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Zojirushi Premium Thermal Carafe, 1.0-Liter, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Zojirushi Premium Thermal Carafe, 1.0-Liter, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Zojirushi Premium Thermal Carafe, 1.0-Liter, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Zojirushi Premium Thermal Carafe, 1.0-Liter, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Zojirushi Premium Thermal Carafe, 1.0-Liter, Brushed Stainless Steel

Zojirushi Premium Thermal Carafe, 1.0-Liter, Brushed Stainless Steel

AU$ 206.00 AU$ 124.00 Save: AU$ 82.00
AU$ 124.00 AU$ 206.00 You save: AU$ 82.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold
  • Thumb-button on handle opens spout for pouring
  • Fine-threaded twist top with rubber gasket seals in temperature
  • 5-1/4 inches in diameter at base by 10-3/4 inches high
  • To clean, rinse interior with warm water and wipe exterior
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Customer Reviews

Terrific carafe I waited a while to write a review for this carafe because I wanted to use it for a while first. Now I have and I can say - this carafe is terrific. If you heat the inside with hot water (you don't need to boil the water, just make sure it's really hot), and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before pouring in the hot coffee, you'll be all set. The coffee will be hot hours later. I can't say how many hours because we drink ours within 2 hours but it's definitely hot at that point. The lid tells you if the pour spout is open or closed - very helpful. It's easy to clean, and it's pretty. A little water or condensation can get in the lid but if you depress the button (you'll see what I mean if you order the carafe) and point it downwards, the water will drip out. After the first time, we haven't had any water accumulate there. I have not put the lid in the dishwasher although another reviewer said she does. 5Big Disappointment After Only 6 Months I loved this carafe and thought it was just what I'd needed for exactly 5 months. That's when the spring in the lid that operates the open/closed valve broke. I've been able to use it for a little longer by smashing a little piece of aluminum foil and putting it into the spout to keep the coffee warm and then taking it out when I needed to pour. Today I forgot it was in there and coffee spilled all over the counter when I poured. My fault, but a carafe that cost $32 dollars shouldn't have to have some rinky-dink repair to function semi-efficiently after less than 6 months! I guess I'll keep looking, but might have to do it someplace other than Amazon because I think this one was the only possibility for me. 1Zojirushi Premium Thermal Carafe Not as heavy as the older model, but I am really happy to have a BPA free thermal coffee carafe. I realize that none of these carafes lasts forever, and with a glass insert, this one cannot even be bumped, much less dropped. That said, this design has been the best I've tried thus far, and when I e-mailed the company to find out about BPA, they were immediately responsive. I returned my stainless steel thermos that did NOT hold the heat as well as this one has on it's first day (today). 5If you're looking for a carafe that actually holds a full 12-cup pot of coffee AND keeps it hot, look no further! If you're looking for a carafe that actually holds a full 12-cup pot of coffee AND keeps it hot, look no further! This does all of THAT plus it even swivels. I must admit; however, when it's full (like every single morning of our lives), it's quite heavy. We also have the smaller version that only holds about 8-cups and it's every bit as great! We've tried a few other brands and have basically relegated them to the summer months (where liquids need to be cold) or tossed them in the trash can because they couldn't keep the liquid hot or cold! You'll NEVER have that problem with these Zojinushi Carafe's! 5Mixed value. Pro: Keeps coffee reasonably hot for several hours.Con: The lid/open-close mechanism is precious and picky. One presses with one's thumb against the button, which I would guess would be somewhat difficult for those with arthritis. The seal that toggles between "Open" (allowing coffee to pour and air to escape) and "Closed" (which seals the thermal container), opens by means of a stupidly complex mechanism that is dependent on several things, including (a) the preciseness of the closing of the lid by screwing it down to the end of the threads, and (b) a piston inserting into a small hole in the lid that depresses a catch. If either of those things don't happen, the mechanism fails, and can leave the seal open. Also, if you unscrew the top while the seal is set to "Open' you break the mechanism and need to manually reset it. This is ridiculous. It's much less satisfying than my Zojirushi airpot, which is idiot proof and keeps coffee hotter longer. 3Beware! Don t buy this! After a few months, the carafe was leaking from the bottom. The manufacturer asked me to check the glass liner and gasket to see if that was what caused the leak. After checking, the gasket was fine. But I did discover a defect on the glass liner. Even though I attached a picture of the defect, the manufacturer does not consider that as a defect, so no replacement for me. In their email to me, they attached an email of another customer who also had this same problem. I don t want anyone else to deal with this defective product, so I wrote this review. 1Coffee lover I have tried a half dozen different brands over the years and this brand is excellent. I was in a coffee shop in Asheville NC and got a cup of coffee from a larger version of this product. I remarked to the server that the coffee was certainly hot and that he must have just made a fresh pot. He said the coffee was about 4 hours old and said his wife (the owner of the shop) had tested about a half dozen different brands of carafes prior to deciding on Zojirushi. He said she found it the best on the market. He indicated that they frequently take excess coffee from the day home and have it straight from the carafe the next morning and find it hot.I got the product name and went to Amazon to read the reviews on this product prior to purchasing and was therefore aware of the problems identified by the reviewers here. I have now owned the carafe for about a year and use it most days. I usually run hot water into the carafe and let it heat up the container prior to pouring coffee and sealing it. I have kept coffee very hot for over 24 hours. Of course, the secret is to always close the carafe (check the slot to insure it is closed) back immediately after pouring a cup. I also wash the top in a dishwasher after use. This allows water to enter the top (as noted by one reviewer). I turn the top so that the horizontal hole in the side is at the bottom and the water pours out. I shake it a few times and it is good to go.I find the product more than adequate to prevent coffee from tasting stale. I frequently make 10-12 cups of coffee at a time and pour a few cups then put the remainder into a carafe and seal it until further use. I find the coffee hours later as good as a freshly made cup of coffee. I usually drink the carafe of coffee within 4-6 hours.After using several other similar products I find this product superior to those products therefore warranting a 5-star rating.The one disadvantage was the higher price but after a year of use from a value consideration, it is worthwhile. 5Should Have Returned It. I couldn't re-buy my old carafe that worked so well, discontinued, because the game now is keep changing models. This one was rated good for the price, but I should have returned it right away. It has all the wrong things for a carafe like the sealed, no clean top, where gunk eventually builds up. A press to open, press to close, no spring loaded return, better remember to click it closed after the pour, or the coffee goes cold, fast. This carafe is bulky, as in big, yet the inside has to be cleaned with a bottle brush because the opening is too small. Be careful not to spill hot coffee when filling it. Another fun thing is the hollowed out bottom on this unit, it holds water from washing, and when you and turn it upright, that water spills out, over the floor or the counter. I won't even save this one for a backup, into the garbage, money wasted 2Great! Keeps things H-O-T I love this so much! It really keeps your beverage HOT. I only wished that things poured out of it a little easier. You have to tip it WAY up to make it pour. I often find that people think its empty, when really they just needed to tip it up more. Otherwise, I love this! 5OK for Chemex drip My porcelain Chemex coffeepot finally cracked after 35 years so I needed a replacement. I ordered this, and it has certain pros and cons:Pros:- It definitely will keep your coffee warm. Preheating the pot keeps it hot longest, but even just dripping the coffee into the thermos without pre-heating, 4 cups of coffee stayed hot for 4 hours.- We make full 8-oz cups using extra-fine grind Italian Roast, and this thermos will hold 6 full cups of coffee.Cons:- Extremely difficult to tell how much coffee is left in the pot. This is true of all thermoses that lack a 'window'.- We're erratic...sometimes we drink a full pot in one day, other times it takes 2-3 days to drink it up. If you are not going to drink it up within 2 days, you MUST make a point of opening the lid and allowing the coffee cool normally. It will start to develop mold, otherwise. This can be very hard to see (not a large opening in a thermos), but trust me...it WILL mold, and you don't want to be drinking it.Here's a tip on cleaning: Buy generic denture cleaning tablets, throw a couple in the thermos with 6 full cups of hot water, let stand 5 minutes and rinse well. Works with all narrow-mouthed bottles, including those metal water bottles you can't figure out how to otherwise clean. 3
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