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Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen Bulb, Day White, 50W

  • Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen Bulb, Day White, 50W
  • Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen Bulb, Day White, 50W
  • Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen Bulb, Day White, 50W
  • Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen Bulb, Day White, 50W
  • Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen Bulb, Day White, 50W

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen Bulb, Day White, 50W

AU$ 102.00 AU$ 62.00 Save: AU$ 40.00
AU$ 62.00 AU$ 102.00 You save: AU$ 40.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 50 Watt Mini Halogen Bulb is equavalent to 100 to 150 watt incandescent bulbs
  • Up to 250% more efficient than incandescent
  • Thicker glass and stronger filament bulbs yield over 1,000 hours on average, double versus incandescent
  • Provides healthy light and essential warmth for your reptile
  • Fits with Zilla fixtures: Halogen Mini Dome, Heat & UVB Basking, Mini Heat & UVB and more!
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Customer Reviews

Surprisingly pleasedI really like this light! I have been looking for a compact heat source and this fit my needs. I was concerned that the 25 watt would be too low, however it puts out a surprising amount of heat for only 25 watts. I feel their description of their 25w being equivalent to 50-75 incandescent bulb is spot on! I run it as a spot heat on my leopard gecko's 24x18x12 Exo Terra (also run under tank heat). I originally placed it about 4 inches above a flat rock and found that it became way too hot to touch the rock, so I had to adjust it a bit and its perfect. It is a focused heat and does not effect the cool side's ambient temp too much. The only down fall for me is that it is a bright red/white light, however, it does not seem to bother the geckos. The perk on that is that you can get some neat night photos!UPDATE: Dec 2019... I'm still in love with these little bulbs, I've switched over all my other herps to these. The original bulb is still going strong from 2017. It has survived when I've fumbled the fixture or knocked it over. Sadly, they wont survive a drop into a hardwood floor as I found out, lol.5HOT and SmallI installed this bulb using a sock. You dont want to touch a halogen bulb with bare hands. Oils and dirt/dust on your skin can diminish the bulbs effectiveness. It will also reduce the life of the bulb. The bulb temp was measured at a distance of about 13.5" during normal operating hours. I measured temps with both a probe and IR handheld thermometer. The gun was held at a distance of about 12" and was aimed directly at the probe. So at 13.5" my basking spot (or hot side) temp is reading 135 consistently. As you can see in my pics, I was getting this temp on both devices. This is a great product in my opinion but it's one of the hotter basking bulbs I've used at that distance. Even still, I'm using 2 in my 70 gallon and getting an ambient temp of 80 . I have the ability to adjust the height of my lights though, so no big deal. If the 50W is too hot they offer a 25W. I have a 25W on cool side that I measured as well (the one over the water dish). Its compact which I really like. Even the fixture is pretty small. I would definitely recommend these.5Barely stronger than the 25W version.I give only three stars because the product is barely any more powerful than the 25W version. I had a 25W bulb in a Zilla Mini Halogen Heat & UVB Combo Fixture on a 10Gallon tank for some Anoles. The 25W only got the tank to about 80 degrees about 3 inches below the lid. I wanted that zone hotter, so I got the 50W version. It only gets maybe 82-83 degrees at the same location. Double the Wattage yet only 2-3 degrees more heat output? Odd.3Game changer in our householdI do not want to jinx myself, but we've been using this bulb with the Halogen housing for nearly 4 months without any issues. That's a new record in this household. We usually replace the big bulbs every 2 months so we're thrilled.This product isn't much more expensive than the big bulbs but it's way more durable. There isn't a clunky screw-in mechanism that leaves for an area of gray; this is simply black and white. The bulb clips into the housing.The light is bright and it's extremely hot, so it gets the job done well. It's exactly what it claims to be.This is definitely a game change in our household for our two snakes.4Over 2 years one bulb! Amazing!I was buying a new 50 watt incandescent bulb about every month or two because they would burn out. I tried every brand and none would last. November 2017 I bought a Zilla 25 watt blue daylight halogen bulb and the mini dome to go with it. It is now December 2019 and the bulb just burned out today. That's over 2 years on one bulb that is on 12 hours a day, every day. I have saved so much on bulbs and electricity (25 watt has same heat as a 50 watt bulb) over the last 2 years. This is he best heat bulb you can buy!5Fantastic! Energy saving all the way!Wow! This sucker puts off some heat, Got mine level to the top of a standard 75 gallon old aquarium (no screen), my dragon's basking rock elevates him about 3" from the bottom. He got hot enough and had to move. Got my bulb in the mini zilla dome fixture, I couldn't see a reptile needing more heat that this thing puts out. I handled my bulb from package to dome fixture with a clean paper towel (as to avoid putting any finger oil on the bulb) to prevent early burn out of the bulb. I will definitely be buying more (for back up).Unless your home is unreasonably cold, this is all you need, I am curious about the other colors (I am thinking about winter time where at night I let my house temp dip down to about 68 F in the middle of the night.Update, my first bulb lasted about 6 months, on a timer.5Safe and EffectiveI love these heat bulbs as I've got 3 different watts right now.I initially ordered a 25 Watt day blue bulb and it worked great during the summer but I had to upgrade in the winter to a 50 Watt day blue bulb.If anyone needs help my home is 68 F degrees and the 25 watt day bulb kept my 18" 18" 24" about 70 degrees after a few hours of initial setup.The 50 watt day bulb keep the tank between 76 F - 85 F degrees. Which is perfect for my Whites Tree Frog.I did order a 25 Watt Red night bulb that did not work however. I think that this was just a bad bulb however as I've never had one not work before. It did not heat up horribly or break it just would flicker off and on then never turn on again.Customer service was amazing as all I had to do was tell them it did not work and I was issued either a replacement or a refund on the spot.I decided that I didn't need the night bulb as my home was warm enough at night so I got a refund.All in all I highly recommend these bulbs. I've been using them for several months with no issues at all. Very safe and effective, as well as good priced.5I like the color more than the whiteIt is more greenish than blue. It isn't as hot as other heat lamps, which is why I bought the 50 watt after learning this from the 25 watt. I like the color more than the white. Even though this isn't as bad as other heat lamps, if you have a critter that can crawl upside down on the top, I would raise this from the screen by about 1/2 - 1 inch, but no more. The stilts included with the lamp are appreciated but this starts to decrease the heat output from the bulb because it is now 3 inches above the top. I'm using this with a crested gecko and a ball python, and it makes the colors look interesting.5Short lived heat outputThree days so far and working great for our baby bearded dragon. It's on the top of a 40 gallon tank a a softball sized rock gets to 102 degrees. Will update if the life is short, but so far happy with it. Tip: halogen bulbs have a shorter life if you touch them with your bare hand so use a glove or a sock or something to keep your skin oils from coming in contact with the bulb.Uodate: heat output quickly dwindled. What was 102 quickly became 90. We had to add a second light to keep the basking spot over 100 for our baby dragon.2Great bulb and works as intended.We needed to replace our bulb that we use for our Dubia Roach colony. Yes, Roaches..lol We breed them for our Bearded Dragon and Leopard Gecko since the cost is dramatically reduced this way plus it teaches my kids some additional responsibility and knowledge. It provides enough heat to aid and stimulate the Roaches to breed.These Red lights or any Red Light for that matter should ever be used for Reptiles. But, they do have there purpose in other areas.No issues as works as described.5
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