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Zenith Home Corp E9153WWMV Country Cottage Toilet Tissue Cabinet, White

  • Zenith Home Corp E9153WWMV Country Cottage Toilet Tissue Cabinet, White
  • Zenith Home Corp E9153WWMV Country Cottage Toilet Tissue Cabinet, White
  • Zenith Home Corp E9153WWMV Country Cottage Toilet Tissue Cabinet, White

Zenith Home Corp E9153WWMV Country Cottage Toilet Tissue Cabinet, White

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  • Cottage-style cabinet for protective toilet paper storage; great for small spaces and bathrooms with pedestal sinks
  • Crafted in wood with white finish; holds 4 double rolls of toilet paper and 1 square tissue box
  • Preinstalled hole in top for pop-up tissue presentation; round knob opens cabinet door
  • Requires home assembly; all parts included
  • Measures :- 7 X 25.38 X 6.6 Inches
  • Cottage-style cabinet for protective toilet paper storage; great for small spaces and bathrooms with pedestal sinks
  • Crafted in wood with white finish; holds 4 double rolls of toilet paper and 1 square tissue box
  • Preinstalled hole in top for pop-up tissue presentation; round knob opens cabinet door
  • Requires home assembly; all parts included
  • Assembled, measures 7-2/3 inches wide by 7-2/3 inches deep by 25-3/4 inches high
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Customer Reviews

Still looks good about 9-years later. Purchased in January 2009 for what was then our new upstairs bathroom in our addition and it looks good between the toilet and a pedestal sink. We just keep a roll on top because it s hard to reach behind and there s no room in front of the toilet for it. It is wood but that s a painted particle board so that s both good and not so good good that it likely won t warp but not so good if water gets through the paint. Price was good at about 22-bucks and it s pretty much identical to the surface mount medicine cabinet with mirrors that is falling apart from moisture getting into the frames around the mirrors so since this is in the same room I d say it s faring much better with the same type of material. 5Good-looking and impressively sturdy, too! A winner! I recently bought a new condo. One of the bathrooms was built into an odd little space which contained a pedestal sink and a toilet, and that's all. The builder covered the walls of this very tiny space with wallpaper in a pattern of large palm fronds--a pattern that is echoed elsewhere in my new home. No shelves. No cabinets. No storage at all. Furthermore, there's simply no room to add a cabinet around the sink.This small bathroom is the one guests will use when visiting so it needed a bit of storage to insure everything a guest might need would be at hand, such as tissues--of a couple kinds. The other two bathrooms (much larger, with ample storage space) are upstairs. Call me lazy but I don't want to forever be running up and downstairs to replenish the supply. This tiny bathroom, therefore, urgently needed a little bit of shelving or storage.I began to search. At 75x45 inches (190.5x114 centimeters), there's very little in the way of storage units designed to fit into a bathroom as small as my little gem. The width (45in/114cm) insured I could not find a pre-manufactured unit with which to enclose my sink and, so, it became absolutely necessary that I find another way around this problem.Via a little searching, I came across Zenna Home 9153WW, Cottage Collection Bathroom Tissue Stand, a very small item that also blended with the other tiny storage units I was purchasing for this little space. This item, therefore, was immediately attractive to me, and so I purchased one.The friend who put it together said he had no trouble putting it together, that it even came with a few extra screws in case one rolled under the couch during the assembly process--or something. He had it together in an expeditiously.It nicely complements the bold wallpaper of my tiny bathroom and the various other storage units purchased for this space. Beyond its attractiveness, it's also impressively sturdy. It holds a box of tissues on the top shelf. Below that is room for four spare rolls of TP. Yay! It's always necessary to have a few spare rolls somewhere in every bathroom and I'm so glad I could find a wonderful tissue stand like this one for my new little bathroom.I've attached a couple pictures to illustrate what a wonder this item for tiny spaces like mine. (Without a doubt, it would be useful in larger rooms, too, but finding something so strong, something that looks so good, that's useful in a bathroom like mine is a real plus for this product!)--> Due to technical difficulties, I'll have to add the pics later. :) 5The quality is way down hill on this product Not nearly as good as other reviews had indicated. The idea of a toilet accessory is a good one, but the materials are full of blemishes. You can see putty fills on places all over the construction. At least, the manufacture should have sanded the putty before painting the material. There are gaps and air pockets where the joints are met. It seems to me this manufacture wants to push out product at any cost rather than providing a quality product.I am not going to deal with shipping this thing back because it simply isn't worth it. I'll use it in the garage where it belongs out of sight of our family home. My daughter says she wants one. I am going to do my best to talk her out of it. I would not want to indorse or support any company that sells crap at a cost of first runs. I have attached full size images so that you can see for yourself how the quality does not meet expectations. Judge for yourself. 3What is that smell???? I wish I could even assemble this product! The odor on this item is so strong and noxious it has been sitting in our garage for the last several days. Initially, I though the smell was just from the packaging, only to realize it is the actual contents themselves. How long will this take to off gas??? I cannot imagine this is safe to put toilet tissue in - we cannot even breathe while around it! 1Excellent product for the price + Assembly tips This is a great product for the fair in the press. The finished product looks nice and does its job. I bought two for our watercloset/toilet room in our master bath. The small room has no cabinets so these are perfect. I am using one to dispense toilet paper from the top shelf and store extra rolls. I am using the other to store toilet cleaning brush on the bottom. I think I will use the top shelf/dispenser to roll up a few magazines for emergency reading. The top shelf would probably fit a mass-market paperback book.The only reason this does not receive 5 stars is the ridiculously small hinges attached by VERY VERY small screws. On one of my units, the holes were not properly pre-drilled, though they were marked well. I had to go back through and predrill. Not a big deal if you have tools, but would be a nuisance without (an ice pick might have worked).ASSEMBLY TIP: Even when properly predrilled, it is best to set the board down and pre screw the TINY screws a few turns in each hole, then take them out and attach the hinges. Also, be sure the dowels are ALL THE WAY IN with just 1/2 cm or so sticking out before putting on the top or bottom, or you will split the wood. Other than this (and for $20 I'm really not complaining) it went together very well. All the right hardware, special glue included in easy to apply dispenser packet. Direction are pictorial only and are very clearExcellent product for the price. I bought 2 more for my powder room and will paint them to match painted vanity. 4Nice small TP Holder - Great for Homes with Husky Dogs - Assembly Requires Skill I wanted a toilet paper holder that HID the extra toilet paper in our powder room from our Husky dog, who was prone to taking bites out of the rolls of TP if they were exposed. (It is apparently a breed thing - a lot of Siberian Husky dogs do this - lucky us).Anyway, this did the trick. It also looks very nice and fits very well in our powder room. We have a nice powder room with an expensive pedestal sink and so on, and it doesn't look out of place there. It is neither particularly fancy, nor particularly cheap looking, just completely unobjectionable and rather small. It will fit in almost any bathroom because the style of it is so neutral. The little tissue box holder on top is a nice touch. It is big enough to hold even those extra large roles of TP we buy at Costco. Most importantly, the TP doesn't have bites taken out of it now!While I like it, if you are somebody who struggles to assemble anything, I wouldn't recommend this for you. You need to use glue to glue the little dowels that hold the thing together at several points. This is a basic woodworking skill, but if you don't already know how to do it, it is a little tricky. I suspect the vast majority of the people who think this thing is badly made just didn't assemble it correctly. I wouldn't say it is amazingly well made, but it is certainly made well enough for its simple purpose. If you want to go for it and assemble it, here is what you need to know:Glue needs to touch EVERYWHERE where the wood of the dowel meets the wood inside the hole. No glue = no bond at that point. More surface area creates a stronger bond. So you put glue in both holes AND put a little more glue on the dowel too before you insert it. Then, when you put the two things together, the excess glue will squeeze out and make a little bit of a mess around the outside. You take a damp paper towel and wipe that excess off before it dries, careful not to get so much water on it that the water gets in and dilutes the glue which remains where you do want it. If some excess glue doesn't come out when you put it together, you probably didn't use enough glue and there are dry spots down in the hole somewhere and the bond will be weaker. You only get one chance to do this right, you have to get enough glue in it the first time. Once the glue dries, it sets and that is the end of that. That is why woodworking pros like Norm from New Yankee Workshop always put a little too much in and wipe off the excess, because they know they definitely put enough in that way. It doesn't need to squirt out of there and make a huge mess, just enough that you get a little bit of excess every time. 4Looks beautiful I wanted this product bc it looked very cute; just another piece of furniture. When I received my first package I was disappointed bc it came with x2 B panels instead of x1 B panel and x1 C panel: I couldn't construct it without throwing out the instruction booklet, making my own holes, etc. Useless.Thankfully, I've never had an issue with Amazon's Return Department. I sent back the defective box for a new product and it came and it was assembled within 10 minutes.The construction is sturdy enough. The unit looks beautiful in the bathroom. I LOVE the Tissue paper dispenser at the top.The hinges work easily and smoothly. I'm very happy with my purchase.The only bad thing to say is that the wood glue that came with the hardware was useless: it was so hardened and condensed I could not use it. The glue isn't a must for construction: it lends a bit more strength, especially to the top where it is held only by wooden dowels and not by screws. 4Great product, some minor flaws Great looking product and made of fairly high quality materials. My only issues are that the hinges are pretty cheezy quality, and the maginet that holds the hoor closed it weak. Some of the assembly quality issues i have are that the top piece of the cabinet is not screwed or fastened on, you just put in 2 doweles with a couple drops of glue, so i am not confident it will hold. i would have rather had some screws with the little plastic or wood covers you insert to cover the screw head. Either that or the kind that basically fasten the downe in with a screw on the inside wall what still dont expose anything on the top. There is also a small overlap of the top and bottom parts on the right side where they are flush on the left, but i doubt anyone will ever notice besides me.Those issues really only took it down a small amount because it does look great, and functions perfectly. Part of me wishes i could find one that was just all TP storage without the tissue box holder option, but i couldnt find any, and figure i can always just put one more TP roll in the tissue spot and cover the top hole with a decoration or something. 4Do not use in a small space or it will stink up the whole room!!! The assembly was fine. Although the product was flimsy, I suspected that would be the case due to the materials and price. This would have been a 4-star product based on my initial impression.Then I went and put it into our small, half-bath. It looked cute. However, it stunk SO badly!!! If I closed the door to that bathroom and then went in there, the chemical smell was so strong that I couldn't stand to be in there.I had to throw it away after looking up how the formaldehyde that they treat these kinds of things with can cause all manner of health problems. My own fault for not doing my homework on that front, but the product still deserves 2 stars for the smell alone. 2Tissue stand holder I don't know why I didn't realize it had to be put together. Maybe I missed it on the Amazon site? I thought that it would come already put together. Having said that, we did get it together, but the door doesn't properly close. (Made in China, what did I expect?) I think it ought to include a light-strength magnet that would hold the door closed. (I will get one eventually)It's pretty, I like it, it is functional, and holds the Costco sized rolls. It wasn't too expensive and all these plusses made me give it a 4 star rating, but because of the door on mine, and the fact that it needed to be put together, I decided a three star would be more accurate. I do like it, and that's what a three star is. 3
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