but they are very tight and hard to get on2) The porportions are weird. I have pretty normal shaped hands, but the fingers on these gloves are about a half an inch too long, while the palm and fingers are too tight.3) the liner is not connected to the outer part, so when you pull your hand out (especially if your hand is too big), the liner will come with it part way, bunching up and making the next time you put them on more difficult.Other than that, these are good gloves. They have great grip, are comfortable, are durrable, and look great. I am in the Air Force and I wear them with my Service Dress and Airman Battle Uniforms since they are warmer and more effective than what is issued. I would say they are worth the money since they are pretty cheap. I would not, however, fully recommend them, as other gloves in the price range might not be as problematic. This is my first time living in a cold environment since I was 6, so I will update this review if I find a better pair of gloves in this price range. 3WATERPROOF MEMBRANE IS THIN; Size up for Ease of Removal Gloves are warm and fairly wind resistant in the beginning. Used for carrying firewood, winter tires/wheels, chores. After the first winter (of three) and cleaning 200 feet of gutters, Fall - waterproof- and Spring- readily waterlogged- the waterproof membrane began to sound "crinkly" and began to leak. The woven top of the fingers adds to dexterity and comfort, but is fragile to heat and easily melts if touches a hot ember adding wood to fireplace - use leather welding /fireproof gloves instead. Purchased three pairs over three years on Amazon. Large size is too tight for my 7.5 glove size. Fingers felt packed -like only Mediums- into Large-sized gloves; too hard to remove with cold hands. So, I sized up to XL. XL, for me, also allows use of silk glove liner. Trade off is longer fingertips become clumsy for picking up hand tools, etc. Lost one glove....looking for replacements. At $25 they were a fair deal, too expensive now for me to accept these shortcomings. 3these gloves are perfect. I stack empty wood pallets all day I work in a warehouse freezer, and ride a motorcycle. For the warehouse, these gloves are perfect. I stack empty wood pallets all day. Most gloves last me between a week and a month before they wear out enough for the cold to seep through. These have lasted me 10 weeks so far, and only this last week got a hole worn in them. The freezer is -10 F to -30 F, my hands stay nice and warm, but not sweaty. I've seen some reviews complain about the inner lining coming out when they take out their hand, this does happen (and in my experience every glove with an inner lining does) unless you take the glove off by pulling the glove off from the finger tips first.For use on the motorcycle... No. At 50 and 50mph, the cold wind cuts right thru these. Ya, i know 50 isn't very cold, but if its cutting thru at that temp it will be colder at lower temps.Water proof? Yes. Like any other water proof glove, if you stick your hand in past the cuff, the water will still seep in. The waterproof layer is in the middle, so the outer layer will still get soaked 5NOT WATERPROOF, RESISTANT AT BEST. Well for starters, the glove materials are very sturdy, and iv used youngstown kevlar lined gloves for a couple years now. The material as i said is great. Its the stitching that is completley subpar for the price. The stitching on these gloves wore off of the fingers in about 4 days. The material held up. Also, the picture in this advertisement shows a hand in the water, and is advertised as waterproof. These gloves are water resistant at best. Working in the rain, i have soaked inners everyday and require a glove/boot dryer to use them the next day. I will be buying a pair of tried and true carhartt gloves. They will last longer, and like their storm defender line, are absolutley waterproof to the core. Please, save your 35 bux, and dont buy these gloves. You will be dissapointed if u expect to have dry hands. 1Liners inside gloves not attached Was excited about getting some decent work gloves for cold weather. Unfortunately these were not the gloves I was hoping they d be, I put my hands in them once, took them out & the liners on the inside of the gloves gave that annoying bit where you can no longer put the glove on completely. Like the liners were not attached. 1The palm he said stayed warm for a little while and a lot better than the finger tips did I purchased these gloves for my boyfriend, because he works in a freezer and was really struggling to get by each day with the normal nylon/polyester blend gloves his work provided. We had high hopes for these gloves having read the reviews before purchasing. Unfortunately, they did not live up to his expectations. They just kept his hands slightly warmer than the cheap nylon/polyester gloves his work provided. They did not keep his fingers warm at all. Even with warmers placed inside the glove his fingers were still cold. The palm he said stayed warm for a little while and a lot better than the finger tips did. We ended up purchasing him new gloves, mittens, and he has been completely satisfied with those gloves. These gloves I suppose would be good for winter wear if you do not plan on doing much with your hands while wearing them and instead just using them to shield your hands from the cold air for a short period of time. 3
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